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Monday, May 26, 2014

Vino Volo (Dallas/ Ft. Worth International Airport)

Vino Volo, Dallas/ Ft. Worth International Airport Gate A 17.  If you are flying through and have a few hours to kill while at Dallas, and best if flying American Airlines as we were.  Right across from our gate A17 was Vino Volo. There is another one in terminal E A welcome relief.  If you have never tried them they are at many airports and just great. you can buy wine by the glass or a flight of wine that has 3 part glasses of paired wines, red or white.  They have a points card and you can get free samples and the such.  We had a cheese, meat and cracker plate with  side of olives.  There were 4 different kinds of olives.  It is so relaxing there and you forget about the stress that comes with travel.  I have not been to one that I didn't like!  You can purchase bottles of wine as well.  Two thumbs up and happy flying!

Fritzel's European Jazz Club (New Orleans)

Fritzel's European Jazz Club, 733 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (French Quarter).  It is the Oldest operated Jazz Club in New Orleans.  The building was built in 1831 and Fritzel's opened up in 1969.  The house band is Fritzel's New Orleans Jazz Band and their motto is, "If you got the money honey, we got the time." They have a 10 person sit-up bar.  5 count them 5 different beer on tap. They have 8 different German beer. Good size full glass of wine for $5.00, not bat at all!  Out through the back is a small narrow courtyard, that is surrounded by the buildings on all sides.  Food, no idea at all.  There are 8 German style beer house tables, like a picnic table. Of course they have live jazz music! 

Red Goose Saloon (Thibodaux Louisiana)

Red Goose Saloon  205 Phillips Street, Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA.  There are 4 bars all next/ across from each other.  We pick this one, the door was open and all the others were not open yet.  This building was built in 1896 and in 1900 it opened as Red Goose Shoes.  Red Goose Shoes closed down in 1976 and the Red Goose Saloon opened in 1979 but stayed with the Red Goose name.  They still retain the Red Goose Shoes sign out front.  They also have a few other Red Goose Shoes things inside including the old clock.  There is a long straight sit-up bar that holds12 people and there are 4 tables, so not a big place.  There is no beer on tap, all bottles.  They did have wine for us.  There are Video Gambling  games.  The washrooms were very clean and tidy.  I am pretty sure they don't serve any food.  The area behind the bar with the dark wood and drawers were from the old Red Goose Shoe store, nice piece. Smoking is permitted in this bar. There is a canal very close to the saloon, so we stopped for a look and there was an alligator swimming down the middle.  That was a first for me and my wife!  Try this place out, if for no other reason, you might see and alligator as well!

Marlow's Tavern (Atlanta, Georgia USA)

Marlow's Tavern 950West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Midtown).  This is a Georgia based chain of taverns and this is one of 12 in Georgia and there is one in Florida.  There was a mix up in getting to this place, we had been told it was right around the corner form our hotel, but found out it was a cab ride away.  Mike, who took the reservation and waited on us was great and felt bad for the mix up.  He brought us a couple of complimentary appetisers.  I had the Black and Blue steak salad, with grilled tenderloin that was cooked to perfection. It was very good.  My wife had the po-boy shrimp sandwich. This thing was huge, and she had a hard time figuring out how to eat it.  It was also very good.  They have a long L shaped sit-up bar that seats 25 people.  There are 15 booths, 4 pub tables each sitting 8 people down the middle.  It has a nice atmosphere here! Beer, well they have 8 different types on tap.  Mike was very good in telling us about other places to try.  We all enjoyed it here and would come back for sure!!  Two thumbs up!

