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Monday, April 4, 2011

Chirstie's Carriage House Pub (Victoria, British Columbia)

Christie's Carriage House Pub, 1739 Fort Street, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This pub was built in 1898by Eldridge Christie who was a renowned carriage builder. He and his family lived here until 1908. With cars taking over for carriages, he and his family moved in 1909 to Ashcroft, B.C.. The house stayed in the family until 1948 and was turned in to apartments. When demolition was inevitable, the house was purchased by a local developer. The new owners renovated and opened up the Christie's Carriage House Pub in 1986. Located very close to the Royal Jubilee Hospital, it is a beautiful pub. lots of dark wood. The pub is divided in to several rooms all open to each other. They have a beautiful sit up bar that seats around 15 or so. This place is beautiful inside and feels right! There are 34 different types of beer on tap, to go along with a good wine selection. If you have had too much to drink they offer free overnight parking and on their web site they give you a full list of transit routes. The food is really good here, This time I had the Nathan's famous hot dog with grilled onions on a pretzel bun with fries. It was really good!!! I was here about 11 years ago and I would like to come here more than once every 11 years. The service was good and very friendly. Our waitress had a constant smile on her face and not a forced smile, she was a just a happy person! I give this place 2 thumbs up for sure!!

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