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Sunday, September 21, 2014

AYTNAG (AUTPAB) (OUTLAB) (Kiev, Ukraine)

AYTNAG (AUTPAB) (OUTLAB) Dimytrivska Street, just north west of Vorovskho Street, Kiev, Ukraine.  I don't know if former English Soccer star Paul GASCOIGNE has anything to do with this place , but his facial likeness is all over this places and his nick name "Gazza".  It has a very English soccer theme to it,keeping in mind, just about everyone was speaking Ukrainian.  A bit much more up scaled and upper end crowed.  Again similar to a North American style place.  Out side along the front there is a long narrow patio area and was chocked full when we were there.  Inside there is lots of brick work.  Lots of flat screen TVs with football (soccer) on them!  The menu had lots of food with the play on various names such as the Monica Lewinsky salad, Chicken George Bush, and the list goes on!  There is a room called the "Gazza Room" which sits about 10 people or so for those smaller get together.  15 different types of beer on tap. Beer comes in the following sizes, 300 ml, 500ml; and 1 litre. The wine was good as well! This place sits about 200 people or so. To eat I had the Don Caesar  de Bazan Salad with fresh cooked chicken, juicy bacon.  My wife had the Hellas Greek salad.  The portions were small and the prices were higher than most other places. The service was good and lots of staff keeping busy.  It was very busy here and obviously very popular!  It was pretty good al said and done. 

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