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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sharp's Roaster and Ale House (Seatac, Washington)

Sharp's Roaster and Ale House, 18427 International Blvd, Seatac, WashingtonU.S.A. Situated very close to Seatac International Airport. They boast 500 spirits in stock and 26 fresh draught beer on tap. As you enter the restaurant is larger and on the left, the bar is on the right. The sit up bar seats 8 people. On one wall they have what they call the "Wager Wheel". It is like those large gambling wheels at the fair. Every half hour the bartender spins the wheel and that determines what is on special for that half hour. You get deals on drinks and food. One time whle we were there is was martinis for cheap. The food is very good here, and it was half price appys as well! My wife had two salmon tacos and a prawn cocktail with coleslaw. The prawns were large and fresh. The tacos were very good. I had the two pork sliders which is made with pulled pork, and again very good. They also have a large roaster where you can watch the chicken being cooked on a spit, the smell in there makes you want to eat! The ceiling of the bar is covered in bent propellers from various aircraft. On one of the walls they have 200 different beer taps mounted on display. All in all we really enjoyed it here and would come back again for sure!

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