Famous Door (New Orleans)

Famous Door, 339 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.    Established in 1934, this bar has live bands playing everyday.  They have 2 sit-up bars, but people were mostly standing at the bars.  There is a dance floor and when we were there this place was packed, not bad for a Monday night.  They have an extensive list of all the famous people that have been here.  The service was good, even considering how busy they were.  The band was very good.  We did not stay too long, so unfortunately I can't tell you much more than I have.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shaggy's Beach Bar and Grill (Biloxi Mississippi)

Shaggy's Beach Bar and Grill, 1763 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, Mississippi, USA.  This is one of my favorites, it is right on the beach built up on stilts as the have issues with the breeze (hurricanes).  It is quite a large place and everything is brightly coloured.  The main sit-up bar in in the main part of the bar and is a square U shaped bar that seats 20 people.  On all of the tables, they each have a shortened fishing rod with a bobber on the line.  If the bobber is up, you need service.  If the bobber is down you are all good.  What a neat idea, I need one of these for home, LOL! There are 20 pub height tables each sitting  at least 4 people and they are all colourfully painted, purple, lime green, blue or red. Happy hour runs from 3-6 pm and wine and house draught is half priced, liquor is $3.00.  The bar has these large folding windows that were open letting the breeze come in from the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf Coast).  For food, I had the shrimp basket (battered and deep fried), coleslaw,  and fries, and it was sooo good.  My wife had the Jalapeno hushpuppies, which she said were very good.  There is this beautiful deck that over looks the beach and water, where you can really soak up the sun. There are 7 or 8 pub height tables there and you are in the sun over looking the beach! Out side the deck wraps around to the west and there is a second outside bar that is open and even further west there is a 3rd outside bar, but that was not open at this time.   I can only imagine how much fun it would be there in the evening.   Our waitresses were fabulous, always checking up on you and making sure you were well taken care of.  They were also very cheerful and friendly!  I love this place and as I once said before, if I had three thumbs, I would give it 3 thumbs up.  If you are ever in the area you have to try it out.  We did not want to leave, it was so nice, relaxing and enjoyable here!!

Huge Ass Beers (New Orleans)

Huge Ass Beers, 333 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  (French Quarter).  Interesting to say the least.  Out on the street there is a guy with large sign on a pole advertising Huge Ass Beers.  People come and pose with him or the sign, and end up giving him a tip.  The only reason we came in here was to go up and stand on the balcony.  The bottom picture is the main floor sit-up bar.  Up stairs it was very quite, and much different, much cleaner and modern.  When I asked the bartender what the name of the upstairs bar was, she advised that it didn't have a name.  We grabbed a glass of wine and stood on the balcony over watching Bourbon street.  We had the balcony to ourselves, so it was fun watching everyone pass by below.  After half an hour I went to get another glass of wine, and they were out of white wine.  So I asked for a glass of red wine and they were out.  I guess that is why the call it Huge Ass Beers.  I can see why the up stairs bar was empty the whole time we were there. Can't tell you much about the Huge Ass Beers the claim to have or the food as I didn't try either.  The downstairs bar was quite busy though, gotta give them that. The balcony, was a great place to watch Bourbon Street, and there was no fee to standout there like there is in other bars.

Old Absinthe House (New Orleans)

Old Absinthe House, 240 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (French Quarter)  A very interesting bar with an interesting history, so go on line and read about it.  When you first walk in, you look around and wonder...hhmmm...  But once you get in and enjoy the history it grows on you.  In the middle of this small bar, there is a square edged oval bar that seats around 35 people. The bar top is copper and is a nice touch. The walls are completely covered in business cards (thousands of them) from over the years.  Hanging from the dusty ceiling are about 35 old football helmets. Smoking is allowed here. They have 8 different beer on tap. Food, I am not sure as I did not eat here. As for TV'S they have 2 flat screen TV's and 4 old school tub TV's. It is a good place for people watching, if you want clean neat and fancy, don't go here. If you want interesting and good sevice, then give it a try!

