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Monday, December 26, 2011

Scoreboard Bar and Grill (Nashville, Tennessee)

Scoreboard Bar and Grill, 2408 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. This bar is very rustic on the in side finished in rough unfinished wood. Lots of sports memorabilia on the walls. Tons and tons of free parking! The sit up bar sits15. They have 20 different types of beer on tap. One side they have 2 pool tables. On the other side they have more seating and a good area to sit and watch sports on on of their 14 TV's. Their specialty is their BBQ smoked meat and a and as you can see from the photo, they do it all in house. Some of the great things they serve are: Hickory smoked hand pulled pork or chicken sandwiches, Texas style hickory smoked brisket beef, St. Louis Ribs (which are seasoned in rub for 48 hours). They will also do smoked whole hogs, Whole Boston Butt, Smoke Whole Turkey for you as well, but you have to call in advance. The BBQ here is fantastic to say the least!! A large group of us went there to watch the Vancouver Canucks vs the Nashville Predators play on TV as the game was in Vancouver. The Vancouver and Nashville fans got along well. The game was in the 3 rd period and the girl that does Karaoke came out and changed the TV for Karaoke. The place went wild, so she changed it back and sat behind the TV sulking. To make it even funnier the game went in to double overtime!! They also serve Crown Royal XR at $14.95 for 2 ounces, same thing in Seattle and other places is $30.00, now that is a deal, which I had to partake in!! The Scoreboard is right across the lane from the Dukes of Hazzard Museum and the Willie Nelson Museum which are both free......and cheesy! But worth going in for a laugh. Smoking is still alowed in the bar, which is a dying thing around the world! Outside they have a very large covered deck with another bar and live music. That works out great so if you want musci you go out sicde if you want sports you stay in side. The prices here are very reasonable and a darn sight cheaper than the Gaylord Opryland Resort across the street. Well worth a stop in if you are in the area.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Big Ridge Brewing Company (Surrey, British Columbia)

Big Ridge Brewing Company 5580-152 Street, Surrey, British Columbia Canada. (On the south east corner of Hwy #10 and 152 Street).  It was originally opened up in 1999 kitty corner but due to a parking dispute with the property owner they moved and opened up this new place in 2010.  Big Ridge is part of the Mark James Group which also operates , Taylor's Crossing in North Vancouver B.C., Yaletown (downtown Vancouver's Yaltown district), Brewhouse in Whistler, B.C. and the Flying Beaver .  I have written about them all but Taylor's Crossing.  in Richmond, B.C. by the south terminal of Vancouver Internatinal Airport). Big Ridge only sell the beer that they brew on premise.  The beer that they have is all named after local areas in the surrounding area of Surrey.  Some of the beer that they serve are; Harvest Lager, Chimney Hill Wheat, Clover Ale, Rodeo Red, Old Sullivan Porter, Bootheryd Black and Tan and seasonal beer.  This place has the restaurant on the west side as you enter and the pub on the east side.  The pub has a nice sit up bar that seats about 15 people and numerous flat screen TV'S through out.  The pub is laid out in a L shape and they have a pool table to boot.  The pub probably sits around 80 to 90 people,
When they moved over to the new location, they took some of the tables from the old place which is great.  Three of the tables are about 12 feet long (4 meters) and are about 2 feet wide and 6 inch thick wood, with round backless bar stools.  Through out most of the bar there are padded benches along the walls with stools on the other side of the tables. The service is very good and always friendly.  The food here is very good, they have Asian dishes, sliders, great pizza's (and I suggest the Johnny Mac pizza), fish tacos and great hamburgers, just to name a few of the items on the menu. The washrooms are clean and well maintained. In the pub they have large windows looking in to the brewing area so you can watch the beer being brewed.  That is pretty cool!!  I have always enjoyed this place but just forget to add it to the blog!  If you are ever in the area, it is worth the stop and there is lots of parking!
2015 Now with liquor license changes little children are allowed in the pub area as well as the restaurant area.  Not a good move.  My son and I were there and there were baby's n highchairs in the pub area.  Nothing against children as I had one (LOL!) but that is what the other part is for.  Let the adults enjoy and speak freely with out all the kids running around.  I suggest trying some where else if you are looking for a pub experience.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Legends Sports Bar in the Mariah Moore House (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

