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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cultus Lake Pub (Cultas Lake, British Columbia)

Cultus Lake Pub, 3696 Columbia Valley Road, Cultus Lake, British Columbia, Canada  Phone 604-858-5615.  It is about an hour and a bit east of Vancouver and makes for an easy day trip! It looks inviting from the outside, looks inviting on the inside. All log cabin, with an outside patio area. It just didn't grab me, it felt that it was lacing something.  I had chicken wings and I could only give them a fair rating.  The spring rolls were OK.  My friend had a chicken burger and said that is was really good.  It is in a great recreational area and just up the street from the water slides, which by the way are expanding and making them even bigger.  There is a lot to do in this area, mini golf, beautiful lake and camping.  Maybe in the summer when it is busier, this place may be better.  I just wasn't feeling it.  The sit up bar was fair at best, one could do so much more with this place.  They have lots of parking, and easy to find.  Maybe some one else can give me another reason to go back and try it out again.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kulshan Brewing Company (Bellingham, Washington)

Kulshan Brewing Company, 2238 James Street, Bellingham, Washington, USA   This was a great find.  I have been past it many times, and it is always busy.  It is a very social place with lots of picnic tables.  You just grab a seat and sit with everyone else.  They offer 12 beers that are brewed on site in their 15  barrel 465 gallon) Brewhouse.  You can get beer to go in "quart and half gallon growlers that have been cleaned, sanitized, purged of oxygen and counter pressure filled to ensure freshness." Check out their web site for more details on their beer. The front paved lot is their beer garden.  Inside there is more seating and the bar area which does not allow anyone under 21 years of age.  As it is a working brewery, they do not sell food, but there is a street vendor truck in the lot and they serve awesome food such as the Lamb burger with tzatziki sauce!  Very Good! Unless you are really hungry or sharing, order the small fries....just a hint.  Also down a couple of doors is Coconut Kenny's which makes great pizza and sub sandwiches, and they will deliver.  There are a couple of other places that will deliver.  Since I don't drink beer, I had the homemade apple cider, which was quite good.  The staff was very friendly as was all of the patrons, just a great place to go and socialize with a fresh cold beer!  Check it out for sure!!