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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bar Warszawa de Luxe (Warsaw, Poland)

Bar Warszawa de Luxe, Krakoewskie Przedmiescie 79, Warsaw Poland, right in the heart of Old Town.   This bar is well located and right by the Palace and shopping areas. There is a big side walk patio area with seating in front and along the side with nice comfortable chairs.  The bar is kind of a two story bar, in actuality it is open in the middle and in the back part of the bar there is an area that wraps around and looks down to the bar.  The sit up bar is very small and sits about 5 people. The waiters are dressed in plaid shirts, blue jeans and Poorboy hats.  The furniture consists of antique tables and chairs.  The wine worked out to be about $3.50 Canadian/ USA for 2 two glasses.  They had a couple of types of beer on tap.  I am guessing large varieties of beer on tap is not big in Poland from what I have seen.  there were various food specials, but I did not try the food, yet most others were eating brunch when we were there and it look very good.  Service was good and the waiters spoke fairly good English.  If I am here ever again I would like to sit out side and watch everyone pass by!

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