Legends Sports Bar in the Mariah Moore House, 801 State Street, Bowling Green, Kentucky, U.S.A. This building was built in 1818 by a co-founder of Bowling Green, George Moore and his wife Elizabeth. One of their 5 children Mariah lived there until 1888 when she passed on and thus the name of the house. In 1995 a fire destroyed much of the place but some valuable parts were save such as the bar. The bar was built in the 1800's by Brunswick (pool table fame) and taken out of a bar in Chicago and refurbished. The original brick building was salvaged and now is on the National Registry of Historic Places as the oldest building in Bowling Green.
They have a beautiful restaurant attached. Since it was a Sunday at noon, I was there for lunch. I found out that in Kentucky, they do not serve alcohol state wide until 1 pm. For Lunch I had the Crab cake sandwich on a pretzel bun, wow was it ever good! From what I could see the food that others were having was very good. If you did not know it, Bowling Green is the home of the Corvette factory and the National Corvette Museum. It was a great experience and great food!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Town Hall Public House (Langley Canada)

Town Hall Public House, 19640-64 Avenue, Langley, British Columbia, Canada.  This place was originally the Duke of Wellington which opened up in 1981.  A year or two ago it sold and was turned in to Jazzy Jones.  That was a flop!  In October of 2011, it opened as Town Hall Public House.  They have done a lot of renovations and the result is fabulous!!  It has a great feel to it with lots of seating. They have a beautiful fireplace that was imported from England.  The swinging front doors when you enter are English antiques and are dated back to the mid 1800's.  The bar is made from an old church pulpit and is beautiful.  It can sit about 10 people or so..  There are about 15  42 inch flat screen TVS through out the bar.  They have 14 different types of beer on tap and may be adding up to 6-8 more beer on tap.  Also there is 11 different types of Craft beer, to go along with all of the regular beer that you would expect to find.  You can get a glass of their house wine which is Okanagan  Wines, for $4.50 a glass.   They are coming out with a new wine list and want to carry hard to find wines and wines that are not usually found in the liquor stores.  The food here is awesome.  I had the lunch special which was a Chicken cordon blue burger and fries.  That was one of the best sandwiches I have had in a very long time.  The fries were great!  My wife has basically the same thing but had a salad and she echoed my praise for the food here.  They have weekend brunch specials,  such as two eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns for $4.00!!  The service was very friendly.   I really liked this place and it has climbed up quite high on my list of preferred bars, pubs and taverns!!  I know that I will be back real soon and I hope that you try it out, I think you will really enjoy it!!
2013 May 04 was back and the food is still awesome!  I had the chicken cordon blue sandwich and it was to die for! It came with french fries which were piping hot and very good.  My wife had the tortilla soup, which was also very good, very thick and hardy!  It was very busy for the Saturday lunch rush!!  Still a great place to go!! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ceili's Irish Pub (Vancovuer, British Columbia)

Ceili'sIrish Pub in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.  located at 670 Smithe Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  At the Corner of Granville and Smithe.  We were there for the Grey Cup festivities (The Grey Cup is the Canadian Football League Championship).  It is a very cool bar with several floors and several bars.  The bar that we were at sat about 15 people and was circular in shape.  The liquor rack was in the middle and also circular with there being a large stainless steel bin at the bottom to hold the beer, wine and coolers.  The atmosphere was very good.  The food.....not up there.  I had the meat loaf sandwich with onion rings.  Turned out to be an open faced sandwich with a lot of fried onions and a rather bland smaller slab of meat loaf.  The Onion rings were about a 5 out of 10.  My wife had the Turkey soup and she even had to add some salt to get some flavour into it.  Apparently their new location in Kitsalano (another area in Vancouver) has much better food.  She service was top shelf.  The bartender was very friendly, not afraid to join in conversation but always looked after you.   The waitresses are dressed in black t shirts and short kilts.....enough said!  Yes they were very good and attentive!  I really enjoyed My self here.....except for the food.  Everyone else's food and portions seemed to be good and bigger...who knows!  I would like to try this place out again and I would love to try out their Kitsalano location and see how it is.  Over all I had a very good experience here.  Go Lions Go!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

