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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Henry Public House (Cloverdale, British Columbia)

The Henry Public House 5708-176 Street, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.  This is a great addition to the town of Cloverdale which is in Surrey.  It was previously the Clover Inn's Legacy Show Room.  The Legacy Show Room was a strip bar and closed over one year ago.  The Henry is part of the Joseph Richard Group of Pubs, and isn't far from the Town Hall Public House on the Surrey/ Langely border about 10 minutes away.  The inside looks nothing like the old strip bar, gone is the stripper pole and everything that is associated to it.  They have repainted the outside to a black/ charcoal colour.  Inside, the walls are a dark wood finish with the south wall done in a red brick.  There is a nice sit up bar that seats 10 people.  One area has pub height tables and stool and there are about 8 of them.  Across from the bar there are 5 pub tables and each has 6 pub stools.  There is an area that is raised about one foot and there they have about 10 tables  that seat 4 people at each table in nice wood and leather pub chairs.  Off to the side they have the pool table area, which is nice as it does not interfere with the rest of the pub.  One wall is like a den with book shelves and books from the floor to the ceiling.  As for the beer they have 18 different types of beer on tap.  You can get a decent glass of wine for $4.50 for a 6 ounce glass.  There are 12 flat screen TVs through out the bar.  If you want arcade games they have three just by the door as you enter.  The food there is excellent.  I had the baked Mac and Cheese that has apple smoked bacon and Chirizo sausage in it, and come with garlic bread.  It was very good indeed!!  The burgers looked awesome, and I saw a lot of people ordering them!  I did here people talking about how good the food was and how fresh the bread was. It was very busy for the Friday lunch rush! In the washroom, they had this written on the mirror, "Wash your hands. Use Soap - Mom", what a great idea!! Cloverdale is the home to many movie and TV shoots, including, "Smallville" "Deck The Halls" "Postal" "Hotrod" and many scenes in TV series to boot! They say that the main street that the Henry is on looks like a small town in the USA.  Back in the 1990's, Coca Cola made a TV commercial that aired around the world for Christmas for around $500,000.00.  They turned the town in to a winter scene for the shooting of the commercial.  I have a feeling that this place is going to do really well.  Plus if your heading up to Canada from the USA, and you enter through the Pacific Crossing, is is about 7 miles north of the border just off Hwy 15 (about 2 blocks to the east)  I really like this place and will recommend it to many other people!!  Two thumbs up!!

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