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Monday, September 28, 2009

Old Edison Inn (Edison, Washington)

The Old Edison Inn, 5829 Cain's Court, Edison, Washington USA about five minutes off the Interstate 5 to the west. It is about 5 minutes north of the Corner Pub. About 1900 the owner of this pub was John BRADLEY. This Saloon survived Prohibition (1917-1933) as a soda fountain, pool hall and card room. When the State ended the ban in 1934, it began licensing ""Saloons" as "Taverns" as the laws did not allow the use of the word "Saloon". This license #369258, now called the Old Edison Inn dates to 1934 and although moved twice over the years, is probably one of Skagit County's oldest thirst quenching business. It has not one but 2 full sized shuffleboards. How cool is that, I can hardly wait to kick my son and my brother's #%&!!! We didn't eat here but the food looked fabulous and I want to come back and try it. The cooks wore black chef jackets and looked very sharp. It was a busy weekend in Edison when we were there as it was the Oyster Run. A hugely popular motorcycle run. The two bars were full of motorcycle enthusiasts and thus the reason I did not take any pictures in the bar. Many of these gentlemen had colourful vests with the names of their riding group on their backs. They even had some one keeping an eye on their shiny bikes out side. Edison is a really neat town with an artisan bakery and an organic farm produce shop. I have to say it again you gotta try this place out.

Corner Pub (Bow, Washington)

The Corner Pub, 14565 Allen West Road, Bow Washington, USA. It is about 5 minutes or so, west of the Interstate 5 about ten minutes north of Burlington, Washington. This place was recommended to me by my friend Dean (I have to give credit when credit is due). A neat little pub in the middle of nowhere. By the looks of this pub, in its previous life it may have been a gas station, but I don't know that for sure. This is the first pub that I found that has a full sized shuffleboard. A good reason to try this place out. The food was fresh and good. I had a Mushroom cheese burger and fries and my wife had a BLT on dill rye bread. Both were
very good. A few people had the fried chicken and it looked awesome! There is a eating and drinking area out back but we didn't try it. My wife noticed a sandwich baggie partly full of water hanging from the top of the door frame going out back. The bartender told us that it keeps the flies out, and he said it seemed to work. I never heard of that before, but what the hey, if it works! They have lots of 25 cent pull tabs and we didn't win the jackpot! The staff was very friendly. A broom on the floor wouldn't hurt. I would come back for sure.

August 2017, the new and improved Corner Pub

New owner bought it 3 years ago and made a lot of improvements.  gone is the shuffleboard, in are the following tables that came from a high school.  They are 2X4 laminated and lacquered and look great.  There are 6 pub high that seat 6, 2 tables that seat 4 and 4 tables that seat 3. The bar seats 12 and each seat has a coat/ purse hook.  There are 4 TV's of various sizes.  This building has been hers since 1933.  They have one of only 2 known in the county, "Broasters" (Broaster is a method of deep frying under pressure).  The other one is believed to be at the pub in Alger, Washington.  I had the Broasted half chicken (leg, thigh,breast, wing) that came with coleslaw and fries.  Probably the best fired chicken of any kind I have ever had!  The batter was light and crispy.  The chicken was not greasy.  The coleslaw was very good.  I didn't even get to my fries as I was full.  My pub adviser had the Smoked Ruben sandwich (Smoked corn-beef brisket, beer brazed sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing and Swiss cheese on rye bread she said was very good!  They brine, cure and smoke their own met in house.  They also make their own sauces in house using only fresh vegetables.   Now get this..... they raise their own pigs and cows on the owners farm in Alger, Washington, how cool is that!!  Live music every Thursday evening, Every Wednesday is 1/2 off bottles of Washington wines.  Kids are allowed but not at the bar, you must be 21. This is a pub that you must go to, it is now in my 10 top favorite pubs!!

