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Monday, September 22, 2014

Dublin Pub (Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine)

Dublin Pub Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, it is on a side street just north of Proskarivska Street and across kinda from Tarasa Hryhorovycha Shevenchhenka Gardens.  I didn't bother getting address and you will see why.  Other then the name that is about all it has Irish going about this place.  You can't sit up at the bar, which is mandatory in an Irish style bar.   There is lots of green inside.  Most of the bar had  the lights off except for the bar area, not very inviting.  Their menu was only in Ukrainian, but after all we are in the Ukraine so that is ok. The bartender was completely disinterested in us and there were only 2 other people n the place.  They had 3 TVs on the wall and only 1 was on and it had a Ukrainian soap opera on?  What is with that?  Bartender was more interested in the Soap Opera! After sitting for ten minutes and getting no service at all for that matter no attention at all it was time to leave.  This place had no character at all, no good feel or vibe to it.  Hate to say it but 2 thumbs down, go down the street to the Union Jack English Pub or one of the many great side walk places just around the corner!

Well Fed Wolf Pub (Cumuu Bobk) (Kiev, Ukraine)

Well Fed Wolf Pub (Cumuu Bobk) 20b Comintern Street, Kiev, Ukraine  It is a little hard to find as you have to go through an archway in a building in to the middle court yard.  It is in the basement of an older building.  The bar has several rooms to it.  The Bar it self is small and stand up only if that.  There are 11 different types of beer on tap.  They have an extensive Ukrainian menu, one thing which I didn't try was the Hot Smokey Pigs Ears. I tried the First Guild Vodka which was nice and smooth.  To eat we had the Varenyky stuffed with mushroom/potato and the other with meat, topped off with sour cream, both were very good!  The potato pancakes with sour cream also very good!  I guess that is why the call it the Well Fed Wolf!!  If you arrive by train leave the station and walk straight up the street towards Taras Schvenchenko Blvd. and it is not too far on the left side.

Pub Sunduk (Cyhdyk Bar) (Kiev, Ukraine)

Pub Sunduk (Cyhdyk Bar) on Leontovycha Street just up from St. Volodymyrs Cathedral,  Kiev, Ukraine.  If you find the Cathedral you can easily find this pub.  They have 2 or 3 other pubs with the same name and not too far away.  You are first greeted by this fabulous outside front patio area.  The center area is not covered but the perimeter has a covered awning all the way around.  The tables have very comfortable love seats. Inside there is lots of dark wood, different levels and quaint little private areas.  They have a beautiful bar but you can't sit up at it.  As for beer there are 21 different kinds on tap. All the waitresses are dressed in black and white horizontal mini dresses with red aprons.  Service is very good here.  They serve traditional Ukrainian food as well as steak and pizza.  It is in the basement of an old apartment and has tons of character. One time were there for lunch we had a bottle of Sarmientos De Tarapaca Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, a large cheese and meat plate and bread all very good and the price was $32.00 CDN/ USD.  During the week they have a lunch special which is three courses.  We didn't try it but most people who came in for lunch did. 
We really liked this, and I would recommend if you are ever in Kiev to try it out!  Two thumbs up for sure!

Evbaz Cafe (Kiev, Ukraine)

Evbaz Café, on Vorovskoho Street just south west from Peremohy Square.  Kiev, Ukraine.  The inside is small but the outside patio is very large with 8 large 12 ft by 12 ft  Stella Artios umbrellas all in a row.  It is not for from the Main train station and the turn around for numerous street cars.  The inside is small there are two parts separated by the kitchen in the middle.  Most people sit outside and socialize.  The following is the story that is printed in their menu in English:

"The history of our café is very old.  It took place from the end of the XIX till middle of XX St.  Evbaz was a Jewish marked.  Jew in Russian Language and market together make Evbaz. It was a place where you can buy or change everything you need (new an and second hand clothes, food, animals so on).  Sellers were just not Jews but Chinese Gipsy and many others.  It was an international market. At this place discussed politics and cultural situation in our country.  People did not read news papers that time, but they took all the news from Evbaz. Evbaz it is a piece of Kiev.   Now nothing mentioned about that time except our café.  Exactally here were the same café with most tasted samogon and marinated cucumbers in Kiev.  And we want you to jump into the history of our city and with us.  We wish you " bon appetite"

