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Monday, September 22, 2014

Well Fed Wolf Pub (Cumuu Bobk) (Kiev, Ukraine)

Well Fed Wolf Pub (Cumuu Bobk) 20b Comintern Street, Kiev, Ukraine  It is a little hard to find as you have to go through an archway in a building in to the middle court yard.  It is in the basement of an older building.  The bar has several rooms to it.  The Bar it self is small and stand up only if that.  There are 11 different types of beer on tap.  They have an extensive Ukrainian menu, one thing which I didn't try was the Hot Smokey Pigs Ears. I tried the First Guild Vodka which was nice and smooth.  To eat we had the Varenyky stuffed with mushroom/potato and the other with meat, topped off with sour cream, both were very good!  The potato pancakes with sour cream also very good!  I guess that is why the call it the Well Fed Wolf!!  If you arrive by train leave the station and walk straight up the street towards Taras Schvenchenko Blvd. and it is not too far on the left side.

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