February 2018.  Back here again.  Had the broaster chicken and again amazing!!!  Free popcorn and free Wifi. Great friendly service.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Marblemount Dinner (Marblemount, Washington)

The Marblemount Dinner 60174 Hwy 20 Marblemount, Washington about an hour and a bit east of Interstate 5. It qualifies as a pub/ bar or tavern because it has a small bar where you can sit up and be waited on. This place is run by the Wife and her Husband.(I met them but can't remember their names) The food is very good and fresh. I love the blue cheese coleslaw! Along the right side as you enter are booths. Each booth has a window and a humming bird feeder. They have identification guides for humming birds at the booths. When we were there in the summer the feeders were very busy with humming birds. My wife and I have eaten there several times, and we keep going back because the food is so good. You also get a good sized glass of wine and the prices are very reasonable! They are open Thursdays through Mondays, they shop for the fresh food on their days off. After Labour Day they open at 11:00 am. Well worth the stop for lunch on the way through!!
August 8, 2015 went by this place and all of the Hummingbird feeders have been removed.  I don't know anything more about this place or how it is now.  If some one can help me out that would be great.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Six Mile Public House pub (Victoria, British Columbia)

Six Mile Public House pub is located at 494 Island Hwy and Six Mile Road, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This is the oldest pub in British Columbia and was established in 1855. I was there for the 150th anniversary in 2005, and it was a good time. It is very beautiful inside, with lots of detail and wood work. The food and service was very good. They have a beautiful outside seating area. Pretty hard to not try this place out, if you are in Victoria.

The World's End (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The World's End pub on High Street in Edinburgh, Scotland. Probably my favorite pub in Edinburgh. It was small, busy and you felt like you were in a Scottish Pub. Not uncommon to have to wait to get a seat. Lot of locals there as well. The Haggis and neeps were fabulous. It was so good, I was hooked and had haggis several times again. Don't be scared to try Haggis, it is really good. I wouldn't lead you a stray, would I? It is located in the heart of the shopping, pub and everything area! So much to see and sooo much to do in this beautiful City. I can hardly wait to go back, and when I do, I will be back at the "The World's End"!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Challenger Ridge Winery (Concrete, Washington)

Challenger Ridge Winery, is located in Washington State, U.S.A. It is about 35 minutes east on Hwy 20 from Interstate5, about five minutes west of Concrete Washington. This place deserves to be here! They make great wine. There is a fabulous wine tasting room and it is a great place to kick back. The wine tasting room is a 100 year old farm house. You can sample wine or purchase a glass or a bottle, and sit by the wood stove in very comfortable leather chairs. Cora Thomas is the one who guides you through the various wines, and does a wonderful job at it. You can bring a lunch and sit outside in the vineyard having a glass of wine. They have numerous great functions at the Winery throughout the year. I recommend the "Liberty Bell", a white wine and it is one of the favorites. You feel very much at home here. Should you be heading east to Winthrop or where ever, you should think about stopping in. If you are heading past from another direction....ya you can still stop in and try the wine, you will love it.!!

August 2011   We have been back many times so I figured that I had better update it as there have been some changes.  They have a new wine maker and some new staff.  It is still a favorite of mine!  Anna is there to help you through the tasting various wine!  By the way Anna is a professional photographer and will do photo shoots in the winery for you.  Something to think about.  You can still purchase a glass or bottle of wine and sit out in the vineyard having your lunch or just a glass of wine.  By the way Annie's Pizza who have been voted best pizza in Skagit County will deliver right to you in the winery while you are enjoying a glass of wine.  In October  it is the Grape Crush festival, worth the price of admission.  Check out their web site.

November 2014.  The winery is a shadow of what it used to be.  A skeleton staff, future looks bleak.  Tore out large area of grape vines.  Winery is for sale for $1.6 Million.  Sad to see such a wonderful place go down hill like this. 

The Nags Head (London, England)

The Nags Head, another great bar in London, England. I don't think there are any bars that are not good in London, cause I haven't been in one. I'm sure they are out there, but this isn't one of them. Good food and good times here. Once again the atmosphere is incredible and you feel like you are in an English Pub! It is in a great location and there are pubs everywhere!! I love London, it is so vibrant and I can't get enough of it!!

