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Monday, April 12, 2010

Craig Street Brew Pub (Duncan, British Columbia)

Craig Street Brew Pub, 45 Craig Street, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada on beautiful Vancouver Island This is a real gem of a place. It has great decor and atmosphere inside. On the main floor there are two rooms one on the right as you enter where the bar it self is and one on the right. The bar is one hundred years old. the building was bui;lt in the 1940's aned renpovated to make this wonderful place! There are massive thick solid posts and thick timber beams between the floors. There is a stair cast that leads you up to the third room ( half way between the main floor and the second floor) which seats about 20 people and is great for sports teams to watch the 42 inch HD TV. There is another room called the library on the second floor and finally a roof top patio. This is probably with out a doubt the most popular place in Duncan! Lots of the young set as well as the older crowd take this place in. The food is very good. I had the French Onion Soup and it was one of the best I have had. The Quesadillas and Thai Curry Bowl, are also very good. They brew their own beer and a buddy of mine said it was ok. He said it had too much of a yeast taste to it. I don't drink beer so I can't tell if he is accurate or not. You can also buy commercial bottled beer as well. The service is hit and miss one day we had great service and the next day we had to wait for everything. They had no shortage of servers, I guess it works out to who ever you get. I do know one thing, the next time I am in Duncan I will be going here for sure.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Red Lion Inn (Kindersley, Saskatchewan)

The Red Lion Inn (Pub) 614 Main Street, Kindersley Saskatchewan, Canada. Where is that you ask, well if you are driving from Calgary, Alberta to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Kindersley is about 1/2 hour across the border in Saskatchewan. Turn right on main street and it is down town on the left hand side, you can't miss it. I guess you can call it a typical small town prairie bar. This place if Family owned and run, not a big commercial run operation. It is the kind of place when you go in every one knows each other and they also know if you are from out of town. Yes, you are treated very well!! It is a good place to get caught up on what is going on, it is kind of like its own news network. Once a week they get a large group of the local retired golfers in for lunch and a few drinks. Or is that retired people that golf come in for lunch....ah what the hell. Drinks are very reasonably priced, especially if you compare them to Seattle, Vancouver or London. They have a couple of pool tables, numerous video lottery terminals (gambling) and a dance floor. The sit up bar can seat about 6 people. Every time that I have eaten here the food has been good! Kindersley has produced several National League Hockey players and one Detroit Red Wings coach!! This town of 4,500 people is also home to the Kindersley Klippers of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. You can always find some one who wants to talk hockey while you are there. One good thing is now there is no smoking in the bars, which makes it good for everyone. The place has a cold beer and wine store attached. The place is well maintained and the washrooms are very clean. (Now that is important!). If you ever happen to go there tell them you are a friends of Curly or even a buddy of Marcel's! Next time you are in the area, you should drop in and enjoy some true prairie culture and hospitality! I know you will enjoy yourself!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Gentlemen Gene's Pub and Eatery (Mount Vernon, Washington)

Gentlemen Gene's Pub and Eatery, 1400 Parker Way, Mount Vernon, Washington USA.
Tried Gene's out on a Friday for lunch. It was rather bland inside and could do with an injection of cash to spruce the place up. It opened in 1984 and probably has not seen a lot of renovations over the years. They have a large parking lot out front. Friday is all you can eat fish and chips for $13.95. You start of with 5 pieces of battered cod, coleslaw, fries, garlic toast and clam chowder soup. The soup was very good. The "All you can eat" includes soup, fries, fish and coleslaw. The fish and the coleslaw were both good! They have a couple of pool tables as well as pull tabs. My wife had the Shrimp salad and it was quite big, with very fresh vegetables. She was very pleased with her choice. One side of the establishment (on the left as you enter) is the side where children are allowed. In the middle is the raised up bar area and the sit up bar can seat about 20 people or so. The service was very good and friendly. They have several TV' but most were not on. In this day and age tube TV'S don't cut it, they need HD LCD TV'S! Time to get caught up! Quite a few locals frequent Gene's, and by the look of some of them they have been coming here since it opened up. I would come here again for the food. As I said, they need to make a few changes inside as it has a bit of a community hall feel to it!!