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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Clarks's Crossing Brew Pub (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Clarks's Crossing Brew Pub, 3030 Diefenbaker Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Well it didn' start off too well.  I wanted a glass of wine and they only have one white and one red wine.  Nothing else!! For white they had a Gewurztraminer, and I just can't do that so I settled for the red, I can' remember what it was probably a Merlot.  It was just fair at best.  They had 4 of their own beer, Coyote Draft beer on tap.  Whiley Wheat, The Blend, Prairie Pilsner and Bronco Boc.  I can't tell you what they were like as I did not try them.  They have a large sit up bar that seats 13 people, take a look at the picture as I can't describe it that well.  7 flat screen tvs through out and a Video Lottery Terminal room with 12 VLTs in it.  There is also a separate games room with 2 pool tables.  This bar has direct access to the Cold Beer and Wine store with out having to go out side, which is a plus when it wis winter time here!  For seating there are 3 horse shoe shaped booths, 4 pub style high tables and chairs and numerous other tables and chairs.  For lunch we had the special which was the steak sandwich which was pretty good and cooked to order.  It came with your choice of fries, logger chips, or salad.  My brother and I could only give it a "C" and that is it.  They need to carry more than one type of white and one red wine, or maybe I am missing out on something!!  Washrooms maybe a "D+" at best. there has to be better places near by, but I didn't have time to find another place.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Henry Public House (Cloverdale, British Columbia)

The Henry Public House 5708-176 Street, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.  This is a great addition to the town of Cloverdale which is in Surrey.  It was previously the Clover Inn's Legacy Show Room.  The Legacy Show Room was a strip bar and closed over one year ago.  The Henry is part of the Joseph Richard Group of Pubs, and isn't far from the Town Hall Public House on the Surrey/ Langely border about 10 minutes away.  The inside looks nothing like the old strip bar, gone is the stripper pole and everything that is associated to it.  They have repainted the outside to a black/ charcoal colour.  Inside, the walls are a dark wood finish with the south wall done in a red brick.  There is a nice sit up bar that seats 10 people.  One area has pub height tables and stool and there are about 8 of them.  Across from the bar there are 5 pub tables and each has 6 pub stools.  There is an area that is raised about one foot and there they have about 10 tables  that seat 4 people at each table in nice wood and leather pub chairs.  Off to the side they have the pool table area, which is nice as it does not interfere with the rest of the pub.  One wall is like a den with book shelves and books from the floor to the ceiling.  As for the beer they have 18 different types of beer on tap.  You can get a decent glass of wine for $4.50 for a 6 ounce glass.  There are 12 flat screen TVs through out the bar.  If you want arcade games they have three just by the door as you enter.  The food there is excellent.  I had the baked Mac and Cheese that has apple smoked bacon and Chirizo sausage in it, and come with garlic bread.  It was very good indeed!!  The burgers looked awesome, and I saw a lot of people ordering them!  I did here people talking about how good the food was and how fresh the bread was. It was very busy for the Friday lunch rush! In the washroom, they had this written on the mirror, "Wash your hands. Use Soap - Mom", what a great idea!! Cloverdale is the home to many movie and TV shoots, including, "Smallville" "Deck The Halls" "Postal" "Hotrod" and many scenes in TV series to boot! They say that the main street that the Henry is on looks like a small town in the USA.  Back in the 1990's, Coca Cola made a TV commercial that aired around the world for Christmas for around $500,000.00.  They turned the town in to a winter scene for the shooting of the commercial.  I have a feeling that this place is going to do really well.  Plus if your heading up to Canada from the USA, and you enter through the Pacific Crossing, is is about 7 miles north of the border just off Hwy 15 (about 2 blocks to the east)  I really like this place and will recommend it to many other people!!  Two thumbs up!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shisa Club (Krakow, Poland)

Sisha Club, ul. Sienkiewicz 3, Krakow, Poland.  Located in the Old Town area of Krakow.  This is also a down stairs bar, with the restaurant Il Forno being upstairs. When you go down the stairs you enter the Middle Eastern world, everything looks like you are not in Poland but some where in the Middle east.  It is broken up in to several rooms with seating long the walls.  One room has cushions and pillows all around the room.  There is a curvy sit up bar that can sit about 4 or 5 people.  They have a full bar.  I can't say anything about the food in the Club but the restaurant up stairs is very good.  If you are looking for a good Polish style bar than this is definitely not the place.  If you are looking for some thing out of the ordinary....maybe this is it.

