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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ceili's Irish Pub (Vancovuer, British Columbia)

Ceili'sIrish Pub in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.  located at 670 Smithe Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  At the Corner of Granville and Smithe.  We were there for the Grey Cup festivities (The Grey Cup is the Canadian Football League Championship).  It is a very cool bar with several floors and several bars.  The bar that we were at sat about 15 people and was circular in shape.  The liquor rack was in the middle and also circular with there being a large stainless steel bin at the bottom to hold the beer, wine and coolers.  The atmosphere was very good.  The food.....not up there.  I had the meat loaf sandwich with onion rings.  Turned out to be an open faced sandwich with a lot of fried onions and a rather bland smaller slab of meat loaf.  The Onion rings were about a 5 out of 10.  My wife had the Turkey soup and she even had to add some salt to get some flavour into it.  Apparently their new location in Kitsalano (another area in Vancouver) has much better food.  She service was top shelf.  The bartender was very friendly, not afraid to join in conversation but always looked after you.   The waitresses are dressed in black t shirts and short kilts.....enough said!  Yes they were very good and attentive!  I really enjoyed My self here.....except for the food.  Everyone else's food and portions seemed to be good and bigger...who knows!  I would like to try this place out again and I would love to try out their Kitsalano location and see how it is.  Over all I had a very good experience here.  Go Lions Go!!

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