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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chesaw Tavern (Chesaw, Washington)

The Chesaw Tavern is located in the small town of Chesaw, Washington. Where is that you ask! It is east of Oroville Washington just south of the Canadian Border in the Okanogan region. We were there on the July 4th weekend, which is also the Chesaw Rodeo weekend. This town of 100 or so people becomes the home to 5,000 people all out to see the Rodeo. The tavern doesn't look like much on the outside....I personally like it. Inside it was a blast. Everyone was very friendly except the owner. He seemed to be crotchety and grumpy, but I never got to meet him. The service was good and boy to they know how to fill a wine glass to the top. I don't know if it was due to the fact my buddy was there and he grew up in the area. What the hell, what ever works. Their motto is, " Four star grub in a one horse town". It can get pretty hot and dry here as it was this weekend! If you ever go to the Chesaw Rodeo (and you should), you have to stop and have a drink in this little tavern.
2017 July long weekend,back again.  Still a fun place to go!! Pint of Mac & Jack beer, glass of Bootjack of Chardonnay and a diet Coke all for $12.50.  Darn good deal.  service was good and very friendly even with how busy they were.

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  1. The Chesaw Tavern serves the best pub grub in town. A great little tavern.