Sports Bar ZRH (Zurich, Switzerland)

Sports Bar ZRH, Zurich Switzerland airport in the main terminal, just by all the expensive shops in the secure area.  Available only to travelers and a great place to wait for connecting flights.  This bar is very wide open and very comfortable with a massive big screen TV and several other flat screen TVs all showing sports....good thing since it is called Sports Bar!  The sit up bar can easily seat 20 people comfortable.  You can get Coca Cola products in the glass bottle!  There are a lot of tables and chairs and it was never crowded when I was there and had a few hours to kill. They have a full kitchen which is very close by but not visible in the pictures.  One thing that they were advertising on cards on all the tables was, Rindstartar or beefsteak tartar which came with bread and salad for 25 Swiss Francs.  The service was just OK, I kind had to flag down the waitress a few times, but other than that is was very good! lying through Zurich and need a drink or a bite to eat, check this place out.

Tygiel Pub (Krakow, Poland)

Tygiel Pub, Senacka 9, Krakow, Poland  I very interesting place just off the main drag and shopping area of Krakow in the Old Town area.  The patio area out side is much different from the pub its self.  It sits about 14 people or so.  When you enter, you go down stairs and half way down there is this cool brick tunnel area that sits about 15-20 people.  You continue your way down which feels like a story and a half down.  They have a small sit up bar and a iron spiral stair case to a small seating area just above the bar.  They have 2 or 3 types of beer on tap, but I went with the Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka.  The bottle has a stem of grass in the bottle with a slight grass taste to it.  Can't tell you about the food as I did not eat here.  Interesting place for sure!

Bar Warszawa de Luxe (Warsaw, Poland)

Bar Warszawa de Luxe, Krakoewskie Przedmiescie 79, Warsaw Poland, right in the heart of Old Town.   This bar is well located and right by the Palace and shopping areas. There is a big side walk patio area with seating in front and along the side with nice comfortable chairs.  The bar is kind of a two story bar, in actuality it is open in the middle and in the back part of the bar there is an area that wraps around and looks down to the bar.  The sit up bar is very small and sits about 5 people. The waiters are dressed in plaid shirts, blue jeans and Poorboy hats.  The furniture consists of antique tables and chairs.  The wine worked out to be about $3.50 Canadian/ USA for 2 two glasses.  They had a couple of types of beer on tap.  I am guessing large varieties of beer on tap is not big in Poland from what I have seen.  there were various food specials, but I did not try the food, yet most others were eating brunch when we were there and it look very good.  Service was good and the waiters spoke fairly good English.  If I am here ever again I would like to sit out side and watch everyone pass by!

Pijalnia Wodki I Piwa (Warsaw, Poland)

Pijalnia Wodki I Piwa, ul, Nowy Swait 19, Warsaw Poland.  This little bar is in Old Town Warsaw, and is located in the heart of the shopping district.  They have two sit up bars, the front one seats about 10 people, and the back one seats about 10 people.  The prices here are amazing, you can get a glass of wine or beer or Vodka Coke for $ Zloty or around $1.33 Canadian/ USA dollars!!  The food is around 8 Zloty or about $2.50 Canadian / USA dollars.  There is a side walk patio that seats about 15 or so people.  The service was very good and the bartender was very professional.  The walls were adorn with old Polish news papers.  There were 2 types of beer on tap. If you get stuck going with your wife shopping, this place is right in the heart of the shopping area....let her shop while you relax! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Karczma Polska (Legionowo, Poland)

