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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Village Idiot Bar and Grill (Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada)

Village Idiot Bar and Grill   306 McKenzie, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada  This place as recommended to me by our friends Julie and Dave.  What a great place, awesome recommendation!!  Bottle of wine going to them!! This place was packed for dinner and all the other pubs in town were quiet.  That tells you some thing there!!  Very cool and funky in here.  They have a 10 person sit-up bar.  The bar stools are all log posts and the backs are made out of the top halves of old skis and snowboards, they re really neat!! There is lots of sports stuff on the walls and old pictures too.  Lots of ski stuff on the walls, as this is  big ski and snowmobile area in the winter. They have on booth in a corner that seats 8 and in the other corner is  booth that seats 4.  They have nice old wood tables with round back wood chairs.  There is s nice outside patio area to the side over looking the street. 6 TV's through out. The water for the table comes in a large mason jar and the water glasses are small mason jars!  I had the perogies that came covered in melted cheese and bacon, mmmmmmm good!  D had the Stir fry which was loaded and she said very good too! They are known for their  pizzas and we saw some come out and boy did they look amazing too!  The service is very good and very friendly!! You shouldn't go past Revelstoke with out going here, this place is awesome!  I would have to say easily one of my top 10 picks anywhere!!  I cant say enough bout how much we loved it here!!   Can't wait to come back!!

Dayzoff Sports Pub and Eatery (Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada)

Dayzoff Sports Pub and Eatery   630 Kingsway N/E, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada  Pretty bland on the out side but much nicer inside.  They have a very nice 5 person sit-up bar when you enter.  I wonder why they made it so only 5 people can sit there.  There are 2 projection screens and 9 TV's through out (some around the 65 inch size).  They have 2 really cool pub high tables.  The seats are 2 large semi circular benches with round table top and each table can seat 10 people or maybe 2 more if you get cozy.  They also have 2 pub high picnic tables. There are 2 pool tables and several arcade games. Out front in the parking lot is a raised patio area.  There is sports stuff ll over the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  The dance floor is cool, it is white tile and made to look like  hockey rink complete with blue lines, red line and face off circles.  As for beer there are 7 different types on tap.  For dinner I had the Greek chicken Wrap with fries For $124.00.  Came with lettuce, olives, Tomatoes, cucumbers, Greek dressing, and Feta cheese with grilled chicken (can get crispy chicken).  It was very good!  My dining partner D had the Tao Salad, Seasoned beef (or chicken\0 on  bed of lettuce, topped with lettuce, black olives, green onions, Jalapenos, Nacho cheese, sour cream and salsa in a home made taco bowl.  It was really good too.  the service was good and friendly, they waitresses were very interactive with the patrons.

Rockwood Urban Grill (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Rockwood Urban Grill   50 Sage Creek Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Located on the east/ southern side of the city not far from the Mint (the place where they make coins for some 70 plus countries all over the world.  Tours available).  Nice place in a mall, they have  beautiful 15 person Square U shaped sit-up bar made out of a split logs.  there is a separate restaurant area but I won't talk about that. There are 14 different types of beer on tap, There are 6 booths that each sit up to 6 people. Then the usual tables.  There is an outside patio area with 12 tables of 4.  For lunch I had he 8oz piece of haddock and chips.  The batter was nice and crispy and loads of fries.  It was pretty good.  my lunch guests both had the lunch special which was Chicken club one with Cesar Salad and the other House salad with honey mustard dressing.  both said it was very good! I wish I got the waitresses name, she was one of the best waitresses I have had in a while.  She was very prompt, very cheerful, not pushy at all.  We all really liked it here , great feel inside too!

Beach Bar (Grand Beach, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Beach Bar (at Sandbar Motor Inn) Lot 3 Hwy 12, Grand Beach Manitoba, Canada.  Before I talk about the Beach Bar, you need to know a little about Grand Beach.  Located on the bottom east side of Lake Winnipeg about 55 Km's  (31) miles north of Winnipeg.  This is a big lake: 24,54 square kilometers or, 9,465 Square miles in size.   This is an amazing beach with the finest sand probably anywhere in the world and several miles long.  In the late 1970's or early 1908's Playboy rated it as one of the top 10 beaches in the world!!  Any way i could go on and on about that.  The Beach Bar has a bar but you cant sit at it.   It kind feels like a gymnasium in here.  2 poor tables and 4 different types of beer on tap.  They have 3 tv's here, but when we were here for lunch the Bartender had a Soap Opera going....go figure.  There are a couple of semi circular booths both seating 4 people.  There is n outside patio are n front.  We Were here in \\\\Mid June on  Thursday around 1 pm.  It was very quiet so you think the service was going to be god.  We had to keep waiting as the Bartender kept taking beer can/ bottle returns over paying customers.  For lunch I hd the boiled perogies, bacon and fried onions with sour cream, they were pretty good. D had the Greek Salad and said it too was pretty good.  We shared the Deep fried dill pickles and the mozza sticks they too weren't bad at all.  The parking lot was a mess with huge pot holes and they were filled with water.   Need to get it graded. As for bars in the area this is pretty much it. If for no other reason come up to see the beach (lots of camping here too!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Lake of the Woods Brewing (Kenora, Ontario, Canada)

