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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Old Absinthe House (New Orleans)

Old Absinthe House, 240 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (French Quarter)  A very interesting bar with an interesting history, so go on line and read about it.  When you first walk in, you look around and wonder...hhmmm...  But once you get in and enjoy the history it grows on you.  In the middle of this small bar, there is a square edged oval bar that seats around 35 people. The bar top is copper and is a nice touch. The walls are completely covered in business cards (thousands of them) from over the years.  Hanging from the dusty ceiling are about 35 old football helmets. Smoking is allowed here. They have 8 different beer on tap. Food, I am not sure as I did not eat here. As for TV'S they have 2 flat screen TV's and 4 old school tub TV's. It is a good place for people watching, if you want clean neat and fancy, don't go here. If you want interesting and good sevice, then give it a try!

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