Casa Valeriano Bar (Aledo, Spain)

Casa Valeriano Bar located in Aledo, Spain. Aledo is up in the hills some where in the Murcia region of Spain, down by the Mediterranean. It was hotter then heck when my wife, her mom, her aunt and I went in to this little bar. When we walked in the bartender was behind the bar and talking to an older gentleman. They looked at us like we were from Mars. My wife's Aunt, who speaks Spanish went up to the bar and spoke to the bartender. All was ok. I had a glass of wine (red) and the bartender poured it out of a bottle with no labels on the bottle. It was not as good as my homemade wine and that isn't saying much. It cleaned the plaque off my teeth. It was cheap!! about $1.00 per glass. One glass was enough. Oddly enough the bar had a large collection of key fobs. The dust on the things on the walls was very thick, but no bugs, I guess the thick dust got them. A great experience!!

Cafe De La Paix (Paris, France)

Cafe De La Paix in Paris France, opened in 1862. Apparently it is one of the places to go and be seen. We sat on the side walk (not on the ground! at a small table with 2 chairs), which is a great place to sit and people watch. The prices are high, but hey you are in Paris in one of the places to be! You can't help but feel cool and sophisticated sitting here sipping on your $15 glass of wine. But is is worth is. Very relaxing and entertaining!! It is Paris, what can I say!!

Royal Montmartre Pub (Paris, France)

Royal Montmartre Pub is in Paris, France, don't ask me the address and I had a hard time figuring out the addresses of places there. This is a very nice little Pub. My wife and I, in the afternoon would have a glass of wine or two and sit on the outside on the sidewalk. We would relax and watch everyone walking by. Probably even more entertaining is watching the drivers in Paris. One takes ones life in their hands. It is like one big race. When here I felt like I was in Paris (ya I know I was) and doing the Paris thing. It was fun and relaxing. The waiters in Paris could learn a little about treating people better. If you speak English, they are not overly prompt, friendly or polite to you. That was a common theme in Paris, but don't let that scare you away. It was fabulous!!

O'Neill's (London, England)

O'Neill's is another great pub in London. Great Atmosphere and very good food. It was very busy in there as was the whole area. But as busy as it was the service was good! There are so many cool places in London, the question is where to go. Well this place is one of those places!!

Fuel (London England)

Fuel is located in Covent Gardens, in London England. Fuel has a great location where you can sit on the roof top and watch the performers below. It also gives you a great view of the bar beside and everyone on the roof top. Covent Gardens is a great area with great shopping. I left my wife to that. when you go inside, it is a little tight with a narrow stairway up stairs. In other parts of the world they would shut it down for not having a big enough stair way. That is one of the things I liked about it, the regulations weren't as stringent as North America!! Sooooo much to see and soo much to do!!!

The Coal Hole (London, England)

The Coal Hole is located in downtown London, England. This as the British would put it is "brilliant"!! The pub pies are to die for, probably the best I have ever had. The place is very busy and the make the pies on premise. The atmosphere is "bang on"! This is a very beautiful British Pub. Lots of business people popped in for lunch. My wife and I felt so comfortable in here, and not for having to do more sight seeing we could have easily stayed here for a couple of more drinks. If you are ever in London, you will love this place!!

Priory Bar (Tynemouth, England)

The Priory Bar is located at 2 East Street, Tynemouth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom. It is on the North Sea and in the same building as the Gibraltar Rock Carvery Restaurant. This is a wonderful place and just nearby is the ruins of a castle. The food is very good and the wine went down well. This is a seaside resort area and this place is what you would imagine a nice English pub to be like. The Sunday brunch in the Restaurant is something you have to reserve or you won't get in. I took a look and it looked soooo good!!!

McDairmid Park (Perth, Scotland)

McDiarmid Park, is the home of St. JOHNSTONE Football Club. This year they are in the Scottish Premiership League (top league). McDiarmid Park is in Perth, Scotland. Not a true pub, tavern or bar but is deserves a mention. The restaurant/ bar area is very nice!! It has the Johnstone tartan on the carpet. The food was exquisite, and the service outstanding. The staff bent over backwards to help me and take care of me. Perth is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to. If you are ever in Scotland, give Perth a try and see if you can make it to McDiarmid Park! It will be well worth your time!! Go St. Johnstone Go!!