Lake of the Woods Brewing  302-2nd Street S, Kenora, Ontario, Canada  What a great place, they took over the old fire hall which closed n 2011 and opened this place in 2014. It has a nice big 22 person rectangular sit-up bar.  Along the wall looking in to where they brew the beer are 4 four person booths.  they feature  long narrow pub high table that is right in front of the bar and this sits 24 people.  They also have 3 picnic tables inside and they an be put together to accommodate big groups.  There are 4 tables or 4 and 3 4 person pub high tables.  The front has 3 large roll-up doors where the fire trucks would exit and they open to let the fresh air in.  In front is their sidewalk patio with 12 picnic tables some seating 4 and some seating 6.   They feature 8 in house brewed beer on tap.  Decent wine selection and also hard liquor.  They still have the fireman's pole but is closed of for safety reasons.  Upstairs is the the whiskey lounge that can be used for private functions.   There is fire department memorabilia through out. Every day they have different food and drink specials.all 3 of had the Taco Salad Bowl, 2 were beef and one chicken.  MMmmmm good!!!  We all loved this place.  Kenora is beautiful and 2 hours east from Winnipeg.  Well worth the trip  2 thumbs up for sure!!

The Golden Taps Pub (Golden, British Columbia Canada)

The Golden Taps Pub 507-9 Avenue N, Golden, British Columbia, Canada  If your are traveling through the Rocky mountains going to or from British Columbia and Alberta you pass through the beautiful town of Golden.  Located in downtown Golden is the Golden Taps Pub.  They have 9 person sit-up bar.  But of interest is the front sidewalk patio area.  They have rented several parking stalls in front of the bar across the side walk and have a patio area that is almost 3 to 4 feet of the ground right on the street.  It is moved away in the winter due the all the snow they get here (also a hot spot for skiing!  In the back they have a large booth that is about 4 feet off the ground.  there is a pool table there too. There e 5 other booths and a back out door patio area that has 5 picnic tables.  For beer they have 5 rotating taps and all local beer.  Domestic beer is in bottles.  The regular hard liquor.  for wine all they had was red/ white  Frontera from Chile. We ate light, I had the Cesar salad it was OK.  D had the Corn chowder and small Cesar salad both were OK.  The bartender/ waiter never did ask us if we wanted a second drink, he just gave us the bill, so we took that as time to go.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Watershed Pub and Kitchen (Seattle, Washington U.S.A.)

Water shed Pub and Kitchen  10104-3rd Avenue NE Seattle Washington U.S.A.  This place can be a little hard to find, it is South for the Northgate Mall and just south of the Thornton Creek Theaters. Across the street and very close is the parkade where you can park for 3 hours for free! Opened in 2015 and has been going quite sell.  There is a nice sit-up bar that seats 15 people, done in light wood, as is all the furniture making is bright and cheerful.  They have 20 different local beers on tap and also a list of beers that are coming up next.  With the rotating taps, once one beer runs out another one comes up! They will have like beers replacing the one that runs out.  They do not carry the big company beers such as Budweiser, Miller etc, every thing is fairly local. They have a large selection of whiskey, vodka and gin, but most are locally made.  For lunch we started off with the baked pretzel and beer cheese dip.  The pretzels are made in a local bakery in Lake City (part of Seattle).  The dip has a very smooth creamy texture and both were very good.  I had the Mac and cheese, which was very good and very creamy!  Had toasted bread crumbs on top and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.  My better half had the Queen quinoa salad that had quinoa (of course), Arugula, red onion, Kalamata olives, Cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.  Very good!!  Also at lunch you can get a large slice of pizza for $3.00 .  They don't sell Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola they sell Seattle cola Co. products. The bar area is marked off with a pony wall and has several tables and chairs.  There are 3 pub high tables seating 4.  There are 3 TV'S, but back ground music is playing and not deafening.  there is a 2nd floor area that over looks the main bar and could seat around 50.  Wasn't open at noon when we were there.  Along the edge of the 2nd floor area is a large display of various beer taps.  Children are only allowed in the non bar area.  There is a side walk patio in front with 5 picnic tables and 2 or 3 tables.   We really liked it here and will be back!!