The Karczma Polska, Zegrzynska 8a, 05-119  Legionowo, Poland. In other words it is just on the outskirts of Legionowo, and Legionowo is about 20 kilometers or so from Warsaw, Poland.  A very cool little cozy bar with seating inside for about 30-35 people at picnic style tables.  There is no sitting up at the bar but you can stand if you wish.  They have two Polish beer on tap and lots of Vodka to choose from.  I went right for the Vodka and a Coke Light.  The Coke Light (as does regular Coke) comes in the glass bottle!  For a Vodka and Coke it cost  6 Zolty or about $2.00 US/ CDN which is a pretty good deal.  There was a a group of people having a get together when I was there and they had bottles of Vodka on the table.  I stood up at the bar and talked to the two owners, a husband and wife team,  They only spoke Polish so he brought out his lap top and used Google translate so we had a nice chat.  I was told that they make traditional Polish food, the bad part was I ate just before I arrived.  Bad move on my part as I got to see the food being served.  Quite a few people stopped in for lunch and a beer.  The bottle beer which is Polish comes in very large bottles.  Everyone was very friendly and having a good time!  There is one toilet or as they call it here "WC" for water closet.  It is for both sexes.  In front they have a patio area on the grass with tables chairs and sun umbrellas.  The interior was rustic with some animal heads and pelts on the wall, but not over bearing.  A fun place and I wish that I had found it earlier on during my trip as I did not have a chance to go back! Get out and see the world and if you do stop by and try the Karczma Polska for sure!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coalmont Saloon (Coalmont, British Columbia) CLOSED

Coalmont Saloon, in Coalmont British Columbia, Canada.  Where is Coalmont you ask, well it is about 1 hour west of Osooyos B.C. or about 3 hours East of Vancouver.  You take Highway #3 then when you are in the town of Princeton you go north over the one lane bridge towards Tualameen, B.C. and it is about 20 minutes from Princeton.  That was easy!  The hotel and bar are 100 years old and boy if the walls could speak! The Wonderful woman who runs the hotel and the bar is a delight to talk to.  She heard our dog barking outside and told us that we could bring him in to the bar, the best day of his 12 years of life, sitting in the bar!!  If you want lunch, forget about it, but you can bring your own.  She does serve dinner.  It is in an old mining town with tons of interesting history on the west side of the Okanagan so the weather is great!  We heard that it  has ghosts, and the Vancouver Paranoramal Society has been there 3 times taking all of their fancy ghost cameras.  We did see pictures that they took of a ghost who had her arm cut off.  It relates to the story of a prostitute that was murdered in a house near by 80 or 90 years ago and had her arm cut off.  You can come down and follow up on that stuff. They have cougar, tiger and cheetah skins on some of the furntiture, cool touch.  It is like you walked in to a Hotel and Bar 100 years ago.  Check out the 3 rd photo above of the lobby of the hotel.  By the way the rooms are $40.00 per night. A 5 minute drive towards Tulameen and there is a beautiful lake and Priovincial beach. There is also a great camp ground just north of Tulameen, but I recommend a reservation!  The people were so friendly and told us a lot about the history not only of the Hotel/ bar but of the town!  If you like old bars steeped with history and character this is your place.  If you want fancy prim and proper, this isn't your place.  I really enjoyed it here!
Summer 2013 CLOSED   Re opened new owners and called the Coalmont Hotel

Friday, August 24, 2012

Original Joe's Restaurant and Bar (Cloverdale)

