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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Toby's Tavern (Coupeville, Washington)

Toby's Tavern, 8 Front Street, Coupeville, Washington, USA Ph# 360-678-4222  This was another fantastic fine, and thanks goes out to my good friend Dean Sr. for this one!!  It is located right on the water in down town Coupeville, Washington.  It is on Whidbey Island which is also home to the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Here is from Toby's website:
"The building is on the shore of tranquil Penn Cove, waters known for its abundant crop of Mussels. Originally a mercantile built in approximately 1890, the structure has housed many businesses. Following prohibition, it became a beer parlor and has been a Tavern/restaurant since the early sixties.
The back bar was originally brought around the horn and placed in the Fort Warden officers club in about 1900. It then moved to Fort Casey and then eventually to the Central Hotel in Coupeville. When the Hotel suffered a serious fire, the back bar was then moved to its current location at Toby's."
Toby's opened up in 1938.  The Front street is full of shops and places to eat all of the buildings are from around the late 1800's early 1900's.
They have beautiful ornate sit up bar that is full of history.  The sit up bar was full for the 1 1/2 hours that we were there.  I would say it sits around 15 people or so on backless stools!
The food here is awesome! We were there with a bunch of friends and ordered the 2 pounds of steamed Mussels. which came with wonderful fresh toasted bread.  These were probably the best mussels that I have ever eaten.  One of our friends ordered the Ruben sandwich, which came on fresh dark rye bread and lots for french fries.  Other friends had the fish and chips which were also very good.  The service was fantastic and the girls were running all the time keeping every one happy!
There is a good variety of beer on tap, as well as a decent wine list.  It is great sitting here, looking out at the water and watching all of the boats passing by. 
They have one pool table, but no one was using it when we were there.  This place was packed the entire time we were there.  There are all kinds of things on the walls from a moose head, buffalo head, a 5 person rowing shell from the 1950's from the University of Washington.  Just come in and check it all out.
You have to go to Coupeville as it is so beautiful here, great shopping and of course you have to go to Toby's Tavern!  It is a definite two thumbs up for sure!

April 2018.  Bach again.  Once a gain we shared the pound of mussels and they were awesome.  They came with 3 slices of garlic toast.  We shared an order of fish and chi[s.  The fish was very good, nice and meaty!! the fries were good to as can the creamy coleslaw.  Everything else it side is the same.  Love it here!!!

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