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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pat O'Brien's Bar Bourbon Street (New Orleans)

Pat O'Briens Bar, 624 Bourbon Street, New Orleans Louisiana, USA (French Quarter)  You have read about the history of the Par O'Briens bar.  This is not the original one but still very interesting.  With a couple hundred beer steins hanging from the dark wood rafters and the inventors of the Hurricane drink, this is a good start to Bourbon Street.  From the bar it self, quote, "The famed Hurricane drink originated at Pat O'Brien's in the early 1940's.  The name was chosen because the drink was, and still is, served in a glass shaped like a hurricane lamp.  Word spread quickly about the potent drink and Pat O'Brien's Drink was an instant hit!" 
Pat O'Brien's Hurricane
How to make it
4 ozs Pat OBrien's cocktail mix
4 ozs Gold Rum
Fill glass with crushed ice
Top with orange and cherry

You can order the mix on line or in the bars and stores.
The Sit-up bar seats 14 people.  There are 5 booths, it is a small bar but you can go over to the Courtyard restaurant which is attached to it and families are welcome there.
Service is good, bartenders are dressed in white dress shirts and black bow ties, retro old school.  I like it! Of course in New Orleans in the French Quarter you are allowed to take you alcoholic beverage and walk around and drink on the streets.  They must be in plastic cups and every bar will give you a to go cup if you want. I forgot to find out anything about the food and beer, oh well may have to go back again!  Two thumbs up!

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