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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Kerryman (Chicago)

The Kerryman, at the corner of  West Kinzie Street and North Clark Street, Chicago USA.  An Irish bar and at first I was not sure, but it grew on me. It is a two level bar with a situp bar on the main floor seats about 10 and the bigger more party bar up on the second floor seats 15.  The stairs going up had the name The Kerryman light up on each step as is was fairly dark in there, this was a nice touch.  The bar is done in nice dark wood through out.  They have 10 different beer on tap.  The second level wraps around so you can look down at the main bar.  The food was OK.. I had the three crab cakes and they were just OK.  My wife had the chili and found it rather salty.  It was very dark where we sat making it very difficult to see.  I asked for a flashlight and the waitress brought some crappy little fake candle that if it was any dimmer it wouldn't give off any light! All in all the decor was very nice and it had a good feel to it.

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