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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Maude Hunter's Pub (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

Maude Hunter's Pub  (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) located at 3810 Shelborne Street, Victoria, British Columbia,  Canada.  Very Close to Cedar Hill Road and Shelborne Street intersection.  The following is the history of the Pub taken from their web site at:

"In 1916 Maude Hunter established the first commercial store at the intersection of Shelbourne and Cedar Hill Cross Road. Many Victorians walking up Shelbourne St. would stop at the little store to warm themselves in front of the wood stove, have a chat with Maude and other neighbors before venturing on their way.  These were the days when the corner store was a local gathering place, where you could post a letter, pick an apple out of the barrel, buy candies or groceries, and 5 cent spending money went a long way.  In 1921 the first electric street light north of the Victoria boundary was installed at Shelbourne and Cedar Hill Cross Rd.  When it was known as “Hunter’s Corner”.  Young people congregated outside under this street light on summer weekends.  In 1923 Maude’s father, Captain Hunter and her brother George, added a tea room to the store which housed 2 or 3 little tables.  Maude is remembered as a generous and considerate person, and ran her store and tea room until 1929, when she left the community and moved to Toronto. As late as 1960 remnants of the original root cellar where visible on the property.  In 1986 Maude Hunter’s Neighbourhood Pub was established as the second neighbourhood pub in Victoria, the first being Spinnakers. In 2016 Maude Hunter’s proudly celebrated its 30th anniversary."

It is very close to the University of Victoria and draws a lot of students in.  A large group of us were in on a Wednesday which is also their Wing and Prawn Night.  This day draws a large crowd with a lineup to get in.  We were early enough to get good seats.  The service was good and you never had to wait long for your wings or prawns. 
They have 10 different flavours of Wings, and they are very good wings.  The prawns were good too!  They have 26 different beer listed and a couple of ciders as well.  There are 12 different beer on tap many are local cottage brewery's and they get changed out often.  The pub is upstairs above their liquor store.  You climb up a large wide stair case to the pub.  As you enter the sit up bar is to the right and very quaint.  It is small and seats about 3 to 4 people.  There are TV's through out for watching sports.  Pub's parking lot is behind and there is a second one just down the street about one hundred meters/ yards away.  The liquor store is on the main floor below the pub.

Great pub and I look forward to coming back here again! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Central City Brewing Beatty Street (Vancouver, Canada)

Central City Brewing at 871 Beatty Street, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.  Located right across and half a block from the entrance to the BC Place Stadium home to the British Columbia Lions of the Canadian Football League and the Vancouver Whitecaps of Major League Soccer.  Great location and well decorated with lots of wood and beams.  The center piece is their beautiful 16 person sit-up bar. They have 40 different types of British Columbia draft beers on tap.  Of those they have 7 of their own craft beer: Red Racer Copper Ale, Red Racer Pils, Red Racer ISA, Red Racer Pale Ale, Red Racer India Red Ale, Red Racer Super Stella IPA and Red Racer IPA  They also have their Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Cider.  Wine, and other drinks are also available.  As for food, Burgers, Pizza, Appys, Sandwiches and Salads. I only had the Chicken wings and they were ok,  The burgers I have been told are very good.  Off in one corner there is this very neat wrap around leather booth style set  up with several tables.  They also have several long tables that seat around 20 people for either communal seating or larger groups.  In the middle just in front of the bar is a room that I suppose can be booked for functions or events.  It has windows looking in to the bar.
Central city Brewing's brewery is located at 1141 Bridgeview Drive in Surrey, it used to be in their other location at the Central City Brewing at the Surrey Central Mall. 
There are also daily food and drink specials.  I enjoyed it here and would come again!!