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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Karczma Polska (Legionowo, Poland)

The Karczma Polska, Zegrzynska 8a, 05-119  Legionowo, Poland. In other words it is just on the outskirts of Legionowo, and Legionowo is about 20 kilometers or so from Warsaw, Poland.  A very cool little cozy bar with seating inside for about 30-35 people at picnic style tables.  There is no sitting up at the bar but you can stand if you wish.  They have two Polish beer on tap and lots of Vodka to choose from.  I went right for the Vodka and a Coke Light.  The Coke Light (as does regular Coke) comes in the glass bottle!  For a Vodka and Coke it cost  6 Zolty or about $2.00 US/ CDN which is a pretty good deal.  There was a a group of people having a get together when I was there and they had bottles of Vodka on the table.  I stood up at the bar and talked to the two owners, a husband and wife team,  They only spoke Polish so he brought out his lap top and used Google translate so we had a nice chat.  I was told that they make traditional Polish food, the bad part was I ate just before I arrived.  Bad move on my part as I got to see the food being served.  Quite a few people stopped in for lunch and a beer.  The bottle beer which is Polish comes in very large bottles.  Everyone was very friendly and having a good time!  There is one toilet or as they call it here "WC" for water closet.  It is for both sexes.  In front they have a patio area on the grass with tables chairs and sun umbrellas.  The interior was rustic with some animal heads and pelts on the wall, but not over bearing.  A fun place and I wish that I had found it earlier on during my trip as I did not have a chance to go back! Get out and see the world and if you do stop by and try the Karczma Polska for sure!!

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