Beer Fest Bar (New Orleans)

Beer Fest Bar, 410 Bourbon Street, New Orleans.  You are greeted by a long 20 person sit-up bar.  At the front end there is a set of steps up to the bar.  I can only imagine what happens well in to the evening.  they have 76 different types of beer on tap and over 100 beer in stock.  If it is beer you are looking for, this might be the place. They have a window and a couple of chairs that face the street and watch all the goings on with a great view.  It has  slight nautical theme to it. There are 3 maiden heads mounted along the sit-up bar. 5 TV's and well worn wood floors.  It is a brick building and all the beer taps are along the back wall. Underneath all the beer taps, there is a long copper trough that drains all the spill away.  When we were there we met the bartender Nicholas who is Creole and his family settled in New Orleans in 1700's. What a great story teller, and if you are ever there  you have to get him to tell you the curling iron story, it is great!!  They do not serve food but they will recommend some good places who will deliver.  Smoking is permitted.

Loa Bar (New Orleans)

Loa Bar, 221 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.  Located in the lobby of the beautiful International House Hotel. It is just out of the French Quarter area. A very beautiful bar with the J shaped sit-up bar that seats 12 comfortable.  A very eclectic little bar with an eclectic crowd.  Several times we were there the service was slow, maybe they are a way more laid back here.  The bar usually has numerous vases full of fresh flowers, and candles burning all over the place.  Apparently lots of writers and Arts people enjoy this bar.   I can't tell you anything about the food as we didn't eat there.  As for beer, it is bottled and they have 11 foreign beers from Belgium, Germany, Japan and England to name a few places.  Domestic beer they have 10 from all over USA but not the big breweries.  They also have very interesting cocktails, should check the web site to see. Wine was good here.  Good place to people watch!

Patrick's Bar Vin (New Orleans)

Patrick's Bar Vin,  730 Bienville Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (French Quarter).  This was one of our most enjoyable places in New Orleans, and it is just a 100 paces off Bourbon Street.  Away from all the noise.  When you walk in off the street you walk through the front court yard.  It has a very large Magnolia Tree and a water fountain.  There are two pub high wrought iron tables with granite tops, and 4 wrought iron chairs each.  They have 2 or 3 lower tables and chairs. There is this antique wine barrel scale holding a wine barrel, very cool.  As you enter the premise, there is the first room with very classy with leather chairs and two  leather couches. In to the main area again more leather couches and chairs.  They have a very nice sit-up bar that seats 8 comfortably.  As for wine there are 50 different wines by the glass and probably 4 times that by the bottle.  They have a nice beer and specialty cocktail menu.  Just off to the rear side of Bar Vin is a beautiful court yard that is surrounded by the hotel  and you can take your wine over there and relax.  That area can also be booked for functions.  As I said it is just off Bourbon Street, but is very quite and refined no bead tossing and flashing going on here. 
From their web site:  "Named a top 10 wine bar in the U.S. by both Gayot and Fox News, Patrick’s Bar Vin is a New Orleans wine bar in the heart of the French Quarter, managed by New Orleans’ own bon vivant, Patrick Van Hoorebeek.
This was one of our favorite places in New Orleans by far!  Definite 2 thumbs up!!

Bourbon Cowboy Bar (New Orleans)

Bourbon Cowboy Bar, 241 Bourbon Street, New Orleans Louisiana, USA.  It has a cool sit-up bar with an old red Chev pick up truck beside it.  It has a mechanical bull and yes some guy in his late 40's had to try it out.  He got tossed all 3 times in short order.  As for me, not a chance.  I would much rather watch some one else make a fool of them selves.  They have 3 4 1 drinks during happy hour.  Maybe to build your courage to ride the bull!  Up stairs they have a wrap around balcony and suites that you can rent.  Go up drink, throw beads down and watch the crowds pass by.  Didn't stay long enough to see if the what food or what their beer menu was like.   Constant music playing, rock, country and pop.  That is it, that's all if have!

