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Friday, October 14, 2016

Silver Heights Lounge (Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada)

Silver Heights Lounge 2169 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.  Often referred to as the "Heights" or the "Heights Lounge".  Like many places in Winnipeg when you enter the front door, the restaurant is to the right and very separate, the lounge is to the left as you go through the saloon doors. Very popular place and has been around since 1957.  I did not eaten here but I hear the food is very good and they claim to have the "best ribs in town" Check their website for the menu, it looks pretty good. They have a nice sit up bar that seats 12 people.  There are 12 TV's, and one large projection screen that has a pretty good picture.  For your gambling pleasure there are 10 Video Lottery Terminals VLT's.  They have 8 different types of beer on tap, and a decent selection of wine.  They have full hard liquor selection as well.  They have free fresh popcorn!! Service is pretty good and the waitresses are polite and friendly.  You get all demographics here, young, middle age and older! check them out at  I can't believe that this was my first time here!  A true gem and well worth going to!!

Fry Days Whiskey Trail Lounge (Tuelon, Manitoba, Canada)

Fry Days Whiskey Trail Lounge Tuelon, Hwy 7 and Provincial Road 415,  Manitoba, Canada.  A cool little place, right on the Hwy, that has been around for quite a while.  My guest who has driven past it for many years swears that is used to be called "Whiskey Jack's".  When we asked the waitress about the name Fry Days Whiskey Trail Lounge, she advised long ago the whiskey trail ran through there.  Neat story but I would love to learn more about that and they should have the story on their menu or something like that.  It has a rustic theme inside.  I wanted to say western but my guest said "no" that is was rustic so I went with that.  It has a "L" shaped bar that only sits 3.  There are 2 small TV;s and 5 Video Lottery Terminals VLT's.  The waitress even told an elderly lady that she had been on the machines long enough and made her stop!  That was very nice to see, and the elderly lady left with out getting cleaned out.  Oddly enough there is no beer on tap, only bottles and cans I guess.  They have wine and hard liquor. We didn't eat here but the next table had the Nachos and is was a good size portion and looked great. A couple of guys were in for lunch and both had the hamburger steak covered in gravy.  It smelled awesome and looked good too! Thursday's wings are $7 for a basked and regularly they are $9.  You get to choose from 10 different flavours.  There is a patio area in front that over looks the parking lot and hwy.  I really enjoyed it here. The service was very good and friendly!  I would love to come here again and next time grab something to eat!

The Grove Pub and Restaurant (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

The Grove Pub and Restaurant 164 Stafford Street,Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A great little pub/ restaurant.  The pub is on one sided and the restaurant is on the opposite side, which is very common in Winnipeg.  It has a nice rounded rectangular bar n the middle of the room that seats 16 people. They serve 19 different types of beer on tap and feature local craft beer such as:  Half Pints Brewing's Bulldog Amber Ale,  Torque Brewing's Red Line IPA, Barn Hammer Brewing Company's Saturday Night Lumberjack, and Cask's Hop Pun.   There was a good selection of wine to choose from. For lunch I had the Xavier pizza that had pineapple and bacon on it, with a thin crust.  It was quite good.  My lunch guest had the Salmon Sarnie what came with a fresh salad.  It was described as being "Fabulous! and the salad was very good and very fresh."  Also on the menu was roasted pork belly.  The service was very good and friendly.  They kept you water glass full as well. There are 4 TV's in the pub side and none on the restaurant side.  The washrooms are referred to as "WC".  There is sonly street parking, but I did not have any problem finding a place to park.  The atmosphere was good and I recommend trying out the Grove Pub!!!

The Common (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

The Common at the Forks, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  This is a very cool place located in the Forks.  The Forks is a historical area of Winnipeg where the Red River and the Assiniboine River meet. Natives have been using this point for over 5,000 years.  There is a mall and shops located here and on the main floor in the food court area is The Common.   The bar it self seats 15 people.  There is a very large seating area with very long tables for communal dining.  You can take your drinks any where on the first floor while you shop.  Makes shopping a little more enjoyable!  They have 19 different craft beers on tap and one cider.  They also carry 18 different types of wine but can handle 20. They do not serve hard liquor.  Being n the middle of the food curt you get a good selection of food.  I had perogies, farmer sausage, and borsch which was pretty good. This is a great idea and I hope that it catches on else where!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pony Corral Restaurant and bar (Grant Park) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Pony Corral Restaurant and bar (Grant Park)  400 Walton Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, right in the parking lot of  mall.  They have a few locations in the city. But this one is special.  During the summer every Sunday evening all the car people bring their Muscle cars, Hot rods, exotic cars and the such to the cruise in. The Pony Corral puts out a stand and sell hot dogs (very good) and burgers.  I happened to be there on the last Sunday of the season and it was amazing.  Music was playing and the cars kept rolling in.  I was lucky to go in in my buddy's  1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 440 six pack car!  There were 2 Plymouth Superbirds, Chevelles, Mustangs, GTX's Chargers, Shelby's, Rod's, there and the such!!  The bar/restaurant is divided in two, bar on one side and restaurant on the other.  The bar has a very nice outside patio with a nice brick wall and umbrellas. They have nice flowers planted through out.  Inside, they have a very nice U shaped sit up bar that seats 20- people.  8 different types of beer on tap.  There is a great semi circular booth that seats 7 or 8 people.  Along the south side there is a 20 plus foot long bench along the wall that has tables for 4 or 6.  There are lots of tables for 4 people. The hot dog cart that they put in the lot sells a great foot long hot dog!!  Check it out!!

Headingley Hotel Sports Bar (Headingley, Manitoba, Canada)

The Headingley Hotel Sports Bar  146 Bridge Road, Headingley, Manitoba Canada just off the Trans Canada Hwy  (just beside Nick's Inn)  I have not been here in 40 years so o say it has changed a lot is an understatement. It has a very nice half circle sit up bar that seats 12 people very comfortably.  8 different beer on  tap.  Now here is where it is really different, Fridays after 930 pm they have Erotic Bingo  sponsored by a love shop.  Instead of cash prizes you get sex toys.  No kidding!  Now to go with that they also have the following martinis with a complimentary accompanying gift.  I am not making this up!! Slippery Vagina Martini comes with a thong,  the Blue Balls Martini comes with lube,  the Rocketini Martini comes with a penis straw and the Forbidden Fruit Martini comes with a condom.  Don't believe me, go check it out for yourself!  There are 12 TV's through out and a large 70 inch one behind the bar.  They also have 20 Video Lottery Terminals VLT's.
There are 6 semi circular booths along the back and the rest is tables and chairs.  I did not eat here so I cant tell you about the food.  I ate at the famous Nick's Inn next door. 
My female guest was all in favour of going here, and later that night (as it was Friday) AND  laughed that we should have gotten a group of people and gone back for bingo!!