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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Huge Ass Beers (New Orleans)

Huge Ass Beers, 333 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA  (French Quarter).  Interesting to say the least.  Out on the street there is a guy with large sign on a pole advertising Huge Ass Beers.  People come and pose with him or the sign, and end up giving him a tip.  The only reason we came in here was to go up and stand on the balcony.  The bottom picture is the main floor sit-up bar.  Up stairs it was very quite, and much different, much cleaner and modern.  When I asked the bartender what the name of the upstairs bar was, she advised that it didn't have a name.  We grabbed a glass of wine and stood on the balcony over watching Bourbon street.  We had the balcony to ourselves, so it was fun watching everyone pass by below.  After half an hour I went to get another glass of wine, and they were out of white wine.  So I asked for a glass of red wine and they were out.  I guess that is why the call it Huge Ass Beers.  I can see why the up stairs bar was empty the whole time we were there. Can't tell you much about the Huge Ass Beers the claim to have or the food as I didn't try either.  The downstairs bar was quite busy though, gotta give them that. The balcony, was a great place to watch Bourbon Street, and there was no fee to standout there like there is in other bars.


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  2. What I meant was, no white or red wine that early in the day and a staff member who really didn't care about her only 2 customers.