Pat O'Brien's Bar Bourbon Street (New Orleans)

Pat O'Briens Bar, 624 Bourbon Street, New Orleans Louisiana, USA (French Quarter)  You have read about the history of the Par O'Briens bar.  This is not the original one but still very interesting.  With a couple hundred beer steins hanging from the dark wood rafters and the inventors of the Hurricane drink, this is a good start to Bourbon Street.  From the bar it self, quote, "The famed Hurricane drink originated at Pat O'Brien's in the early 1940's.  The name was chosen because the drink was, and still is, served in a glass shaped like a hurricane lamp.  Word spread quickly about the potent drink and Pat O'Brien's Drink was an instant hit!" 
Pat O'Brien's Hurricane
How to make it
4 ozs Pat OBrien's cocktail mix
4 ozs Gold Rum
Fill glass with crushed ice
Top with orange and cherry

You can order the mix on line or in the bars and stores.
The Sit-up bar seats 14 people.  There are 5 booths, it is a small bar but you can go over to the Courtyard restaurant which is attached to it and families are welcome there.
Service is good, bartenders are dressed in white dress shirts and black bow ties, retro old school.  I like it! Of course in New Orleans in the French Quarter you are allowed to take you alcoholic beverage and walk around and drink on the streets.  They must be in plastic cups and every bar will give you a to go cup if you want. I forgot to find out anything about the food and beer, oh well may have to go back again!  Two thumbs up!

Gibney's Pub (Atlanta Georgia)

Gibney's Pub  231 Peachtree Center Avenue, Atlanta Georgia, USA (Downtown)  It is attached to the Peachtree Center Mall, you can enter from the mall and go down stairs to the pub or walk in off the street.  The mall has the MARTA station (underground train). To start off, they have a long sit-up bar that seats 20 people and all  beautiful wood.  They have 24 different types of beer on tap. and 20 different bottled beer.  As for wine 6 white and 6 red.  Behind the bar they have a 10 foot trough full of beer on ice. During the busy lunch hour rush, people line up and order their food.  Service is fast and the food is very good.  My friend had the Shepherds pie and it was a very large portion and he said it was very good!  His wife had the fish and chips and said it was very good as well.  There are daily drink specials.  They have two pool tables that convert in to massive tables seating 12 people each.  7 booths each with their own flat screen TV's.  They have one cozy booth off in the corner.  Full sized shuffleboard, keno,15 flat screen TV's and one projection screen.  There are 3 pub tables seating 6 and 3 pub tables seating 4.  They have a massive selection of Vodka, over 50 different kinds!  Another bar that I really liked and also give it 2 thumbs up!

Cypress Street Pint & Plate (Atlanta Georgia)

Cypress ?Street Pint & Plate at the south west corner of Cypress and 6th Street, Atlanta Georgia, USA  (Midtown area of Atlanta)  Inside there is a large U shaped sit-up bar that can seat 30 people.  It is the outside patio area that I liked.  It is situated in a condo apartment area of Midtown.  The pub has a slight artsy feel to it.  Outside in front is their large patio area, the covered area has 3 large tables that can seat at least 8 people.  at least 15 other tables are covered and half have heaters if needed.  The rest of the tables and there must be 20 are not covered by the over hang roof. There is a large TV outside and they had the Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens NHL game on TV one evening when I was there.  A wrought iron fence surrounds the patio area with a 4 foot hedge.  There are several trees for shade and tiki torches at night.  14 different types of beer on tap (none of which are from the big beer companies) and 48 different bottled beer as well.  Wine selection was not bad either, 10 white and 10 red. The washrooms are unisex and there are two, with funky sink and normal toilet each.  I did see several people who worked in other bars sitting having a drink after work (wearing their clothes from the other bars), so I take that as a very good sign.  I spoke to a young woman when I was leaving and she was walking her dog. We had a very nice chat, and she too said that this was a very good place to go.  I did not eat here, but all of the food that came out to other tables looked very good.  Great patio area makes for a great place to sit and relax!  2 thumbs up!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brewhouse Cafe (Atlanta Georgia)