Original Joe's (Cloverdale)  139-17455 Hwy 10, Cloverdale, B.C. Canada  Phone
778-574-4446  It has a great location right on the North West corner of Hwy #10 and Hwy #15 in Cloverdale, B.C..  Excellent for travelers from U.S.A. heading to Whistler or where ever.  It is about 7 miles straight north of the PAC Highway border crossing and on the way to Hwy #1.  They have 16 different types of beer on tap including 5 of the Original Joe's beer.  They also have numerous canned and bottled beer as well.  Thursday is a great day to go as it is 1/2 price on all bottles of wine.  They have daily food and drink specials.  There is a catch to this place.....they allow children.  When we were there any one who came in with young children were all seated along the north wall so they didn't bother the rest of the patrons.  There is a nice sidewalk patio that faces west and runs the whole front of the bar.   2 large roll up garage doors can be opened up from the inside area to the patio. They have a nice sit up bar that seats 11 people.  Along the walls they have booths and the rest is high bar chairs and tables.  Several of the tables seat 6 easily.  The food was very good.  I had the Hawaiian burger that had peppered bacon, pineapple and terriaki sauce with lettuce, tomato on it.  It also comes with your choice of 2 side dishes, I had the coleslaw and the french fires which also come with gravy.  Other sides include salad, yam fries and a couple of other things but I can't remember.  The burger, fries and coleslaw was all very good.  There is a lot of food on your plate.  My assistant the "Blogger Babe", had the fish tacos which she said were very good and she gave them an 8 out of 10!!  There was no shortage of servers all of whom were were very friendly and helpful!  With 6 flat screen TVs you won't miss any sports either!  The washrooms are very modern and clean, they should be as they have only been open for 6 weeks!  I really enjoyed my visit here and for sure I will be back.  It is located in a small mall with a Chocolate shop, Staples, M&M meats, Vera's Burgers, Starbucks, Rexall Drugs and a few more opening up.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Toby's Tavern (Coupeville, Washington)

Toby's Tavern, 8 Front Street, Coupeville, Washington, USA Ph# 360-678-4222  This was another fantastic fine, and thanks goes out to my good friend Dean Sr. for this one!!  It is located right on the water in down town Coupeville, Washington.  It is on Whidbey Island which is also home to the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Here is from Toby's website:
"The building is on the shore of tranquil Penn Cove, waters known for its abundant crop of Mussels. Originally a mercantile built in approximately 1890, the structure has housed many businesses. Following prohibition, it became a beer parlor and has been a Tavern/restaurant since the early sixties.
The back bar was originally brought around the horn and placed in the Fort Warden officers club in about 1900. It then moved to Fort Casey and then eventually to the Central Hotel in Coupeville. When the Hotel suffered a serious fire, the back bar was then moved to its current location at Toby's."
Toby's opened up in 1938.  The Front street is full of shops and places to eat all of the buildings are from around the late 1800's early 1900's.
They have beautiful ornate sit up bar that is full of history.  The sit up bar was full for the 1 1/2 hours that we were there.  I would say it sits around 15 people or so on backless stools!
The food here is awesome! We were there with a bunch of friends and ordered the 2 pounds of steamed Mussels. which came with wonderful fresh toasted bread.  These were probably the best mussels that I have ever eaten.  One of our friends ordered the Ruben sandwich, which came on fresh dark rye bread and lots for french fries.  Other friends had the fish and chips which were also very good.  The service was fantastic and the girls were running all the time keeping every one happy!
There is a good variety of beer on tap, as well as a decent wine list.  It is great sitting here, looking out at the water and watching all of the boats passing by. 
They have one pool table, but no one was using it when we were there.  This place was packed the entire time we were there.  There are all kinds of things on the walls from a moose head, buffalo head, a 5 person rowing shell from the 1950's from the University of Washington.  Just come in and check it all out.
You have to go to Coupeville as it is so beautiful here, great shopping and of course you have to go to Toby's Tavern!  It is a definite two thumbs up for sure!

April 2018.  Bach again.  Once a gain we shared the pound of mussels and they were awesome.  They came with 3 slices of garlic toast.  We shared an order of fish and chi[s.  The fish was very good, nice and meaty!! the fries were good to as can the creamy coleslaw.  Everything else it side is the same.  Love it here!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Overflow Bar (Sedro Woolley, Washington)

