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Friday, July 8, 2016

Charcoal and Woodz (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)

Charcoal and Woodz is a pub that is attached to the Holiday Inn, at the corner of Hwy 15 and 64 Avenue in Cloverdale B.C.  This pub has changed names several times through out the years.  There is a nice 7 person sit up bar with blue accent lighting.  There are 7 Booths that are 3/4 of a circle with granite table tops, that can easily seat 6 people.  Great for conversations!  There is one large pub high table that seats 10, in the middle of the pub. There are 3 smaller 3 person pub high tables.  There house wine is "Chaberton" which is a very nice wine and is local from Langley.  The place has a nice smoky smell inside, no it was not of fire!  There is lots of parking that is free.  They have daily drink and food specials.  One issue we had was, the Bartender was also the waitress and she kept disappearing. With 7 TV's you can watch your favorite game in comfort.  Kids are allowed but I don't know if after a certain time they may not be allowed.  They have and outside patio, but it doesn't do much for me. 

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