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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Casa Valeriano Bar (Aledo, Spain)

Casa Valeriano Bar located in Aledo, Spain. Aledo is up in the hills some where in the Murcia region of Spain, down by the Mediterranean. It was hotter then heck when my wife, her mom, her aunt and I went in to this little bar. When we walked in the bartender was behind the bar and talking to an older gentleman. They looked at us like we were from Mars. My wife's Aunt, who speaks Spanish went up to the bar and spoke to the bartender. All was ok. I had a glass of wine (red) and the bartender poured it out of a bottle with no labels on the bottle. It was not as good as my homemade wine and that isn't saying much. It cleaned the plaque off my teeth. It was cheap!! about $1.00 per glass. One glass was enough. Oddly enough the bar had a large collection of key fobs. The dust on the things on the walls was very thick, but no bugs, I guess the thick dust got them. A great experience!!

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