FGI Fridays (Winnipeg Airport)

TGI Fridays, Winnipeg Airport, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Canada.  Once you go through security on the domestic side, FGI Fridays is right there.  We were there on October 30th, 2011 which was the first day the new airport terminal was open.  They finally opened TGI Fridays around 4 pm.....kind of late I thought, as this is the only place to get an adult beverage to drink in the domestic area.  Well, were of the first to be in on their opening day.  They had lots of staff on duty but still a little confused. I ordered a glass of wine  others in my group ordered beer.  A few minutes later the waitress came back to advise they didn't have a wine opener to open the wine......what the heck.  Who is running this place.  How can you over look that on your first day.  We didn't stay too long as we had to run.  I guess in a few weeks they will get the bugs worked out.....I hope. I didn't see any of the food, as we departed before any one would have recieved their food.  They have about 4 beer on tap.  If you want some thing to eat and drink before your filght this is the only licenced place in Domestic departures. As of October 2015 it is gone CLOSED

Confusion Corner Bar and Grill (Winnipeg Canada)

Confusion Corner Bar and Grill,  500 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.  It is actually on a very confusing corner in Winnipeg as the name suggests.  We went there on a Sunday for lunch and it wasn't very busy.  We sat on the pub side which was very nice.  They had about 7 nice good sized flat screen HD TV's with various games going.  They have a nice granite topped, sit up bar that sits 8 people.  This area sits about 80 or d0 people.  I forgot to ask about  their beer selection...argh!  The food was very nice.  I had a Ruben sandwich, but a not a true classic Ruben, but very good just the same.  Fresh marble rye bread, with lots of nice juicy corned beef, dripping with melted cheese and thousand islands dressing.  You get a side of salad, fries, Cesear salad.  I took the fries which were very very good.  For $2.00 extra you could get Mac and Cheese......I thought about it.  They have a roof top patio area that has a retractable roof for those hot summer days.  It is now closed for the start of the long Winnipeg winter season.  The other half of the building has the restaurant side where kids can go.  The washrooms were clean and tidy.  this place has a nice large parking lot, which is free.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Eagle Haven Winery & Vineyard (Sedro Woolley, Washington)

Eagle Haven Winery and Vineyard, 8243 Sims Road, Sedro Woolley, Washington, USA  It is just Hwy 20, about 20 minutes east of Interstate 5.  This was a real nice find.  They have a lovely tasting room all finished in knotty pine.  A Family owner and run business, and we got to sit and sip on a glass of wine with one of the owners!  They had 12 types of wine red white, blush and 3 types of fruit wine.  I am not a fruit wine drinker but did give them a try.  They were not too bad at all.  My favorite wines were the (whites) Madeleine Angevine Dry and the Madeleine Angevine Reserve. Both of them are made from grapes grown on the vineyard.  As for the red I really enjoyed the Sangiovese.  Every one here was so friendly and made you feel like you had stopped in to a good friends place for a visit.  On their property they have a beautiful covered area that can hold about 300 people or so for some of the concerts they host or it can be used for weddings and other functions..  They are also known for their apples, which you can also buy on the property.  I know, you are saying this is not a pub....I slid it in as you can buy a glass of wine sit and visit so that is I why I have included it.  A very nice winery, worth dropping in and having a taste!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hawks Nest Sports Bar and Grill (Seattle, Washington)

