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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vino Volo YVR (Vancouver International Airport)

November 2014, Vino Volo at Vancouver International Airport.   Situated right at the exit of International arrivals, right where everyone comes out of Customs.  Great if you are waiting for some one to clear Customs  or their flight is late or you are early picking some one up!  They have a nice 10 person sit up bar and a great view of the arrival board.  There is one flat screen TV and nice back ground music.  As for food, they have cheese and meat plates, pasta, lamb meat balls.  Their signature dis is smoked salmon crostini which is smoked salmon served with succulent crabmeat and creamcheese spread on a crispy crostini.  As for wine by the glass, they have World value reds, California Kings, Shades of white, BC reds, White bouquets.  ?Then they have 4 high end wines by the glass.  There are 7 different wines by the bottle. As for beer there are 4 British Columbia craft beers.  I had a glass of the II Fontion, Trebbiano blend, 2011 from Tuscany.  It was quite nice.  If you are picking someone up at YVR arrive early and have a glass of wine, reduce the stress!!  Vino Volo are all over the world and I have been able to enjoy several of them!  What a great idea!!

Spillway Bar and Grill (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

Spillway Bar and Grill, Bowling Green, Kentucky, U.S.A.. A working mans bar and I say that with respect. As you enter the sit up bar is right in side the door and is about 35 feet long sitting about 15 people. They have a stage in the back for a band or what ever. There are 3 pool tables and as well 3 poker tables. You can't play for money as it is illegal....hhmm. They have a selection of 3 beer on tap. the popular food and I did not have a chance to try anything was chicken wings and they looked pretty good. Wine was $3.50 for a full glass, and I mean full right to the brim. I got there just after 1 pm when it opened and quite a few locals arrived and buy 120 om there were 10 people drinking and playing poker, Texas Holdem. Now the thing that concerned me was on Tuesdays and Fridays they have Cornhole tournaments. Where I come from that is not a good thing, but down here they tell me it is a bean bag tossing game. I was just glad I was there on a Sunday. The people were very friendly and I had a visit with a gentleman who was one of the first to explore the famous caves in the area. If you are not looking for fancy this might just be the place for you. Once again lots of parking.

Wildhorse Saloon (Nashville, Tennessee)

Wildhorse Saloon, 2nd Avenue just off Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. Now this is a big bar and I mean big. They have 5 large bars through out. This place is two stories with a massive dance floor in the middle. The dance floor faces the large stage which features various live country bands. they teach free line dancing in the early evening. Numerous groups, tours, birthday parties and stags book this place. Up stairs they have a full size shuffleboard, air hockey and pool tables. They have several large statues of horses and cows sitting at various bar stools through out the bar. There is a big gift shop in the bar as well. I was there with a large function and they served BBQ pulled pork and brisket and it was very a matter of fact I never had any bad BBQ in Nashville. They had numerous flat screen TV's through out with sports on! I found this place just too big for me, I prefer my bars a little smaller and cozier. This I guess would appeal to the 20 and 30 year old crowd. It is still a very impressive place and I could only imagine what it is like on a Friday or Saturday night. It is one of those things to do when in Nashville!!

Robert's Western World (Nashville, Tennessee)

Roberts Western World, on Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. Right in the heard of all the great bars in Nashville. What a great place, always busy, always good live music all day and all night long. Tons of famous singers have performed here and tons of famous people have partied here. The atmosphere is awesome, every one is having a great time. I can't tell you what the food is like or even if they serve food.....I think they serve fried baloney sandwiches. This place reeks of character starting with their beautiful neon sign out front! They have a very long bar that seats 20 or more but probably stands 50 or more when it is really busy. If you are ever n Nashville this is one place you have to go to and you will also come back at least one more time before you leave town!!

The Wheel (Nashville, Tennessee)

The Wheel, on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.. Not bad but way down the list of great bars in Nashville. Food forget it never tried it as a matter of fact did not even think of it. Once again live music all day and all night. It does not have the same atmosphere of some of the other bars in Nashville. Nothing really stuck out about this place, that reflected in how much quieter it was then many of the other bars near by. But, hey judge for your self!

The Stage on Broadway (Nashville, Tennessee)

The Stage on Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. Here is another great bar. Live music all day and night. big long sit up bar that sits about 25 or so but when busy stands 50!! Dance floor with every one up dancing and partying the night away. Great party atmosphere! Bar tenders work their butts off to keep your thirst quenched. They have a second floor loft area so if you don't want to be down n the thick of things you can go up and sit and watch the goings on! As for food and what beer on tap, I haven't a clue as I was having too much fun enjoying this place. Guys if you are here look after your girl as the competition is tough. A true gem of a place to go! Country theme, but then what place n Nashville isn't!! If you are looking for a great time, great music and dancing this is the place for you. If you want elevator music and a quite place, don't go here!

Vino Volo (Seatac)

Vino Volo, Central Terminal, Seatac International Airport, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. A nice little get away in the airport where you can sit, relax, have a glass of wine and a cheese plate. You can watch the other frantic passengers running around stressed out. They have a nice sit up bar that seats 12 people, with nice easy relaxing music playing in the back ground. When you order your wind it comes with a coaster. The Coaster has info about the wine that you are drinking such as: The wine, the winery that produces it, the grape or grapes used, description and fruitiness as well as the complexity of the wine. We sat in our comfortable leather chairs with a plate of three different strong types of cheese and crackers enjoying our wine before our flight. You can get flights of wine which are 3 smaller glasses of wine so you can try various wines with out having to buy a full glass. You can purchase wine there and take it on your flight, or have it shipped anywhere in the USA where law permits. So if you are ever flying out of Seattle, arrive a little early stop in relax here and your trip will be much better for it!!