Last Drop Bar (Edinbugh, Scotland)

The Last Drop bar is yet another great bar in Edinburgh, Scotland. I can't say enough about this place. The character, the service, the food and the drink, it is all good. So easy to get around. Everything is tight and close and so much fun. The architecture is something else! Everywhere you walk, you just keep being amazed by everything! Go get out there and try it!!

Bobby's Bar (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Bobby's Bar is in Edinburgh, Scotland. I never was in a bad bar in Scotland, and Bobby's is no exception! Good drinks, great atmosphere, good service and Hell you are in Edinburgh! I had so much fun here as with every other place in Edinburgh. Try the Haggis, it is very good. I could not get enough! Go to Edinburgh and try this out along with a raft of other places!!

Sylvia Bar (Vancouver, British Columbia)

The Sylvia Bar is located in the old, beautiful, Sylvia Hotel. It is right across the street from English Bay, on Beach Avenue and Gilford Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The location is wonderful, and what a great place to sit with a glass of wine (beer if you prefer or something else), and look out on the water. The service was top notch. Our food was very good. My wife and I will go back for sure. I would recommend this place if you are in the area. You will not be disappointed!!

Union Public House (Alexandria, Virginia)

The Union Public House is in Alexandria. Virginia, U.S.A. This is a very beautiful area and the Union is just up the street from the waterfront. My memory is fading a little bit on this place, but what I do remember was, it was a very nice place.

Charlie Don't Surf (White Rock, British Columbia)

Charlie Don't Surf is located in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada on Marine Drive facing the water right across from the White Rock Pier. Really cool inside, great view, great location, but that is it! I have been there numerous times but the last few time the food has been sub standard and the service sub standard. Too bad, because it has a great location and the decor is great. Maybe some day they will care about the customers and put some effort in to the food and the service!!! There are numerous places that I would go before I would go here.

Sidewalk Cafe and Bar (Venice Beach, California)

Sidewalk Cafe and Bar, on Venice Beach, Los Angles California, U.S.A. The food was very good. A neat place with all sorts of people eating and drinking. Great place to people watch. Not only in the bar but on the side walk and beach. The "Gold's Gym" on the beach is very nearby! Hey if you are in the area and walking around, give it a go!!

Planet Hollywood Time Square (New York, New York)

Planet Hollywood is located in Time Square, in Manhattan,New York City. If you look close it is below the LG sign. It is a big place and tons of memorabilia! Just inside they have a wall where there are a hundreds or more electric guitars cut in half and stuck to the wall. You see the sides of the guitars, it looks really neat. The service was very good and food was not too bad either. There is so much to look at in here., The prices weren't too bad considering you were in Times Square. If you are in to this sort of place give it a shot!!

Fenway Park (Boston, Massachusetts)

Fenway Park, Boston Mass., USA the home of the Boston Red Sox. Ya I know it is not a bar, tavern or a pub, but it might as well be. This is one of the greatest, coolest most amazing places I have been in. I can't say much more! This place just oozes atmosphere!! The food is great. There is nothing like standing on Yawkey Way (which is closed to traffic before the game), and having a beer (or wine), a hot dog or better yet "Italian Sausage" and hanging out. When you enter the ball park, you are under the grandstands. The floor is uneven, it is old and grungy, but that is what makes it great. It is historic! Hey you are there to watch a baseball game not to be pampered in luxury suites. I have included it in my Pubs, Taverns and bars. Even if you don't like baseball, you have to go here!

The Tap (Haverhill, Massachusetts)

The Tap is located in Haverhill Massachusetts, U.S.A. Haverhill is in northern Mass. It is just across the border from New Hampshire. You can catch the train about 1 minute walk from here. I stopped in as I had some time before I caught the train to Boston. They brew their own beer here, which is wasted on me, as I don't drink beer. I wish I liked beer it would make life so much easier. Can't tell you about the food as I never ate there. The Bar was very nice inside. Apparently Haverhill is a town where there used to be shoe factories, but they are closed now. They are changing the factories in to condos.