Hawks Nest Sports Bar and Grill, 1028-1st Avenue South, Seattle, Washington USA. Well located and big supporters of The Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League, Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball and the Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer. The two sports fields are right across the street from each other and this place is kitty corner from them. Fabulous location probably less than 200 yards/ meters from either ball park. They have side walk seating out front and on a sunny day fills up fast. There is a very nice sit up bar that can handle about 20 people I guess. Lots of flat screen TV's around the place.This was a surprise find as I have walked past it numerous times, but glad we went in this time. The Soccer game had ended so there were lost of soccer fans and the baseball game was a couple of hours away and there were lots of baseball fans there every one was having a great time. The service was very good and they were on top of every one and not afraid to cut people off who had too much to drink. The food looked great, but again did not have a chance to try it. We did have a little incident but nothing to do with the bar, there was a group of people that acted like they were from the TV show, Jersey Shores (that is a story for another time). They left and we stayed to enjoy our good times there. They had two bouncers in case some one got stupid. At 4 pm it was happy hour and great deals came out on drinks. If you are ever in Seattle and going to one of the games, you have to try this place out. I know that I will be back for sure.

Hard Rock Cafe (Seattle)

Hard Rock Cafe Seattle, 116 Pike Street, Seattle, Washington, USA .  Well located right by the front entrance to the famous Pike Place Market (a must see and do).  The Hard rock is a two story establishment with the gift shop to the left and the bar to the right when you enter.  The main floor is the restaurant area the second floor has what appears to be a large night club and the roof top they have a great open air bar (no kids) with lots of shade and full bar service.  I did love the wood work at the bar on the main floor.  Service was good once they realized that we were there.  Did not eat so I could not tell you about the food.  We had a seat right by the window so it was a great spot for people watching.  Since it was a hot day and the place is air conditioned we sat in side.  We probably should have sat up on the roof top bar as the scenery there is pretty good.  This Hard Rock did not have as much memorabilia as the other Hard Rock's that I have been in before.  But if you are a Hard Rock fan you will probably enjoy it here.  It was OK here, would I go again, probably not as there are so many great little bars and taverns that are more to my liking.  Hard Rock is good if you like big corporate bars that are in many cities and countries around the world.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

La Conner Pub Tavern (La Conner, Washington)

La Conner Pub Tavern, in beautiful downtown La Conner Washington, USA.  Located right on the waterfront of the Swinomish Channel.  The front part is the pub and you must be 21 years old to be in there. The back part, which is on the water is open to everyone.  They have a nice patio area over looking the water where you can watch the boats coming and going.  Food and service here is excellent.  I had the fish and chips.  Three big pieces of cod and tons of fresh chips.  Very good.   My wife had the shrimp salad and it too was very good.  This is a great location and a very nice place to visit.  I have been here several times and have never been disapointed.  The pub has one pool table and the sit up bar can hold about 12 people. Either side you can't go wrong.  If you are ever in the area, La Conner is worth checking out!!

Went there at the end of August 2017.  We had lunch out on the deck but under cover as it was very sunny.  Still great watching all the boats go by. We had the 2 piece cod fish and chips, and they were awesome!!!  The coleslaw was very good too!   All day, domestic beer is $3, well drinks $3.25 and wine$4.75.   Great wasy to spend a sunny afternoon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Karl Strauss Brewing Company (LAX)

Karl Strauss Brewing Company (LAX) Los Angles International Airport Terminal 7.  Man was this place a godsend!  After flying in to LAX on an International flight and waiting 1 hour to get through US Immigration and another 45 minutes to get through US Customs, then back through security.  What should I find very near my gate with 45 minutes to kill but this place.  They have 4 types of their own beer on tap.  But not being a beer drinker, I had a nice cold glass of white wine.  Several nice wines to choose from and you get 6 ounce or 9 ounce glasses of wine. If you want food there is a place attached to it but I can't remember the name.  If you go there you can take it back or you can order from the bar and they will go, get it and bring it back to you for the same price.  I had a small pizza with 3 toppings cooked in a brick oven for $9.69, good price for an airport and the pizza was very enjoyable.  Everyone sitting at the bar was friendly and talkative when I was there (something you can't control).  The service was good and very friendly.  I wish I could tell you more about their beer, but I will have to leave that up to you.  One thing I did learn is not to change planes in LAX, fly some where else.  If you have to or for what ever reason your are in Terminal 7, you won't be disappointed going here.  I was a lot more relaxed when I left then when I walked in, and definitely in a better mood!!!

