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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

17 Mile House Pub (Sooke, British Columbia, Canada)

17 Mile House Pub,  5126 Sooke Road, Sooke British Columbia, Canada  This is  great pub recommended to me by by Nephew and he sure came up big on this one!!  Located right on the highway (Ok it is about 4 feet from the highway or 1.2192 meters).  It is called 17 mile because it is 17 miles from City Hall in Victoria.  In 1894 travelers heading to Leech Town to heck their gold claims would check in here for the evening.  If and when you go to Victoria, you must make the trip here, I don't care how...even if you have to walk it is worth it!  In side it i very quaint and busy!  The bar is rounded "L" shaped and seats 12 people and is in the middle of the  pub.  We sat in one of 2 or 3 church pew styled booths.  They have a separate room with a pool  table. Lots of ole pictures and memorabilia on the walls.  Out back is a great area with covered patio and big picnic tables, horse shoes and grassy area. There are 6 beer and one cider on tap. They have a decent selection of wine as well.  As for food:  I had the seafood chowder n a sourdough bread bowl.   It was great with lots of seafood.  I would order it again one of my lunch partners had the lunch special which was an open face brioche bun with shaved prime rib, sauteed onions and gravy with Cesar salad.  Another great choice!!!  My other lunch partner had the One Seven Burger and fries, fresh house made patty, mushrooms, onions, cheese, apple-wood smoked bacon and 17 mile sauce on a brioche bun.  Right up there in the burger world for great burgers!!  Great service, even when very busy, great atmosphere. We all loved this place and can't wait to come back!!

Irish Times Pub (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

Irish Times Pub, 1200 Government Street, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  This is an awesome pub, and located in beautiful downtown Victoria.  Victoria has been voted the most romantic city in Canada!  A little history on this building.  1843 the Bastion at the north east corner of  Fort Victoria a Hudson Bay trading post stood here. In 1895 The present building was designed and built for the Bank of Montreal.  In 2004 the Irish Times Pub was born.  In 1027 it was awarded Irish pub of of the year 2017 for North America by Irish Pubs Global awards.  It is absolutely beautiful inside.  The bar is basically a large rounded off rectangle with 12 seats (high back leather) on one end and 12 seats on the other end.  In the center is a beautiful back bar all in intricate dark wood.  There is a 2nd floor mezzanine that runs around half of the pub and over looking the pub.  Up on the mezzanine area is a small room that over looks the pub but is a big wrap around booth that seats probably 12 people.  Very cool!  Great place for beer as they have 42 different types of beer and 5 other things including cider all on tap.  The taps are located on one end of the bar.  They also have a good selection of wine!  There is a very good whiskey selection too!!  Through out the pub there are lots of tables from 2 to 6 people with a narrow table across from the bar that seats 12 with pillars on each side.  They have a great side walk patio in front and also down the side with wrought iron railings and nice thick wood top tables all with umbrellas.  There are a few TV's but that is a good thing in here. They have great live music that starts early in the late afternoon.  Happy hour runs 4-6 pm.  The first time there we didn't eat but the food coming out looked great.  The second time we had Cesar salad which was fresh and very good.  The soup was cream of mushroom and goat cheese and very yummy! Super clean washrooms too!!  We loved this place and I know you will too!!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Beer Park by Budweiser Rooftop Bar & Grill (Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.)

Beer Park by Budweiser Rooftop Bar & Grill Located at the Paris on the Strip.  I didn't put the address because if you can't find the Paris, you have probably already had too much to drink and shouldn't be going here!  Great location open air bar with a retractable roof over looking the strip.  They have 2 large sit up bars, each seating 40 people. There are 2 pool tables, shuffleboard, beer pong, 3 kinds of Jenga gm3s, the regular one, a middle sized one and the large on the ground ones and  Foosball table. Loads of Flat screen tables through out.  Lots of the tables are picnic table style and artificial turf covered floor.  They have over 100 different types of beer including 36 different types of beer on tap.  My brother in-law had the Bourbon lemonade which he said was awesome and he said he could have sat there all day drinking that!  The Nachos were very good!  We also had the loaded Tater Tots which were covered in a good cheese sauce, mmmmm good!  Week before the Super Bowl party and they said that they were already sold out.  I can only imagine what a good time it would be here!  Service was pretty good and nice and friendly.  We all had a blast here and suggest you try it out if you are on the strip!!

Pinehurst Pub (Seattle, Washington U.S.A.)

