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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Station House Bar & Grill (Abbotsford, British Columbia)

Station House Bar and Grill, 3122 Station Road (276 Street) Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. It is located across the street from Aldergrove. The Station opened 3 years ago as a restaurant but has been changing over to a Bar and Grill. The change over should be completed in January 2010. It has been an up hill struggle with the City of Abbotsford to make it a bar, but after two years they have succeeded. This place is huge, when they are finished the transformation half will be a restaurant and the other half will be a bar. We sat in the bar side, but it still had that country restaurant feel to it. Oak tables and chairs, with lots of turn of the century pictures on the walls. The TV's are going to be upgraded soon to flat screen's. It was pretty quiet when we were in for lunch on a Saturday. They also have a very nice room that you can rent and I would guess it holds about 50-75 people. They have a nice sit up bar that seats 20 people. The food was very good, I had a burger and it was made with fresh ground beef. My wife had the Thai wrap and she too said it was very good. Every thing was very clean and tidy and that includes the washrooms. I hope all goes well for them!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Cobblestone Inn Pub (Cobble Hill, British Columbia)

The Cobblestone Inn Pub, 3566 Holland Avenue, Cobble Hill, British Columbia, Canada (on Beautiful Vancouver Island). Cobble Hill is about half way between Victoria and Nanaimo and about 10 minutes off the Island highway. English Tudor styled pub, with very good ambiance inside. Except for the room to the far left at the back, it used to be the smoking area in the pub (now prohibited), it is rather stark and doesn't fit the rest of the place. They have recently put in a shuffle board, which you rarely see these days. That was a great edition to the bar. To go with the shuffle boards are a couple of pool tables. The food here is outstanding with good service. They have live music on the weekends. They have a nice "L" shaped bar to sit up at.

The Bay Marine Pub (Cowichan Bay, British Columbia)

The Bay Marine Pub (Cow Bay Pub, Bay Pub) 1695 Cowichan Bay Road, Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada (on beautiful Vancouver Island). Cowichan Bay is a neat place right on a bay which is part of the Pacific Ocean. There are lots of little shops along the water, a marina with lots of fishing and pleasure boats. The pub is right on the water and has a stunning view, especially on a nice sunny day. The food here is excellent. The pub was built in 1973 and the present owners have had it since 2002. Flat screen TV'S for watching the games 2 pool tables and the bar is a rectangle in the middle. It is not the most comfortable bar in the inside, but the location and the view seem to make up for what it lacks in ambiance inside. You can take a stroll on the pier ach check out the boats or the local herd of sea loions that have taken up residence there. They have a large out side patio running along the entire front of the pub, and on a sunny day you can't beat sitting out there!!

Black Swan Pub (Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia)

The Black Swan Pub, 2890 Shawnigan Lake Road, Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada (On beautiful Vancouver Island). This has been a favorite of mine for many years. Jack bought this place when spending the week in jail for $20,000.00 and a hand shake. He (and his wife Jane) built it up in to a very successful pub. Jack passed on a couple of years ago and the family now runs the pub and liquor store. It is frequented by many of the locals, some whom I have got to know on various visits over the years. The food here is great, with large portions! The signature Muncher burger comes with fries and is soooo big I can't finish it. The pub doesn't look like much from the out side, but don't let that deter you. It is nice on this inside, with lots of room. The bar, which is on your right as you enter, has about 1200 silver dollars in layed in clear acrylic on the bar surface. If you sit up at the bar you can see who comes and goes through out your visit. I don't know if that is good or bad, but I like it. The pub is broken up in to about 5 areas, with a dart room off in the back. They have live music on the week ends. The pub is about 10 minutes of the Island highway, and worth the stop!!

Saltair Pub (Chemainus, British Columbia)

The Saltair Pub, 10519 Knight Road, Chemainus, British Columbia, (beautiful Vancouver Island) Canada. It is off the Island Highway south of Nanaimo. This is a great place, fairly secluded but not hard to get to. It was originally a house but was converted into a pub. The liquor store is in a small house beside the pub. Great atmosphere, lots of comfortable seating. I was in there on a Friday for lunch and the food is great. The place was very busy with people in for lunch, and they were all raving about how good the food was. It has a nice bar to sit up at, and seats about 15 people. The service was fast and the bartender/ waitress kept on top of everything. This is a "must stop in at" place. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!!

The Sportsman Pub (Ladysmith, British Columbia)

The Sportsman Pub is in the Ladysmith Inn, 640-1st Avenue, Ladysmith British Columbia Canada (On beautiful Vancouver Island). The Ladysmith Inn was built in 1911 from old timbers from the past mining days. It is a 14 room hotel, just off the Island Highway which runs from the bottom of the Island to the top of the Island.
The Sportsman Pub has a large oval bar in the middle that seats around 30 people. The varnish is worn off the bar and in dire need of refinishing. They have very cheap bar stools that are worn out and fixed with green duct tape. There are 10 or so new flat screen TV'S. The floor has old small tile in areas which is neat, but the rest of the floor is made of 2 X 6 planks, worn out in many areas and in need of refinishing. As you come in to the bar on the left is the main pool table area, not comfortable at all. There is just something wrong with this place. It has potential and some money needs to be sunk into it! It looks like some one tried to renovate it and had no idea what they were doing. There are so many pubs better than this place, so move along and try some where else!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ocean Park Village Pub (Surrey, British Columbia)

Ocean Park Village Pub, 12822 16 Avenue, Ocean Park (Surrey) British Columbia, Canada. This pub originally started out in 1976 by the Docolas family. They are on their third generation working there. The building is shared with the orginal base of the business, Ocean Park Pizza and Steakhouse. I used to eat at the original place in the early 1980's. In May 2006 they opened up the new building that houses both the restaurant and the pub. Pub on the right restaurant on the left. It has a very comfortable atmoshere with big beams in the ceilings. Lots of wood give it a warm feeling. The food is good, and you won't go wrong with the pizza! I also recomend the Manchester Pot Pie! Lots of parking out back. Having been here several times, I have found the service to be very good and friendly. It is in a very nice area of Surrey called Ocean Park and is not that far from the Pacific Ocean. Five minute drive to Crescent Beach and Five minutes to White Rock.

Rusty's Neighbourhood Pub (Cloverdale, British Columbia)

Rusty's Neighbourhood Pub, 101-17700 hwy 10, Cloverdale (Surrey) British Columbia, Canada. This is place is located in a small strip mall, and has changed hands and names several times over the years and now as Rusty's it seems to be making a go of it. I have been there several times. The pub is kind of split in two. On the left when you enter is the sports bar side. It has leather couches and chairs in front of the flat screen TV's. Then there are seats facing the TV's, then tables for two that complete the half circle for watching the games. The rest of the Sorts side has tables of 4-6. In front of the fire place are leather chairs where you can seat 4. On the right side when you enter, you have the sit up bar and numerous tables and chairs. There is a dance floorwith a small stage where live bands preform. The last 3 or 4 times I have been there the good has been good and so was the service. There is a great antique mall just steps away! There is also loads of parking, and shopping all close by.