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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hard Rock Cafe (Seattle)

Hard Rock Cafe Seattle, 116 Pike Street, Seattle, Washington, USA .  Well located right by the front entrance to the famous Pike Place Market (a must see and do).  The Hard rock is a two story establishment with the gift shop to the left and the bar to the right when you enter.  The main floor is the restaurant area the second floor has what appears to be a large night club and the roof top they have a great open air bar (no kids) with lots of shade and full bar service.  I did love the wood work at the bar on the main floor.  Service was good once they realized that we were there.  Did not eat so I could not tell you about the food.  We had a seat right by the window so it was a great spot for people watching.  Since it was a hot day and the place is air conditioned we sat in side.  We probably should have sat up on the roof top bar as the scenery there is pretty good.  This Hard Rock did not have as much memorabilia as the other Hard Rock's that I have been in before.  But if you are a Hard Rock fan you will probably enjoy it here.  It was OK here, would I go again, probably not as there are so many great little bars and taverns that are more to my liking.  Hard Rock is good if you like big corporate bars that are in many cities and countries around the world.

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