Overflow Bar, 109 Ferry Street Sedro Wolley, Washington, USA.  A small little local bar that was once a Livery then an automotive shop and finally a bar.  The sit up bar seats 12 people and there are 2 pool tables in the middle of the bar.  There are smaller tables around the edges and a large round table towards the back.  Pool on suynday's is free and there are food and drink specials through out the week.  Out back they have a fenced in patio area and is mosly filled up by smokers.  There is no smoking in the bar.  The entire bar isn't that big, probablyt not much bigger than some one's basement rec room.  There was only one bartender/ waitress, but she worked hard and efficient to keep everyone happy.  The first bartender was replaced by Stephanie the bar manager and she too was great.  If only everyone worked that hard and maintained a smile on their face as these girls did!  People were very friendly and one person in particualr was great and that was "Big Mike".  He was very friendly and it was enjoyable to sit and talk to him.  Big Mike told us that this bar is a good local bar and the prices are better then some of the more fancier bars around.  I didn't try any of the food so I can't tell  you about the food.  We had a great time here having a drink, playing some pool and visiting with every one!!   There is no reason why I would't come back here, I had a great time!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rocking Horse Pub (Nanoose Bay, British Columbia)

The Rocking Horse Pub 2038 Sanders Road, Nanoose Bay, British Columbiam, Canada.  Located just south of Parksville on beautiful Vancouver Island.  phone 250-468-1735.  This was a great find, it is located on a 5 acre equestrian centre in the country.  The house was originally built in 1972 and in 1977 it was converted to the Rocking Horse Inn and an extension was added.  It has gone through several changes over the years.  When you enter the pub is to the right and the resturant is to the left and is adorned with beautiful antiques.  Out back there is a beautiful patio area and also extends on to the grass looking out to natural area of the ranch.  The pub has a English pub look and feel to it.  The sit up bar is beautiful and seats about 8 people and stands about another 8 people.  There are 5 picnic style tables around the inside perimeter of the pub with 6 round tables with pub  arm chairs.  They have one country style table that seats 8 people.  There is one pool table and 3 flat screen TV'S.  The food was very good, I had the steak and Guinnes pie which came with home cut fires.  My wife had the Chicken Medetrainian Salad that came with black olives, feta chese, sun dried tomatoes, cucumbers mixed greens with a beautiful balsamic vinagerette dressing.  She said that it was very good.  There is a fire place with a wood stove insert that actually burns logs....not a fake one!  The serivce is very good, and the regulars very friendly.  I learned alot about fishing, crabbing and prawn fishing, if you are in the area maybe drop in for lunch and get a few tips before you head out on the ocean.  This place is well worth the time to stop in.  When I was there a British Sports club car dropped by with 10 old sports cars.  There is lots of paking aswell!  Great find!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pacific Beach Shore Club (Pacific Beach, California)

Pacific Beach Shore Club, 4343 Ocean Blvd. Pacific Beach, San Diego California, USA.  This is a very popular bar and well located.  It is right on the beach right across from the life guard station.  It is located on the second floor.  There is a set of stairs in front when entering from the beach.  There are two bar areas when you enter.  The bar on the left has a 10 person sit up bar and along the two walls with windows there is bench seating facing the windows.  Just about everyone sits on the table area and feet on the seats facing in.  There are also two large picnic style tables in the middle.  There are 25 different types of beer on tap!  The bar on the right has several booths and 3 picnic tables. They have the same style sit up bar as the other side.   There are 25 TVs through out!  For lunch I had the  Lobster burrito which was very good.  My wife had the 2 grilled mahi tacos and black beans and they were awesome!.  This place was packed by 1:30 pm You would have thought that it was 11 pm instead.  Lots of people were drinking these Red Bull smoothies!  If you are ever in Pacific Beach you have to go here for sure!

Bon Vin (San Diego, California)

Bon Vin, a wine shop and wine bar.  542-5th Avenue, San Diego, California, USA in the Gaslamp Area.  It was fairly quite when we were there.  They sell wine from California, France, Italy and Spain.  There is a tasting room in the back and a sit up bar where we sat.  In front there are comfortable chairs to sit and enjoy a glass of wine.  To go with our wine we had a cheese plate with three different types of cheese.  Bon Vin is located in an old heritage building. The plaque on the front of the building offers this information about the building:
The Lewis Brick Block, Stingaree Hotel 1887.  Known as the Lewis Brick Block, the upper floors were referred to as the Stingaree Hotel in reference to the area's red light district.  The main floor was used for cigar and tobacco shop, billiard hall and revival center.   This Victorian building is characterized by decorative b rick arches over the second story windows and stepped brickwork along the roof line.
It is a very nice relaxing place to have a glass of wine, some cheese and let the day slip by.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coronado Firehouse Bar and Grill (Coronado, California)

