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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Muponb Pub (Kiev, Ukraine)

Muponb Pub, 10 Symona Petlyury Street, Kiev, Ukraine  Phone 044-234-20-76.  It is on the road that leads from Taras Shevenchenko Blvd. to the Main train station.  When you enter, the stairs lead you down to the Pub.  It is located in the basement of an old apartment building. They have a ten person sit up bar that is need of refinishing.    There are 7 different types of beer on tap in this German Brew Haus styled pub.  The waitresses are dressed in German Brew House style with white blouses, black skirts and green aprons.  The waiters wear knee length pants with green and black striped socks and little hats. English language was a barrier but we were able to work through it.  The menu is in Russian so I had no idea what was on it, but they did have a picture of perogies (In the Ukraine they are called Varenyky).  The one thing the bartender tried to sell me was fired cheese as that was the only English that he spoke.  I ordered wine and it was interesting as the bartender used a Scientific Beaker to measure the wine.  At least I know I got the amount that I ordered.  The bar is broken up in to 3 areas, the main bar area and rooms on the either side, which were nicely decorated in keeping with the German theme.  There are several tvs on the walls for watching football.  They could use larger screens, but from what I have seen here they don't go with the big screens like in Canada and USA.  All in all it was a nice pub!

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