We had the Varenyky which were very good and nice and fresh.  The Greek salad was also very good.  The wine....mmmmmm....lots to be desired.  They have one toilet for everyone.  Across the street is the mall and a 24 hour grocery store as well.  Good place to sit and watch the street cars travel by.  they have an English menu as well as of course Ukrainian menu. I forgot to check in to how many beer they carried, but just about everyone else was drinking beer.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

AYTNAG (AUTPAB) (OUTLAB) (Kiev, Ukraine)

AYTNAG (AUTPAB) (OUTLAB) Dimytrivska Street, just north west of Vorovskho Street, Kiev, Ukraine.  I don't know if former English Soccer star Paul GASCOIGNE has anything to do with this place , but his facial likeness is all over this places and his nick name "Gazza".  It has a very English soccer theme to it,keeping in mind, just about everyone was speaking Ukrainian.  A bit much more up scaled and upper end crowed.  Again similar to a North American style place.  Out side along the front there is a long narrow patio area and was chocked full when we were there.  Inside there is lots of brick work.  Lots of flat screen TVs with football (soccer) on them!  The menu had lots of food with the play on various names such as the Monica Lewinsky salad, Chicken George Bush, and the list goes on!  There is a room called the "Gazza Room" which sits about 10 people or so for those smaller get together.  15 different types of beer on tap. Beer comes in the following sizes, 300 ml, 500ml; and 1 litre. The wine was good as well! This place sits about 200 people or so. To eat I had the Don Caesar  de Bazan Salad with fresh cooked chicken, juicy bacon.  My wife had the Hellas Greek salad.  The portions were small and the prices were higher than most other places. The service was good and lots of staff keeping busy.  It was very busy here and obviously very popular!  It was pretty good al said and done. 

Union Jack English Pub (Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine)

Union Jack English Pub, 16 Proskurivska Street, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine.  In beautiful downtown Khmelnytskyi and Proskurivska street is closed to traffic for several blocks at all time.  It is always busy with families, couples and everyone walking around. After walking around you are probably ready for a refreshment and maybe a bite to eat.  The pub like many in the Ukraine is down stairs and easy to find, kind of.  It has a large separate covered patio area out side, where like everywhere smoking is allowed.  We sat in both places.  This pub is run more like a North American Establishment, with lost of staff, all in company shirts etc.  Service was pretty good and they did what they could to accommodate my English only ability to speak. They have awesome brick oven pizzas here.  This place is quite popular with the locals.....mostly locals here. University is also near by.  Here is the place that we got our first decent size glass of wine, usually they give you 100 ml glasses of wine, and by North American standards that just doesn't cut it, LOL!! They have a sit-up bat that holds 8 people.  There are 20 different types of beer on tap.  I saw some people ordering mugs of beer that looked a lot like a small pail of beer! There are numerous TVs with football on (soccer).  There is a room in the back that probably holds 30 people, and I guess you could use it for a function.  This place had a good atmosphere.  Funny thing an English Pub and no one spoke English! LOL!  All in all we enjoyed it here and the staff was friendly.  The washrooms are very clean and modern! There is lots of room in this pub.  I say give it a try!