Coronado Firehouse Bar and Grill 126 Orange avenue, Coronado, California, USA.  This is a Coronado Historical Landmark as it was the site of the first fire house in Coronado in 1892. Obvious fire dept theme. Sit up bar with its checker plated face plates, seats 25 and is 45 feet long. They have roll up garage doors at the front to open it all up,  with side walk patio. 20 flat screen TVs through out the bar. The food was very good, I had the pizza, which was very good!  My wife had the chicken salad and said it was very good.  Our friend had a burger and he too said it was very good. All of the food had fire fighter themed names. They have a nice patio area in front and it is a very relaxing place to enjoy a drink and something to eat. With 14 beer on tap, a large selection of craft beer and the usual beer as well as a nice wine selection you can't go wrong.  Very wide open feeling here and mix that with all the sunshine it is all good!! Two thumbs up!!

Pacific Beach Alehouse (Pacific Beach, California)

Pacific Beach AleHouse 721 Grand Avenue, Pacific Beach, San Diego, California, USA .  I can't tell you about the main area of the alehouse as we sat upstairs in the Sky Bar area.  The bottom picture shows the inside of the main part of the alehouse.  Upstairs was great, sitting up there in all the sunshine!  They brew their own beer on premise and have seven of their beer on tap.  Happy hour is Monday to Friday 3-6pm where they have $ 3.00 house beer and well drinks.  The sit up bar up top holds 6 people.  A covered area, for those who have to watch them selves in the sun is just beside the bar.  On the roof top they have 2 flat screen TVs so you don't miss anything.  A full food menu is available but we did not try any of the food, just the wine!  It is half a block from the beach, very modern and upscale.  There is glass on top of the walls surrounding the bar to cut out any breeze.  The glimpse I had of the main looked pretty nice, but we were n a hurry to sit up in the sunshine.  The service was very good.  I would go here again if I had a chance!

Lahaina Beach House (Pacific Beach, California)

Lahaina Beach House, 710 Oliver Avenue, Pacific Beach, San Diego California, USA.  This is a really cool place.  It is right on the beach with a large patio area on the front facing beach and ocean!  I love the rules that they have posted on the wall.  Check out the photo (click on the photo for and enlargement).  Inside this place has a cottage feel to it.  There are two sit up bars that can each 8 - 12 people.  They boast 13 different beer on tap. There is a full kitchen and you can sit and watch your food being cooked....if that is what you want to do.  In the back of the bar they have several rectangular tubs with bottled beer on ice.  This is a great bar patio for watching people walk by on the beach.  When the weather is nice the patio seats are very hard to come by, so If you get a seat don't let it go!!.  This place is a two thumbs up for sure.

Hennessey's Tavern (Carlsbad, California)

Hennessey's Tavern, 2777 Roosevelt Street, Carlsbad, California, USA  Est 1976, This is an Irish theme bar if you haven't figured that out. The sit up Bar seats ten and extends through the wall to the outside area and that section also seats ten. They serve 10 different beer on tap. Very good service 4 waitresses. 2nd sit up area is opposite bar facing pub area and seats 10.  Through out the bar there are 10 TVs. . Food and drink specials through out the week. "Grady" the bartender when I was there was great.  He had a genuine smile on his face and really took pride in his job.  The food here all looked really good when I saw it coming out.  I tried the thin sliced potato chips, kettle cooked with sea salt and vinegar.  They were very good.  There were quite a few people here having lunch from all ages (no kids under 21).  The out side area is neat with a covered area that goes around the walls and covers about 6-8 feet deep with the center area open.  They have a gas fire pit in the middle as well as the front patio area.  I give this place two thumbs up.  Say hi to Grady the best bartender in the San Diego area!!

