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Monday, March 13, 2017

Northlake Tavern and Pizza House (Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.)

Northlake Tavern and Pizza House,  660 N.E. Northlake Way, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Kinds of just under the I 5 and west of the University Bridge.  They have been round since 1954 and and had to move to the present location in 1958 when the Interstate 5 was being built  and they were in the way. You have to be 21 years of age or older no kids. I have to say this place is fantastic!  11 person sit-up bar with great high back chairs.  There are 6 booths of 4 on the right as you enter and the rest of the tables re covered n red and white plastic tablecloths. Good selection of beer on tap and limited wine selection but I made do! This place is know for the best pizza round any where!  It did not disappoint!  The pizza is amazing:  The large 14 inch pizza (toppings are 79% of the weight)  total weight 7 pounds of 112 oz, Crust is 23 oz and toppings are 89 oz.  Takes a while to get s the take a while too cook, but worth we wait, crispy crust and amazing!!  Everything is fresh and high quality!  It is not if I will be back but when and how soon.   If you like cool taverns and absolutely amazing pizza you have to come here!  You can't be around since 1954 with out making such fantastic pizza!!!

Galway Bay Irish Restaurant & Pub (Ocean Shores, Washington, U.S.A.)

Galway Bay Irish Restaurant & Pub, 880 Point Brown Avenue N/E, Ocean Shores, Washington,  U.S.A.   What a great find! This is a very Irish feeling pub if you know what I mean!  Tons of character. It was recommend to us by  very nice lady at a local kite shop  (she also recommended the pizza). It has a beautiful 8 person curved dark wood sit-up bar.  They have  very good selection of Whiskey.  There are 12 different types of beer on tap.  Lots of locals come here. They have a couple of tables of 4 that on one side they have church pews. You have to be 21 years old to come in to the pub.  I did not go to the restaurant side at all. To the left of the bar,as seen in the bottom photo, there is a big glass of Guinness beer, this is the door out to the patio and smoking area.  It doesn't look like a until you see some one use it!  Very cool!  They have live music in the evenings.  Servers and there is quite few are very polite and look after you very well. To the left of the bar is the tasting room which is very cozy with leather chairs and  walk in humidor. There are no TV's in the pub, but they have a separate games room which has  TV, pool table, shuffleboard and 2 dart boards. They have a good menu with good Irish pub fare.  I had the pizza which was thin crust and very good! There is also a very large gift store! I really loved this place and give it 2 thumbs up and would love to come back again!!

Mill 109 Restaurant & Pub (Seabrook, Washington, U.S.A.)

Mill 109 Restaurant & Pub 5 W Myrtle Lane, Seabrook, Washington, U.S.A. this place is located town started in 2004 and only has 35 permanent residences all of the other really  cool houses are rentals.  You have to check it out!  Tiny little restaurant and pub, with a small 6 person bar.  They have 5 different types of beer on tap.  We were there for lunch on a Friday, and it was quite busy, quite  few kids were there.  Why don't parents look after their kids.  They were running around, yelling, screaming and goofing off and not one parent said a thing, very annoying.  The walls have lots of old photos from the 1920's and earlier on them, from around the area.  There is a wrap around patio in front and around one side.  The food was very good here!  I had the Fish and chips which came with 3 pieces of panco style coating with battered fries.  The fish was very good as were the fries.  My lunch partner had the Ruben on marble rye, with a Caesar salad.  Both were very good.  I really enjoyed trying the Caesar salad.  2 thumbs up on the food!!

Porthole Pub Bar & Grill (Ocean Shores Washington, U.S.A.)

Porthole Pub Bar & Grill 983 Point Brown Avenue N.W., Ocean Shores, Washington, U.S.A.  It has a 13 person L shaped sit-up bar.  They have 2 tables of 10 which are both made of rough cut 5, 2X6 boards and finished.  One wall has a large mural of a beach scene with a beached ocean-liner on it, cartoon style but very cool. There are 8 different types of beer on tap. The walls are covered with mirror beer signs of all types.  There is a veranda as you walk up the steps to the pub.  I did not try the foods here so I can't comment on that. Parking in front as well as out back.  There is one pool table.  Nothing outstanding, people were nice and the service was good.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Alki Beach Pub (Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.)

