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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gene & Georgetti (Chicago)

Gene and Georgetti, 500 North Franklin, Chicago, USA.  Known as a great steak house since 1941, this place has a beautiful sit up bar, that can seat 14 people.  Rich dark wood bar, well looked after.  The area behind the bar is also very beautiful with nice columns, great detail.  Very classic old style look! Numerous photos on the walls of celebrities that have visited this place. There are about 7 tables that each seat 4 people.  The food looked awesome, lots of locals coming in.  The bartender and waiters all word dark dress pants, white dress shirts, long white aprons and all wore ties.  As I sat up at the bar and ordered my glass of wine, they also served you a glass of ice water and kept it full.  The food that kept coming out to the tables looked very good, unfortunately I did not get to try it.  The service was impeccable, I wish I could have eaten here!  Lots of class here. I give this place two thumbs up for sure, I wish that I could have spent more time here!!

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