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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Captain Morgan Club (Wrigley Field)

Captain Morgan Club, Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.  This is a great place to go.  It is attached to Wrigley Field, so on game day it is open, and you don't need a ticket to the game to go to it.  But once in side it you need a ticket to go in to Wrigley field.  It was a cool day when I was there for the Chicago Cubs vs the San Francisco Giants (Cubs lost 7-6).  40 degrees F at 120 pm game time with drizzle and a slight breeze.   So going to the Captain Morgan Club was great!  They had a DJ pumping out tunes.  The girls were working hard keeping everyone happy!  A bunch of tv's in side.  There is a much larger outside patio area, but on this day inside was just great.  You can get a very healthy drink (Whiskey, rum vodka etc.) in a plastic mug (that you can keep) for $12.00. As for food, there are so many places near by and in the ball park.....fooget about it!  There is a giant statue of Capotain Morgan in the patio area with his classic foot up pose.  I can only imagine what this place is like on a nice sunny day or a nice warm evening!  I enjoyed it here and to top it off going to the Cubs game at Wrigley Field, WOW!

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