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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brewhouse Cafe (Atlanta Georgia)

Brewhouse Café, 401 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta Georgia, USA  (Little 5 Points area).  This pub has a definite British theme to it.  Big Soccer and rugby supporters.  It is kind of odd in here, there is like 2 bars stuck side by side with a small wall between the two.  The one on the left as you enter is cleaner  and neater, the one on the right....not so much.  They each have their own sit-up bars.  One seats 20 the other sits 10.  there are 32 different types of beer on tap. In front there is a large covered patio area with lots of seating. Then  in the very front there is a large outside patio area that has 30 tables.   There are 11 TV's, and also darts. Smoking is also permitted in the bar. They even have a cigarette machine, and I haven't seen one of these for years (I don't smoke).  They serve food but my Buddy and I did not eat here, so can't comment on the food. The owner is a big Arsenal football fan and on game day the smaller bar side is chocked full of soccer fans watching the games.  The waitress was pretty funny, when we were paying the bill, I gave her the money some thing like $40, but the bill was something like $23 and she said "Thanks, I am keeping it all, nice knowing you!" She walked off. (yes she returned with the change).  She was pretty funny and gave us ideas where to go. Definitely a blue collar bar,  and I don't mean that in a bad way at all.

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