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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Beer Fest Bar (New Orleans)

Beer Fest Bar, 410 Bourbon Street, New Orleans.  You are greeted by a long 20 person sit-up bar.  At the front end there is a set of steps up to the bar.  I can only imagine what happens well in to the evening.  they have 76 different types of beer on tap and over 100 beer in stock.  If it is beer you are looking for, this might be the place. They have a window and a couple of chairs that face the street and watch all the goings on with a great view.  It has  slight nautical theme to it. There are 3 maiden heads mounted along the sit-up bar. 5 TV's and well worn wood floors.  It is a brick building and all the beer taps are along the back wall. Underneath all the beer taps, there is a long copper trough that drains all the spill away.  When we were there we met the bartender Nicholas who is Creole and his family settled in New Orleans in 1700's. What a great story teller, and if you are ever there  you have to get him to tell you the curling iron story, it is great!!  They do not serve food but they will recommend some good places who will deliver.  Smoking is permitted.

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