Brewhouse CafĂ©, 401 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta Georgia, USA  (Little 5 Points area).  This pub has a definite British theme to it.  Big Soccer and rugby supporters.  It is kind of odd in here, there is like 2 bars stuck side by side with a small wall between the two.  The one on the left as you enter is cleaner  and neater, the one on the right....not so much.  They each have their own sit-up bars.  One seats 20 the other sits 10.  there are 32 different types of beer on tap. In front there is a large covered patio area with lots of seating. Then  in the very front there is a large outside patio area that has 30 tables.   There are 11 TV's, and also darts. Smoking is also permitted in the bar. They even have a cigarette machine, and I haven't seen one of these for years (I don't smoke).  They serve food but my Buddy and I did not eat here, so can't comment on the food. The owner is a big Arsenal football fan and on game day the smaller bar side is chocked full of soccer fans watching the games.  The waitress was pretty funny, when we were paying the bill, I gave her the money some thing like $40, but the bill was something like $23 and she said "Thanks, I am keeping it all, nice knowing you!" She walked off. (yes she returned with the change).  She was pretty funny and gave us ideas where to go. Definitely a blue collar bar,  and I don't mean that in a bad way at all.

Front Page News (Atlanta Georgia)

Front Page News, 351 Moreland Avenue NE, Atlanta Georgia, USA In the Little 5 Points area. This is one cool place!! This used to be a plant that manufacture car parts.  They have a large covered area outside with a 12 person sit-up bar. There are 6, 4 person wrought iron pub tables and chairs, and one 6 person table.  There is a 32 table patio area that is uncovered, but has some trees for shade.  Very nice fountain in the out side patio area  12 different types of local beer on tap.  They have 40 different bottled beer as well.  There is an out side fire place.  In side they have a beautiful large rectangular bar that seats up to 20 people.  There is a loft area that can be reserved and can hold 40 people, great for get togethers!  They have 18 TV's 3 out side and one projection out side.  I had the crab cake sliders and they were awesome!  My buddy who is a Vegetarian, had the Cheese/ Spinach dip with pita and the Caesar salad and they were both very good.  Our waitress was outstanding and very helpful, suggesting places to go and places to try. Great atmosphere!  This is my favorite place that I tried in Atlanta and would recommend it to everyone to try!  If I had 3 thumbs I would give it 3 thumbs up!!

Sidebar (Atlanta Gerogia)

Sidebar,  79 Poplar Street, Atlanta Georgia, USA, downtown.  It is a bar that is L shaped, and I mean the building.  So you can enter from two different streets.  In the main bar area there, the sit-up bar is long and curvy.  It sits 12 people.  They host 8 different beer on tap.  They have 9 flat screen TV's and 2 projection TV's all for watching sports.  We didn't try the food.  The other part of the L shaped bar has pool tables and more seating, bit it is a little odd as it is kind of removed.  Smoking is allowed in this bar.  My buddy had the Fu Manbrew Belgian styled beer by Monday Night Brewing, and said it was pretty good.  This place is also owned by the same owners as the Park Bar. It is on the lower end of the paces I tried in Atlanta.  I can't give it 2 thumbs up, sorry!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Park Bar (Atlanta Georgia)

Park Bar, 150 Walton Street NW, Atlanta Georgia, USA downtown by CNN.  It has a very nice long sit up bar that seats 18 people.  They have 12 different types of beer on tap.  There are a few flat screen TV's and one projection TV.  They have two big tables of 8 that are on locking wheels, so they can easily be moved. Once again there is one toilet for men and one for women, but they are very clean and modern. Their specialty is burgers and I had one and it was good.  They are across from CNN world headquarters. It is owned by two local guys who also own the near by Sidebar.  This bar opened on 2011. They were out of a few things when we were there such as mushrooms and onion rings??  There is an upstairs area but it was closed for a private event. It is also a narrow bar with more tables across from the bar.  It was quite busy for the lunch rush.  Wine was not bad either.  All in all it was pretty good!

