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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cypress Street Pint & Plate (Atlanta Georgia)

Cypress ?Street Pint & Plate at the south west corner of Cypress and 6th Street, Atlanta Georgia, USA  (Midtown area of Atlanta)  Inside there is a large U shaped sit-up bar that can seat 30 people.  It is the outside patio area that I liked.  It is situated in a condo apartment area of Midtown.  The pub has a slight artsy feel to it.  Outside in front is their large patio area, the covered area has 3 large tables that can seat at least 8 people.  at least 15 other tables are covered and half have heaters if needed.  The rest of the tables and there must be 20 are not covered by the over hang roof. There is a large TV outside and they had the Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens NHL game on TV one evening when I was there.  A wrought iron fence surrounds the patio area with a 4 foot hedge.  There are several trees for shade and tiki torches at night.  14 different types of beer on tap (none of which are from the big beer companies) and 48 different bottled beer as well.  Wine selection was not bad either, 10 white and 10 red. The washrooms are unisex and there are two, with funky sink and normal toilet each.  I did see several people who worked in other bars sitting having a drink after work (wearing their clothes from the other bars), so I take that as a very good sign.  I spoke to a young woman when I was leaving and she was walking her dog. We had a very nice chat, and she too said that this was a very good place to go.  I did not eat here, but all of the food that came out to other tables looked very good.  Great patio area makes for a great place to sit and relax!  2 thumbs up!!

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