Pepenero Bar (Cuernavaca, Mexico)

Pepenero Bar, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.  I can't give you a street address but it is just down the street from the main square.  Once the sun came out after the heavy rain, I found this place for a glass of wine.  It is a very small bar about 300-400 square feet.  The sit up bar sits about 3 people.  I chose to sit out side and watch everyone passing by. Do they have food, I doubt it as there is a Domino's about 50 meters away and they delivered a pizza for the owner.  This bar is on a little lane that is accessible by foot only and has several other bars and restaurants on it.  The wine was good and the bartender made the recommendation of the wine.  They had music playing and if you are looking for no frills, than this is definitely no frills.  Service was friendly, what more can you ask!  Good place for people watching!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1521 El Paraiso Bar (Cuernavaca, Mexico)

1521 El Paraiso Bar, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.  It is right in the heart of the city', right out front of the Palace Cortez!  The weather was terrible when I was there.  The rain was so heavy was it!!  It was heavy, so I found this place and sat in their covered outside patio area.  It inside area looked very nice, very Mexican/  Spanish looking.  I ordered the Enchiladas and a glass of red wine. Probably the best Enchiladas I have ever had, they were so fresh it was amazing.  It was a nice place to have a lunch and relax.  I kept in mind the problems that this city is having.  It is located right across the street from the main square and I can only imagine how busy it gets here if it is not raining!  I really enjoyed sitting there  relaxing over a nice lunch and watching everyone run around in the rain. Service was good, but it should be good as there weren't that many people in there.  Give it a try if you are in the area!!

Sumiya Bar (Cuernavaca, Mexico)

Sumiya Bar in the Camino Real resort Int. Fraccionamiento Sumiya S/N 'Col. Jose Parnes, Cueranavaca, Morelas, Mexico.  I really liked this bar, because there is not much else to do in this resort.   Was there in the rainy season and tropical storm Adelene had hit so it rained very heavy.  I enjoyed sitting buy the large open windows just relaxing with a glass of wine.  The service was great and have to tip my hat to Carmen.  My wife asked about the red wines and she brought out 3 bottles of red wine to help her make a selection.  You don't get that kind of served any more any where you go.  It is a very comfortable and relaxing place.  They do have a nice flat screen TV, which everyone gathered around during the Mexico football game ( soccer).  They always kept you served with pretzels and nuts while you are there,  It is a great setting, they also have a beautiful outside patio but with all the rain I never got a chance to try it out.  I really enjoyed my time here!!

Ridel Wine Bar (Mexico City, Mexico)

Ridel Wine Bar, Campos Eliseos 219, Mexico City, Mexico.  This was a real gem of a find, the food here is incredible!  They have a vast selection of fine wine and are more than willing to help you select the right wine.  I can't say enough about this place, I lived the food, the wine and the service.  I had a pasta with a cream sauce and shrimp while my wife had the cheese plate.  Both  were very good.  They had a great selection of cheese to go with her Argentinian Malbec.  I had a very nice Chilean Chardonnay.  This is a very nice place and worth your time to seek it out if you are ever in Mexico City!!

Karisma Cantina (Mexico City, Mexico)

Karisma Cantina Ave. Campos Eliseos 219, Mexico City, Mexico.  This is a great place, very busy and very popular.  The service is very good, they speak Spanish and English which is good if you don't speak Spanish.  There is lots of side walk seating but since it was the rainy season when I was there they had plastic covers to keep you dry.  Doesn't look great when down but works well.  Inside is very nice.  The food is awesome, and we had some .....crap I can't describe it well enough to do it justice, but is was very good.  Good wine and beer selection.  It is in a good area and considering the volatile climate in Mexico a drink, some food in a nice and comfortable place is just the answer!  You will not go wrong by going here, It is one of my favorite bars in Mexico City!!  Two thumbs up.

