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Monday, September 28, 2009

Corner Pub (Bow, Washington)

The Corner Pub, 14565 Allen West Road, Bow Washington, USA. It is about 5 minutes or so, west of the Interstate 5 about ten minutes north of Burlington, Washington. This place was recommended to me by my friend Dean (I have to give credit when credit is due). A neat little pub in the middle of nowhere. By the looks of this pub, in its previous life it may have been a gas station, but I don't know that for sure. This is the first pub that I found that has a full sized shuffleboard. A good reason to try this place out. The food was fresh and good. I had a Mushroom cheese burger and fries and my wife had a BLT on dill rye bread. Both were
very good. A few people had the fried chicken and it looked awesome! There is a eating and drinking area out back but we didn't try it. My wife noticed a sandwich baggie partly full of water hanging from the top of the door frame going out back. The bartender told us that it keeps the flies out, and he said it seemed to work. I never heard of that before, but what the hey, if it works! They have lots of 25 cent pull tabs and we didn't win the jackpot! The staff was very friendly. A broom on the floor wouldn't hurt. I would come back for sure.

August 2017, the new and improved Corner Pub

New owner bought it 3 years ago and made a lot of improvements.  gone is the shuffleboard, in are the following tables that came from a high school.  They are 2X4 laminated and lacquered and look great.  There are 6 pub high that seat 6, 2 tables that seat 4 and 4 tables that seat 3. The bar seats 12 and each seat has a coat/ purse hook.  There are 4 TV's of various sizes.  This building has been hers since 1933.  They have one of only 2 known in the county, "Broasters" (Broaster is a method of deep frying under pressure).  The other one is believed to be at the pub in Alger, Washington.  I had the Broasted half chicken (leg, thigh,breast, wing) that came with coleslaw and fries.  Probably the best fired chicken of any kind I have ever had!  The batter was light and crispy.  The chicken was not greasy.  The coleslaw was very good.  I didn't even get to my fries as I was full.  My pub adviser had the Smoked Ruben sandwich (Smoked corn-beef brisket, beer brazed sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing and Swiss cheese on rye bread she said was very good!  They brine, cure and smoke their own met in house.  They also make their own sauces in house using only fresh vegetables.   Now get this..... they raise their own pigs and cows on the owners farm in Alger, Washington, how cool is that!!  Live music every Thursday evening, Every Wednesday is 1/2 off bottles of Washington wines.  Kids are allowed but not at the bar, you must be 21. This is a pub that you must go to, it is now in my 10 top favorite pubs!!

February 2018.  Back here again.  Had the broaster chicken and again amazing!!!  Free popcorn and free Wifi. Great friendly service.

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