Ri Ra Pub (Providence, Rhode Island)

The Ri Ra Pub is located in down town Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. The previous Mayor of Providence cleaned up down town Providence (before he went to jail). It is very beautiful now. You can walk along the canal and the architecture is beautiful. I had lunch and a couple of glasses of wine. The service was great and it is a classic Irish style bar. The bartender was from Ireland, but working and living in Providence. I really enjoyed my visit there. If I am ever back in Providence I will for sure go back to the Ri Ra Irish Pub!

The Bell In Hand Tavern (Boston, Massachusetts)

The Bell In Hand Tavern is in Boston, Mass., U.S.A. . I have to admit that I didn't go in. Why, am not sure. Maybe it wasn't open yet. It is the Oldest tavern in America. It just looks so cool. But why didn't I go in there for a quick one! I am still kicking myself! You don't have to be a brain surgeon to have a Blog!

If you have ever been there I would love to hear from you!!

Cask N Flagon (Boston, Massachusetts)

The "Cask N Flagon ", is right beside Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox! It is on Lansdowne Street, and is about 100 feet from the ballpark. This has to be one of the best sports bars that I have ever been! Bar none! There are loads of flat screen LCD TV's every where. The food is Kick Ass! I had the Italian Sausage on a bun with fries. It was sooo good, smothered with cheese, and BIG! I tried to get in when I went to the Red Sox game, but no chance. The line up was massive to get in. That is why I went a day before they played. It is just so much Americana, baseball, a great bar, everything great! I hate to say it again but I am sounding like a broken record, You gotta try this place out if you are ever in Boston!

Cheers (Boston, Massachusetts)

Cheers! The original Cheers in Boston, Mass., USA., right on Beacon street across from Boston Common. The front of this bar is the one that you see on the TV show "Cheers" when they show the front of it. The inside is not the same, they later made a duplicate in another part of Boston. This place is very cool. There is something about sitting in a bar like Cheers where the idea of the T.V. show came up. The food is great and the feeling inside is fabulous! This area is old and the buildings all around are full of history. They have a great store where you can buy anything "Cheers" related. I have been here several times, and there are always people from all over the world here. How can one go to Boston and not stop in Cheers?

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Hub (Concrete, Washington)

The Hub 45914 Main Street, Concrete, Washington, U.S.A. which is about 40 minutes east of Interstate 5 on Hwy 20. The Hub.......what can I say. It has the longest single plank bar in the State built in the 1920's (I think) by the Brunswick company (pool tables). It is an absolute piece of art and the wood behind the bar is fabulous. The Bar needs a refinishing. The Bar had 15 bar stools are all bolted to the floor, classic bar style. There is usually one or two girls running the bar and doing the cooking at the same time. You have to be patient especially when one girl is working. They don't take any guff and aren't afraid to tell some one to #$%& off! The food is pretty well all deep fried (kills all germs I guess). Good onion rings and Jojo potatoes! You can get a couple of drinks and not break the bank. I have some great stories from that place and my brother can attest to that. If you venture in don't expect 5 star and you will be all right.

August 2011, My Buddy and I went back to the Hub.  Nothing has changed nothing has been up graded.  It was a Friday aqfternoon, I had a glass of wine and when it was time for a second glass......there was none, they ran out.  This is not the first tme that has happened.  How n the world does a bar run out of wine before a weekend.  Duh!!

Birdsview Brewing Company (Birdsview, Washington)

The Birdsview Brewing Company, 39974 Hwy 20, near mile post 81 which is about 35 minutes or so east of Interstate 5, in the area called.....Birdsview, Washington. It is about 5 minutes west of Concrete Washington. Family owned business, Bill and Kris VOIGT. That is Bill third from the left. The two girls are two of their 4 or 5 daughters. Son Jason can usually be found running the bar. One of my favorite places! They brew the beer, and serve the beer. No Bud, Miller or Kokanee served here. They also sell Challenger Ridge Winery wines (located just down the road. and I will also have a page on it). The second Friday of every month is "Jam Night" and people bring their guitars and play together. On night there we saw 12 of them playing. We had a fabulous time and everyone was so friendly. Out in the back they have a licensed area where you can sit and enjoy your drinks. Someone will get the fire pit going and everyone hangs around it when the evening gets cool. The food is GREAT!! Some of the best, grilled sandwiches and burgers anywhere. We have taken a lot of our friends there and all have nothing but great compliments about the place. They are big in the community and you should try and make the "Birdstock" which is held first weekend of August! They have bands playing all day long and in to the evening. There is even a family area for the Birdstock. Money goes to the Birdstock Fire Department. A must stop if traveling along Hwy 20, with acres of parking and massive RV's can easily park, turn around and get out!! You gotta go there!!!!