Pinehurst Pub 11753  15th Avenue NE Seattle, Washington U.S.A.  Went here for lunch on a Friday and the 12 person "L" shape sit-up bar was full.  Beside us there was one person at  table.   Several local regulars were sitting together.  Small , non fancy bar. There are 2 pool tables and by the pool tables is a 12 person pub high table. They have pull tabs if you are interested in them. There  are 8 TV's through out. This place seats around 60 people max. The previous owners had it for 10 years.  the Pinehurst has been here for over 40 years.  For lunch we shared had the Whiskey burger with 2 strips of bacon on a brioche bun and tater tots and the pretzel and beer cheese dip.  The burger was home made thick and juicy very good too!  But make sure you ask for it to be cooked the way you want because mine was on the pink side in the middle.  The bartender said next time just ask for your cooking preference.  The warm pretzel was good but the dip was a little flat, needed a bit more zip to it.  The wine is $7 per glass and  very decent size.  Pop is $2 and bottomless.  10 different types of beer on tap.  New carpeting through out and all of the chairs and stools were in excellent condition.   They have a beautiful 4 foot wide Budweiser sign behind the bar and can bee seen in the picture above. I would come here again for the burger for sure!!  This bar is 21 years and over. 

Big Rock Roadhouse (Mount Vernon, Washington U.S.A.)

Big Rock Roadhouse 14779 State Route 9, Mount Vernon, Washington U.S.A..   Located at the corner of State route 9 and College Way, can't miss it! This place used to be called the Big Rock Cafe & Grocery and had been closed. It is only about 10 minutes off the Interstate 5 and take the College way exit east.   Now open under new ownership.  This a great little place and worth going to!  There has been a store or gas station here for around 100 years.  They have a small 6 person sit up bar. There are 3 booths along the front windows with lacquered old ship hatches for tables (super cool).   They have 3 booths for 2 people and tables for 4 to 6 people.  There are 5 TV's through out.  For lunch I had the Chili Cheddar Burger, which is a 1/3 pound patty on a large slice of Texas toast and covered in homemade chili.  It came with fries , onion rings or coleslaw.  My dining partner had the Bacon Cheddar Burger and fries.  It had 2 big thick strips of bacon on a pretzel bun and that was also awesome.  Their hamburger patties are hand made with a beef pork mixture.  They have 14 different types of beer on tap.  Most wines are $4.00 for 6 oz. glass!  Happy hour 3 to 6 pm week days, $2 off draught beer.  Great friendly service. Great atmosphere. We will be back here for sure!  We loved it!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Corky's Irish Pub & Sports Bar (Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada)

Corky's Irish Pub & Sports Bar 45844 Yale Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Recommended by some great friends, this is a good pub to go to!  It doesn't look like much from the outside but inside it is a lot better.  The ceiling is 2 stories high with a mezzanine area that wraps around 3 walls.The sit up bar is big but only sits  6 most of the other pars is for the servers. 14 different types of beer on tap.  Wine, 6 white and 5 red.  House wine is $5 for 6 oz and $8 for 9 oz glass.  They have a large pub high table that seats 10 right in front of the bar.  There is a huge projection screen on the wall and lots of tv.s  There are 3 -2 person booths and they each have their own tv. They have NFL jerseys from every team hanging from the rafters. To eat, my friends recommended the "Mini Donovan Beef & Yorkshire" pan seared boneless  short ribs, garlic mashed potatoes on Yorkshire pudding with gravy.  I had a taste and it was very good!  I had a focaccia chicken sandwich which was the special and very good. They have an extensive menu that includes, burgers, salads, sandwiches, appys and entrees.  Some entrees are, burgers and mashed and Guinness Beef pie.  Next time I'm here I am having the"Mini Donovan Beef & Yorkshire".  They have lots of seating and they can easily move tables together for larger groups.  The pool room is separate so you can play with out getting bumped in to.  I really enjoyed it here and put that with good food! Excellent!

Wing Dome (Seattle, Washington U.S.A.)

Wing Dome  7818 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, Washington U.S.A. 
This is an awesome place!  It has been around for for over 20 years,but the building was built in 1945 and was an automotive repair shop.  Lots of automotive pictures etc on the walls.  This place has an area for 21 and over that features a small 5 person sit up bar.  That is all for seating in the over 21 area.  Fro wine it is red or white, no other choices LOL!  there are 9 or 10 beer on tap and hard liquor.  The front has 3 roll up garage door style windows for the nice weather. There are 12 tv's through out. Now for the wings, I had the teriyaki ones which were big and dripping in sauce.  They were great  We also had the #3 hot wings and apparently they were good too.  I can't do hot wings.  The deep fried pickles were awesome too!  They have the "7 Alarm challenge"  You must follow the rules to get them for free, a free t shirt and you picture on the wall.  All you have to do is eat 7  7 Alarm Wings in 7 minutes, no drinks at all and clean fingers with in 7 minutes.   If you don't succeed you pay $7.77!  A challenge that I am not up too!  Judging by the photos on the wall lots have taken the challenge ans succeeded.  the service is good as well as friendly!  A well known place and I loved it.  I cant wait to come back again!!!