Shelty Bar (Mexico City, Mexico)

Shelty Bar, Hotel Nikko,  Campose Eliseos, Mexico City.  Lots of nice dark wood through out and tartan on the walls.  It is supose to be an English bar but the English don't use tartan..oh well.  Not a place to get a cheap drink I must add.  It felt a bit sterile in here, just too squeaky clean and tidy.  More like a high end snooty type of place.  Very comfortrable and they have a couple of flat screen tv's.  they had a guy playing an electric piano, kind of cheesy!  Ok, alot cheesy!  You don't have far to go to get a real nice and comfortable bar.  If you are staying in the hotel and don't want to go any where then maybe try the bar in the lobby!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Legend's Corner (Nashville, Tennessee)

Legend's Corner, 428 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.. Another great bar in the heart of the main bar area of Nashville. This is the true Honky Tonk Saloon of Nashville. It is located kitty corner from the Bridgestone Arena, home of the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League. A famous bar in Nashville, home so many stars that made it big in the music world. Live music all day and night long! The walls are adorned with record covers , memorabilia and guitars. They have a 12 string guitar once owned and signed by Johnny Cash. They have some interesting guitars on the wall such as, one made out of a wood toilet seat and they call is a shitar. There is a 6 neck guitar, one looks like the rear fender of a 1957 Chevy, one that looks like a Tommy gun and one that looks like a cut away of a car muffler, all very neat. Tons of celebrities come to this place. Look up their web site and check out who has been there! I had a great time here and would love co come back really soon!

Layla's Bluegrass Inn (Nashville, Tennessee)

Layla's Bluegrass Inn, 418 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.. In the heart of all the bars in Nashville. The home of Hillbilly and country music. Just not my bag, a little too hillbilly for me. If you like vehicle licence plates they have lots of them hanging from the ceiling. Live music all day and all night. It is very rustic in here and after listening for a while, I felt the need to move on to some place where I would enjoy the music a little more.

The Falls Bar and Lounge (Nashville, Tennessee)

The Falls Bar and Lounge situated in the Gaylord Opryland Resprt and Conference Centre, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.. This is a massive resort hotel with 2881 rooms under covered 9 acres! The Falls is located just in the main entrance, and has two water falls running right be side it. Listening to the water falls while having a drink is very relaxing. The bar doesn't open until the after noon, but you can sit there even if it is not open. By the late after noon this place gets packed. Drinks are not cheap here, for example a glass of wine starts at $10.00! It is a good place to sit and people watch as just about every one has to walk past here at some time or another. Many of the people are lost and trying to figure their way with maps provided by the hotel. They have a very nice sit up bar that seats about 20 people or so in nice comfortable bar stools. You can take your drink and wander around the entire complex and not get in to trouble for it. The water around the bar has large Coy fish and is surrounded by beautiful gardens!

BB King's Blues Club (Nashville, Tennessee)

BB Kings Blues Club, 152-2nd Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.. Just around the corner from Broadway where most of the bars are. It is also right beside Coyote Ugly Bar (No I didn't go there, I didn't want to fall off the bar! LOL!). This is a large bar with most of the people coming for dinner and the music. I even had to pay a $5.00 cover charge to have dinner. The Ribs here are great, the meat just falls off the bone, and the taste mmmm good! I also tried the Catfish bites that came with a dipping sauce, they too were good. The music was outstanding and lots of people up dancing. Service here was pretty good considering how busy this place is. Lots of waiters and they were running their asses off to keep every one happy. The music isn't just blues but yes there is blues here!! So many places and so little time, but I am glad I tried this place out.