Politsmaister (Politmejsera) (Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Ukraine)

Politsmaister (Politmejsera),  8 Starobulvarna Street.  Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Ukraine.  Located just before the bridge over to the Kamyanets-Podilskyi Fortress (castle) which is a absolutely beautiful 11th century castle in a very picturesque area along the Smotrych River.  This pub is an old police station that has been converted over.  This is the coolest pub I have been in the Ukraine.  The place has soooo much character.  antiques are all over the place.  You can see the stair case that goes up stairs and the large chandelier made out of iron and suspended by chains hanging in the middle.  The seating upstairs surrounds the  open area and all the tables are shadow box tops with very interesting artifacts inside.  Everything from classified documents from 1900's, paper money, coins, locks, bottles and more.  For lunch we had a traditional dish what was cooked in a ceramic pot that had potato pancakes, mushroom sauce and chunks of pork, very good!  We started off with a nice Greek salad which was very fresh.  The wine was good, but I don't know what it was because our friend who is Ukrainian ordered it.  The wine was good though.  They have an amazing outside patio area!  I would love to go here and sit on the patio some day!  It is a very short walk to the Castle and that in its self is a must see.  This is a very beautiful area of Ukraine and if you are ever lucky enough to visit this area, try this place fore sure.  I give it a definite 2 thumbs up! 

Sepia Pub (Kiev, Ukraine)

Sepia Pub, 8 Petra Sagaydachnogo, Kiev, Ukraine not far from the Dnieper River.  A very nice part of Kiev and close to the Funicular which is a train that is pulled by cables up the steep hillside to the upper area of Kiev.  By the way that only costs about 13 cents CDN/ USA dollars. The menu was in Ukrainian and English. The bar is located down stairs and they have a large covered sidewalk patio area.  There is a beautiful "L" shaped bar that seats 30 people. Lots of dark wood adorn the walls and furniture.  12 different types of beer on tap.  There is a stage for live music.  They have a good selection of wine.  To eat, we had a nice cheese plate with a large bowl of black olives, fresh rye bread and Varenyky stuffed with mushrooms and potatoes.  Topped off with caramelized onions.  It was very good. Other interesting things on the menu were: Boiled veal tongue, Goose filet with pear, basked pork leg and hot beer syrup.  I did not try any of these.  Service was good and friendly,  I enjoyed my visit here and the food was very good.  I can't remember what wine we had, but I do remember that it was good!!

Muponb Pub (Kiev, Ukraine)

Muponb Pub, 10 Symona Petlyury Street, Kiev, Ukraine  Phone 044-234-20-76.  It is on the road that leads from Taras Shevenchenko Blvd. to the Main train station.  When you enter, the stairs lead you down to the Pub.  It is located in the basement of an old apartment building. They have a ten person sit up bar that is need of refinishing.    There are 7 different types of beer on tap in this German Brew Haus styled pub.  The waitresses are dressed in German Brew House style with white blouses, black skirts and green aprons.  The waiters wear knee length pants with green and black striped socks and little hats. English language was a barrier but we were able to work through it.  The menu is in Russian so I had no idea what was on it, but they did have a picture of perogies (In the Ukraine they are called Varenyky).  The one thing the bartender tried to sell me was fired cheese as that was the only English that he spoke.  I ordered wine and it was interesting as the bartender used a Scientific Beaker to measure the wine.  At least I know I got the amount that I ordered.  The bar is broken up in to 3 areas, the main bar area and rooms on the either side, which were nicely decorated in keeping with the German theme.  There are several tvs on the walls for watching football.  They could use larger screens, but from what I have seen here they don't go with the big screens like in Canada and USA.  All in all it was a nice pub!

O'Briens Irish Pub (Kiev, Ukraine)

O'Briens Irish Pub, 17a Myhaylivska Street, Kiev, Ukraine.  This bar is on two floors, but only the second floor was open when we were there at lunch time.  They have an "L" shape sit-up bar that seats 20 people.  They have side walk seating along one side of the pub.  The washrooms were interesting, as you go in to a common room and there are 2 toilets and one urinal each with its own locking stall.  They are for both sexes, and there is a common sink area.  We had some wine, I had the Georgian white, Karuli Vazi TM Vaziaubani which was 28 UAH for a 100 ml glass or about $2.33 per glass CDN/ USA dollars the wine was ok. My wife had a pint of the Somersby Apple cider which was good.  They have darts here. There are abut 12 different beer on tap.  We did not eat here so we could not tell you about the food.  Not a lot of English spoken in this bar.  As for a Ukrainian Irish bar, it was not bad.