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Monday, September 4, 2017

Railroad Pub & Pizza (Burlington, Washington, U.S.A.)

Railroad Pub and Pizza 122 spruce Street,  Burlington, Washington, U.S.A.  It is kitty corner from their other great pub the Train Wreck.  This is a great place!  The decor in here is awesome!!  numerous tables and the divider are made by the students from the local high school and their work is amazing!! There is  small split log bar that seats about 8, and this is the over 21 area.  the outer area, has 6 huge roll up garage doors for There is so much to talk about the decor in here.  They have 3 tables that are 5 foot diameter thick log rounds that have been cleaned and have glass tabletops on them the seating 6.  Numerous tables are also split log and varnished 6.  There is on table made out of a cable spool with a metal top that seats 8 people.    It is right beside the BNSF railway main line and it is all Railroad theme through out. there bis a large parking lot right across the lane from the pub.  Their pizzas are wood brick oven pizzas,so we had the Train Wreck Pizza, (House red sauce, fresh mozzarella, Jack Mountain Sausage (locally made), ham and pepperoni, red onion ( We skipped the red onion), bell peppers and black olives.  The crush was thin and the pizza was very good. Another time we were here we split the Fresh Baked Pretzel.. Pretzel topped with butter, sea salt and grated Parmesan cheese and beer cheese sauce for dipping.  Mmmmmm good!!  Service was awesome too!! You gotta try this place out, you will love it!!

Roland's Creekside Pub (Whistler,British Columbia,Canada)

Roland's Creekside Pub  2129 Lake Placid Road, Whistler, British Columbia,Canada  Was there in April 2017.  Has a 6 person sit-up bar.  There are 2 dart boards and 2 decent sized TV's and 8 smaller ones.  They also have a beer and wine store attached.  the service was very friendly and also very helpful.  They have keno for your gambling needs.  None of us tried the food so \i can't say much on that!  there is a patio outside in front once the weather is better. The wash rooms are downstairs and they have many photos on the Negro Baseball leagues from days gone by,they were very cool.

Leopold's Tavern (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Leopold's Tavern, 2330 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  It is named after Leopold George Duncan Albert who was the eight child and fourth son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  He was the Duke of Albany.  In fact it was proposed to name after the Duke and call it Leopold.  That did not occur and in 1982 Leopold's sister Princess Louise named it Regina after her mother.  (Regina means queen).  Great way to name a pub.  We loved this place, very quaint and very cool. Lots of Saskatchewan only licence plates on the wall. 12 beer on taps and rotating taps so you get to try different beers if you come enough.  This place sits about 20 people!  Lots of everything on the walls.  Out back is a narrow patio area with 9 red picnic tables with umbrellas.  On Mondays from 4 pm to close they have buckets of bacon for $6.00.  To eat I had the Mac and cheese with panko crumbles and Ritz crackers on top, oh yes it was very good!  The service was excellence and very friendly! We love this place and if you are ever in Regina this is a must go!!! Definitely 2 thumbs up!

Victoria's Tavern (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Victoria's Tavern  1965 Hamilton Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada   www,  This building was built in 1933 and originally housed the Canada Loan and Trust Company.  In 1914 they renovated it tin to Victoria's Tavern. It has a nice long sit up bar with curved corners.  It seats 15 people.  The vault is uses as  small private room called, "TheTank" and seats about 15 people.  Super cool!  As you enter the tavern on the left is a room called "Mosse's Music Room" and the walls are covered in record album covers. The main tavern area has lots of pictures from Victorian times and of old Regina.  Up above the pub is a barber shop and you can also get there up the sirs from in the pub.  All of the tables and chairs are pub high!  For food I had the Bison sliders which were 3 sliders and were fantastic! My pub adviser had the taco salad with blackened chicken and it was also very good!  The washrooms had a sign advising to check out the little brother pub called "Leopold's".  We really enjoyed this place and the food and service were very good!!

Cornerstone Bar and Grill (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Cornerstone Bar and Grill,8 Main Street,Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada  Stopped in before the Historic under ground tunnels tours that are located next door. Both tours are great, one about the Al CAPONE days of liquor smuggling during prohibition in the USA. and the other about the dark times of Chinese migrants in the late 1800's. It has a simple 10 person sit up bar.  Down stairs is really cool, it is called "Capones Parlour" and is full of antiques and made to look like the times of Al Capone.  They have 12 different types of beer on tap.  This building was built around 1998/1999 and apparently there has been a bar here of some sort since then.  Across the street in the old train station is a very cool liquor store and not related to this pub though.  Go to Moose Jaw and see the tours and try the pub out as you wait!

St. James Gate Irish Pub (Banff, Alberta, Canada)

St. James Gate Irish Pub  207 Wolf Street, Banff, Alberta Canada.  Well located in downtown Banff, this pub was built and manufactured in Ireland.  Very beautiful inside.  It has a large 22 person sit up bar which is kind of rectangular but is divided up.  Thursdays are Irish fare days and everything Irish on the menu is $13.  I had the Steak and stout pie, it was awesome.  the pastry was very good, and the pie has lots of meat.   The beef dip was also rated as very good.  the Steak sandwich was rated fair at best.  Service was good and friendly.  It was fairly busy here which \i guess is a good sign.  \kids are allowed.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

North City Lounge and Grill (Shoreline, Washington, U.S.A.)

North City Lounge and Grill,  17554-15 Avenue NE, Shoreline, Washington, U.S.A..  This place has a lot of interesting history.  Built in 1927  as a grocery store/ gas station and is the oldest building in continuous use in Shoreline.  Directory listing shows in 1932 as Tave's Motor Service. At one time around 1945 the building was known as the 177th Street Tavern.  The first time it was shown as the North City Tavern is in the 1947 street directory.  From 1935 to 1944 records are silent as to the use of the building but likely became a tavern at the end of Prohibition in 1933.  How cool it that!  It is great that it has lasted and still going.  The present owner has had it for 28 years and there has been pressure for him to put it on the historic registry, but if he does that the rules are very strict as to what he can and can't do with it. So for now not putting n the registry. 9 different types of beer on tap, and full selection of hard stuff.  The menu is small: pizza $7, chicken wings $4, chicken nuggets $3, Taquito (6) $3.00, French fries $2, Tater Tots  $2 and Corndog $1. They have a warm nut bar which you never see any more. A rectangular bar is the focal point and is in the middle, seating about 30 people.  A pint of Mac and Jack beer and a glass of Chardonnay wine is $8.  Can't beat that!  Lots of locals come hear, and the bartender knows most of them. The bartenders are great and friendly! Large selection of pull tabs.  They also have a pool table and 9 TV'S through out.  It is small yet cozy in here.  Parking lot out back. I will come back for sure....wait I did come back and will come again!!