Alki Beach Pub 2722 Alki Avenue S/W Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.  It is across the water from downtown settle and over looks Seattle.  Open Monday to Friday 4 pm to 2 am, Saturday and Sunday 1200 noon to 2 am.   It has 2 tables of 4 and one table f two in front of the windows with the best view. They have a 10-12 person sit-up bar.  In the middle of the bar, is a long pub high table that hods about 20 people, who can either sit or stand.  For lunch I had the Fish Tacos and  my partner had the Shrimp Tacos:  Two flour tortillas filled with cabbage slaw and then drizzled with their avocado crema.  Black beans, fresh salsa and tortilla chips on the side.  These were both very good,  My favorite was the hand breaded fish tacos over the sauteed shrimp tacos.  They have 9 beer on tap and rotating taps as well.  Our waitress/ bartender Megan was new but very hard working and friendly.  That girl never stopped!  She makes an awesome Bloddy Mary and is very proud of it, which she should be.  There is a sidewalk patio in front and another one long the side of the building and between the neighbouring building.

Kiniski's Reef Tavern (Point Roberts, Washington, U.S.A.)

Kiniski's Reef Tavern 1334 Gulf Road, Point Roberts, Washington, U.S.A.  If you are not familiar with this area of Point Roberts, Washington it is quite abut different.  Over 100 years ago when they were drawing up the border between Canada and the U.S.A.  This little part of Washington state is accessible only via Canada.  The drew the border right through this peninsula and it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on 3 sides and Tsawassen, British Columbia, Canada on the 4th side.  You have toget there if coming from the U.S.A. via Interstate 5 through Blaine Washington which turns into hwy 99 in Canada  Take that then south on Hwy 17 and in to Tsawassen.  The trip takes about 35 to 40 minutes from Blaine Washington to get there.  Daily they have to bus the school kids back and forth to Blaine for school. Kiniski'as was originally owned by famous wrestler Gene Kiniski  (known as "Canada's Greatest Athlete")and his son Nick KINISKI who was a wrestler too.  The present owners bought it back in 1988 and have owned it since.  One wall has a large tribute to Gene Kiniski and Nick and their wrestling careers.  Back in 1982/1883 I remember going there and seeing and talking to Gene KINISKI him self!  I was last here in the early 1990's. It really has not changed much since then.  They have a 11 person sit up bar, but is mostly for pull tabs and half of the bar faces the window and gives you a great view of the ocean.  Out side there is a large patio area looking over the ocean.  6 different types of beer on tap and 3 micro brews.  Wine is $4.25 a glass.  They have pull tabs and 2 pool tables. 5 flat screen TV'S. For lunch we had the Reef's Point Bob Burger: Hand formed fresh ground beef,cheese, Bacon,sauteed mushrooms and grilled onions.  that was a great burger!!  Came with french fries.  I had a good time and it was nice to go down memory lane again.

Rory's of Edmonds (Edmonds, Washington, U.S.A.)

Rory's of Edmonds, 105 Main Street, Edmonds, Washington, U.S.A. right by the Edmonds/ Kingston ferry terminal. What a great bar that has also been around for quite a while. There is a unique 11 person sit up bar that hs a funny little section at one end that seats 2 people and the server is between that and the rest of the bar.  They have 3 nice 6 person pub high tables.  There are  3 flat screen TV's through out the bar.  With 25 different types of beer on tap you should find some thing you like.  It has nautical theme through out.  In the middle of the room, there is a fireplace with a metal coned shopped hood that is suspended with chains.  The fireplace is in the middle of the table and there are 8 seats around so you can keep warm while visiting, very cool!  For lunch I had the Daily special which was a home made meatloaf sandwich and fries.  It was awesome,loved every bite of it!  My dining partner had the cob salad, loaded with diced bacon, grilled chicken, crumbled blue cheese and hard boiled egg.  Said that is was very very good and filling.  Also of interest on the menu is;  Bowl of Balls......Bowl of seasoned meat balls with pesto garlic cream sauce and parmesan (they spelled it).  Service was great and nice and friendly.  Very cool place and a great view.  There is an out door patio facing the ferry/ water area.  Great place with great home made food! i will be back for sure!!!