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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shelty Bar (Mexico City, Mexico)

Shelty Bar, Hotel Nikko,  Campose Eliseos, Mexico City.  Lots of nice dark wood through out and tartan on the walls.  It is supose to be an English bar but the English don't use tartan..oh well.  Not a place to get a cheap drink I must add.  It felt a bit sterile in here, just too squeaky clean and tidy.  More like a high end snooty type of place.  Very comfortrable and they have a couple of flat screen tv's.  they had a guy playing an electric piano, kind of cheesy!  Ok, alot cheesy!  You don't have far to go to get a real nice and comfortable bar.  If you are staying in the hotel and don't want to go any where then maybe try the bar in the lobby!!

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