Publix Draft House (Atlanta Georgia)

Publix Draft House, 654 Peachtree Road, Atlanta Georgia, USA in Midtown. A very nice trendy bar, with a nice curved sit up bar that holds abut15 people.  They have 15 different beer on tap.  When we were there they had bottomless Bloody Mary's for $12.00 and they are made with Guinness beer and a twist of Asian hot sauce.  They also had bottomless Mimosa's.  there is a loft to this place with a bar upstairs.  On the day we were there. they had art classes going on, something they do every couple of weeks.  60 different bottles of beer in stock.  As for wine, 8 white and 8 reds.  There is live music Thursday through Saturday starting at 2200 hours or 10:30 pm.  Out side seating is along the side walk.  It is a narrow bar, and has only one toilet for men and one toilet for women, so it could be a race for the toilets  (that lends it self to a funny story!). by the way I should have won the race, just saying! Service is friendly and helpful, always willing to give directions or recommendations.  Two thumbs up for sure!

Vortex Bar and Grill (Atlanta Georgia)

Vortex Bar and Grill, 878 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta Georgia, USA in Midtown area.  This is the newer of the two Vortex bars.  Very cool place in side, as there is something on every surface space of the bar. from beer trays to a giant 3 ft tall wood penis and everything in between.  The sit up bar seats 25 people and is very long.  They have a huge selection of liquor.  100 different bottles of beer, 28 different Single Malt Scotch, 25 different whiskies, 23 different Bourbon,  18 different beer on tap 20 different tequila's and 4 white and 4 red wine.  for food, I had, get this: Mac "N" Cheesy-Changa, stuffed flour tortilla with macaroni and cheese and BBQ pulled pork, then deep fried, topped with a drizzle of their famous Cheesey-Goo and BBQ sauce on the side.  It was every bit as good as it sounds.  You have to try it!  There is smoking allowed in here. Service was very good. You spend a lot of time looking at everything there is in here.  two motorcycles with skeletons riding them, neon slights, posters, the list goes on! I would recommend that you go here and try it out.  If you feel up to it, get our picture taken with the giant penis......

Joe's On Juniper (Atlanta Georgia)

Joe's on Juniper, 1049 Juniper, Atlanta Georgia, USA, in the Midtown district. It is an old house converted in to a pub, they have purchased the old house next door and hope to expand their venue.  They are very flamboyant here and their marketing  is very suggestive.  So go with an open mind.  In front is a very large outside patio area with 40 tables all under a large sprawling tree which makes for nice shade.  There is a covered veranda as you enter in the front with 6 pub height tables.  I happened to be there on a Sunday morning on Mother's Day.  There were lots of people taking their Mom out for brunch.  Inside there is lots of sports themed items on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  Wine starts at $5.00 for a decent wine, not bad! The food looked very good, but we only had chips and salsa.

Meehan's Public House (Atlanta Georgia)

Meehan's Public House, 200 Peachtree Street, Atlanta Georgia, USA right downtown.  Ph 404-214-9821.  This is a long narrow, Irish themed bar.  They have a beautiful long sit up bar that seats 25 people.  There are 4 very cool, cozy booths.  They are covered on all 3 sides almost like your own private little booth.  Down towards the back they have a room with a fireplace that is also very nice!  As for beer, they have 25 different types on tap.  I had the Sheppard's pie, made with lamb like it should be.  It was a large portion and very good.  You can get a decent glass of wine here. I would have it again!  This place s very popular and very busy, and for good reason.  They have a self serve Bloody Mary bar, I guess they supply the booze and you make it how ever you want to. I would go here again if I had a chance!

Twenty Two Storys (Atlanta Georgia)

Twenty Two Storys, in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency, 265 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta Georgia, USA.  Large rectangular sit up bar that holds 25 people.  They have 10 different types of beer on tap and a nice wine selection.  They have 2 long tables that seat 12 people each.  There are 7 booths, and 3 tables with couches and these have their own TV's built in to the side.  There are 11 pub height tables that seat 4.  There are several flat screen TV's with a variety of sports on.  Service was very good, polite and professional!  Food is served, but I can't tell you anything about the food.