Rippy's Smokin Bar and Grill (Nashville, Tennessee)

Rippy's Smokin Bar and Grill, 429 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.. Located right across from the Bridgestone Arena, home of the National Hockey League, Nashville Predators. During the games they close down the street between the bar and the arena for the outside party. the main portion of the bar is on the main floor where they have live music (who doesn't in Nashville). They have a large U shape (sort of) bar that seats 12 or so or stands 20-30 when they are really busy. I hear that they also have very good BBQ but I never had a chance to try it out. On the second floor it is a covered open air section of the bar, how cool is that. You can sit up there in the fresh air and watch the goings on around you. I was there before a Predators home playoff game against the Vancouver Canucks. They were still nice to all the Canuck fans that invaded the bar. Everyone was very friendly and talkitive. They had numerous TV'S through out with sports on. This is much more a sports bar than it is a country bar. Still in Nashville they have live country bands playing in a sports bar and it really works well here, even if you are not a country fan.

Tootsies Orchid Lounge (Nashville, Tennessee)

Tootsies Orchid Lounge, 422 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.. A very famous and historical bar in Nashville, many stars have gotten their start or help along the way here. Tootsie would let up and coming start run a tab, and at the end of the year the tabs would build up. entertainers who got help from her through the years would pay off the out standing tabs for the up and comers. This venue has the walls covered in signed pictures of many of the starts that have performed here over the years. This place is on the smaller side but full of atmosphere and live music all of the time. Food who knows, I was too busy enjoying the place and having a drink. If the walls of this place could talk, I bet they would have a million amazing stories. They even have a Tootsies at the Nashville airport and the food there is good. Tootsies is right in the middle of all the bars in Nashville and not hare to mess due to its purple colour. Every One knows where Tootsies is and if they don't they haven't been out in a long time!! Two thumbs up for sure.

Sharp's Roaster and Ale House (Seatac, Washington)

Sharp's Roaster and Ale House, 18427 International Blvd, Seatac, WashingtonU.S.A. Situated very close to Seatac International Airport. They boast 500 spirits in stock and 26 fresh draught beer on tap. As you enter the restaurant is larger and on the left, the bar is on the right. The sit up bar seats 8 people. On one wall they have what they call the "Wager Wheel". It is like those large gambling wheels at the fair. Every half hour the bartender spins the wheel and that determines what is on special for that half hour. You get deals on drinks and food. One time whle we were there is was martinis for cheap. The food is very good here, and it was half price appys as well! My wife had two salmon tacos and a prawn cocktail with coleslaw. The prawns were large and fresh. The tacos were very good. I had the two pork sliders which is made with pulled pork, and again very good. They also have a large roaster where you can watch the chicken being cooked on a spit, the smell in there makes you want to eat! The ceiling of the bar is covered in bent propellers from various aircraft. On one of the walls they have 200 different beer taps mounted on display. All in all we really enjoyed it here and would come back again for sure!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chirstie's Carriage House Pub (Victoria, British Columbia)

Christie's Carriage House Pub, 1739 Fort Street, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This pub was built in 1898by Eldridge Christie who was a renowned carriage builder. He and his family lived here until 1908. With cars taking over for carriages, he and his family moved in 1909 to Ashcroft, B.C.. The house stayed in the family until 1948 and was turned in to apartments. When demolition was inevitable, the house was purchased by a local developer. The new owners renovated and opened up the Christie's Carriage House Pub in 1986. Located very close to the Royal Jubilee Hospital, it is a beautiful pub. lots of dark wood. The pub is divided in to several rooms all open to each other. They have a beautiful sit up bar that seats around 15 or so. This place is beautiful inside and feels right! There are 34 different types of beer on tap, to go along with a good wine selection. If you have had too much to drink they offer free overnight parking and on their web site they give you a full list of transit routes. The food is really good here, This time I had the Nathan's famous hot dog with grilled onions on a pretzel bun with fries. It was really good!!! I was here about 11 years ago and I would like to come here more than once every 11 years. The service was good and very friendly. Our waitress had a constant smile on her face and not a forced smile, she was a just a happy person! I give this place 2 thumbs up for sure!!