Draft Pics Sports Bar and Grill (Mount Vernon, Washington)

Draft Pics, 516 South 1 Street is another good bar in downtown Mount Vernon, Washington, USA. It is Just off the Interstate 5. There is two parts to the bar. I prefer the one on the right, it is older and more classic. TV's with sports, pull tabs and good food. The portions are big. I have always had good service while there. Downtown Mount Vernon has several good places to drink or dine in and the competition is stiff. If you want to watch the game and have a pint, this place will suit you just fine!!

Trumpeter Public House (Mount Vernon, Washington)

The Trumpeter Public House is located in downtown Mount Vernon, Washington, USA. A real gem of a place with great food and good service. The owner's brother owns the Empire Ale House, which is just around the corner from this place. The Trumpeter boasts a big selection of fine Scotches. Something near and dear to my heart. I do enjoy a good single malt Scotch every now and then.
The food was very fresh and well presented. Downtown Mount Vernon is very nice with lots of shopping and good parking along the water 1/2 block over. I suggest if you are in the area this is a place that you will really enjoy. I know my wife and I loved it and we will be back!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sports Keg (Burlington, Washington)

The Sports Keg, 1660 South Burlington Blvd., Burlington, Washington, not an exciting name. It is located on the main drag in on the south end before you go over the bridge. As the name says, lots of sports on the TVs. Good comfortable chairs with caster wheels so you can roll around. A big thing with me, LOL! Pull tabs! The food here is really good with big portions. I have been here several times and have never been disappointed! Loads of parking and a big patio out back when the weather is nice. The service has always been good and there is a cross section of people from all walks of life. Whether you want to watch a game or just go out for a bite to eat, you can't go wrong here! You can always drop the little misses off at the Outlet Mall, the Cascade Mall, Target or one of the other stores that are all very near by.

Rock Fish Grill/ Anacortes Brewery (Anacortes, Washington)

Rock Fish Grill/ Anacortes Brewery is located 320 Commercial Avenue, Anacortes, Washington. They brew their own beer. I am not a beer drinker so I can't tell you much about the beer. I do know the wine is good. The food is highly recommended by me and others who have eaten there with me!! There is lots of shopping in the area and other little pubs and places to eat near by. But this is one of those places that you have to try out. You will not be disappointed. I have been there several times and enjoyed myself every time. My brother and I had a blast there a year ago. So get out there and give it a try!!

Big Lake Bar and Grill (Big Lake, Washington)

The Big Lake Bar and Grill is located at 18427 Hwy 20, Big Lake, Washington some where between Arlington and Sedro Wooley, Washington. What a nice place! Very clean, with a small bar on the left and the restaurant on the right as you go in. They have beautiful high back wrap around bar stools, all in new condition. Probably because they are new, who knows. The place has a car theme, muscle/ hot rod cars. Lots of diecast cars on display and the such. They host a show n shine as well. My wife figured the food must be good here as well (you know, women just know these sorts of things) even though we didn't eat there. We will be back for sure and will be eating there the next time! I would give this bar and grill two thumbs up!!