Analog Bar (San Diego, California)

Analog Bar,m 801-5th Avenue Gaslamp area, San Diego, California, USA  This was interesting, we were there on a Sunday afternoon around 33o pm.  This place was rocking to techno pop style music.   Girls were dancing with glow sticks, and the guys were dancing as well.  You would have thought that it was 1:00 am and not 3:30 pm on a Sunday.   We chose to sit out side on the side walk patio area, where we could hear the music but not go deaf, LOL!  The bar in the picture is the right side of the bar, the quieter side is to the left with booths and a couple of large tables in the middle. As for food and beer I have no idea, I didn't venture in side too far other than to use the washroom.  You choose if this is your kind of place.

Wine Styles (Coronado, California)

Wine Styles, 928 Orange Avenue, Coronado, California, USA  A very nice wine shop that you can sit down and order a glass of wine and a nice cheese plate.  They have a very nice sidewalk patio area in front.  In side there is a 6 person sit up bar and 6 bar height tables for two.  There is a very good selection of wine.  I suggest ordering the wine flight which is 3 half glasses of wine.  They change the types of wine daily and you can do reds or whites.  A daily wine special is another feature they have.  With a good selection of cheeses, they will pair it up with your wine.  The back room has a wine tasting area and it was very popular when we were there.  I think you pay a small fee and they take you through various wines.  The Wine Styles also has a great selection of gifts all with a wine theme.  If you are n to cigars they have a nice selection of fine cigars.  They had a live singer when we were there.....I could have done with out him.  I preferred the recorded music and the singer got kind of cheesy!  I recommend you try this place out if you are ever in the area!

Ten Bar and Grill (Tukwilla, Washington)

Ten Bar and Grill, 100 Andover Park West, Tukwilla, Washington, USA  This was a surprise find, as it is right beside the South center Mall, south of Seattle and just off the Interstate 5.  It is located in the Acme Bowling lanes which has 40 ten pin bowling lanes.  No minors under 21 years old are allowed in the bar. The sit up bar seats 12 with 9 beer on tap, 3 of which are seasonal beer and rotate in and out through out the different seasons.  They have a full menu with pizza, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, salads and appys.  If you want you can bowl and have your drinks with you!   They sure know how to do it up right in the USA!!  There are 8 pool tables, 15 flat screen TVs to boot!  Lots of parking and makes a nice break when your spouse is shopping.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ye Olde Plank Inn (Imperial Beach, California)

Ye Olde Plank Inn, 24 Palm Avenue, Imperial Beach California.  This is the most South Western bar in the United States of America.  It opened up 126 years ago and is still going on strong.  Years ago a huge wave caused some damage, but now condos are built beside it between the bar and the ocean and should protect it from any other rogue wave. It is a stones throw from the beach.  They have a rectangular sit up bar that can hold around 20 people.  The interior roof has the thatched look with one dollar bills stuffed everywhere.  10 different beer on tap. In the back there are two pool tables.  They have an out side area that is open in the middle and covered around the sides. A testament to the great weather here!  Every Saturday it is $2.50 Vodka drinks.  Apparently it gets filled up really early. Go figure this place opens up at 6 am every day of the year.  I was told it is the local older people who are out for a walk that come in early and take advantage of the 25 cent coffee.  The locals are very friendly and always enjoy getting involved in a conversation.  This place has tons of character.  I give this bar two thumbs up for sure!!!

Tivoli Bar (San Diego, California)

Tivoli Bar 505-6th Avenue, Gaslamp Area, San Diego California, USA  (Island Ave and 6th Ave) .  This is the oldest bar in the Gaslamp Area, established in 1885.  The bar it self seats 8 people.  They have 15 different types of beer on tap.  A pitcher of Pabst beer is $9 and a pitcher of Stella is $14.  They have a long narrow covered patio area along the side walk that seats about 30 people or so.  The grill serves hot dogs, burgers, nachos, wings, fries and they have daily specials.  There is a pool table in the back area of the bar.  The walls are adorned with old pictures. It is an old interesting place but it just didn't jump out and captivate me.  There are alot better bars in the area.