Chesaw Tavern (Chesaw, Washington)

The Chesaw Tavern is located in the small town of Chesaw, Washington. Where is that you ask! It is east of Oroville Washington just south of the Canadian Border in the Okanogan region. We were there on the July 4th weekend, which is also the Chesaw Rodeo weekend. This town of 100 or so people becomes the home to 5,000 people all out to see the Rodeo. The tavern doesn't look like much on the outside....I personally like it. Inside it was a blast. Everyone was very friendly except the owner. He seemed to be crotchety and grumpy, but I never got to meet him. The service was good and boy to they know how to fill a wine glass to the top. I don't know if it was due to the fact my buddy was there and he grew up in the area. What the hell, what ever works. Their motto is, " Four star grub in a one horse town". It can get pretty hot and dry here as it was this weekend! If you ever go to the Chesaw Rodeo (and you should), you have to stop and have a drink in this little tavern.
2017 July long weekend,back again.  Still a fun place to go!! Pint of Mac & Jack beer, glass of Bootjack of Chardonnay and a diet Coke all for $12.50.  Darn good deal.  service was good and very friendly even with how busy they were.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Evelyn's Tavern Clear Lake, Washingotn, USA(Reopened)

Evelyn's Tavern, 12667 Hwy 9 Clear Lake, Washington. It is on Hwy 9 part way between Mount Vernon and Hwy 20. It looks great from the outside, but inside is a different story. We were there at 3:30 pm on a Tuesday and everyone was very drunk. Not a lot of seating and the place is rather a mess (to put it mildly!) The bar is made up of a hodge podge of different bar pieces. The food....I didn't see any and was not interested in trying anything unless it came out of a sealed chip bag! We had the drunk not bad looking 45 year old woman telling us about losing her crab trap (seafood crab that is), the drunk guy telling my wife how good looking she is (which is true!). He told us how much money he has lost and made. We couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. Too bad because it looked so promising from the outside!! Stay away!!

August 2, 2015 went past but didn't go in, but it has reopened.  It had been closed and for sale for awhile.  I hope that it has improved.  One of these days I will get back there and try it out.

Three Fingered Jack's Saloon (Winthrop, Washington)

Three Fingered Jack's Saloon is located in Winthrop, Washington on Hwy 20 about 3 hours east of Interstate 5. It is right downtown on the main street on the main corner of town. It is the oldest legally licensed pub in the State of Washington. The right side of the building is the restaurant side and the left side, is the pub side (no kids). The waitress/ bartender was great and ran herself ragged looking after everyone! The food was very good and as I said the service was very good. I had the patty melt with homemade potato salad, and it was very good. I know I could not keep up that pace of getting drinks, food and the such! Nice atmosphere in side and they have great T shirts. Once again, if you are going through Winthrop, you should stop by for a visit!

Conway Pub (Conway, Washington)

The Conway Pub was established in 1932 and is located at 18611 Main Street, Conway, Washington just off the Interstate 5 south of Mount Vernon. A really neat pub, located in the ground floor of a building that looks like an old church or municipal building. It is family run and well known for their good food. A buddy of mine who is a retired Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy got me on to this place. John was a cook in the Navy and also ran a restaurant for years, said the oysters are the best. We went there, but had eaten prior to our arrival. I had the chili and my wife had the taco salad, both of which were very good. The pub advertises they have the best pan fried Oysters west of the Mississippi. The service was very good and everyone was very friendly. The night we were there the Fire Department was having their post meeting get together. Outside the Pub is a BBQ area and lots of seating. Others that I have talked to highly recommend this place. I got a T shirt but the selection was not good for my size.....good if I wore a small but those days have long passed me by!! You gotta go to this place, as I said it is just off the I5 on your way to Seattle shopping if your are south bound or heading to Canada if you are north bound. I am going to try the Oysters the next time I am there! Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

August 2011,  made it back with some friends....the food was great as was the service.  This is another one of those great little bars/ taverns.  As I said before it is right of the  Interstate 5 if you are north or south bound you can get a quick meal and a drink if you choose.  I really like this place!

October 2016, back again, with a friend of mine.  This time I had the Chilli burger, and for my side I had the homemade potato salad.  It was great not only in taste but size.  Great burger covered in lost of homemade chilli.  So big I could only ate half of it, but took it home and made a great lunch the next day.  My friend had the Ruben, and it too was very good as I did my friend took the other half home to eat later. Service was very good, friendly and polite.  Lots of locals in for lunch.  Two thumbs up for sure!!