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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Filini Bar & Restaurant (Chicago)

Filini Bar and Restaurant, 221 North Columbus Drive, Chicago, USA  Ph# 312-477-0234  Located in the beautiful Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago, which is 18 stories of hotel then the rest to the top which is 82 stories are private residences.  The restaurant is on the floor above the bar and is an Italian restaurant.  I am only dealing with the bar.  It is a very modern looking bar, with these angle shopped booths that are quite big. The tables in the booths have glass tops with little electric candles underneath the glass, looks cool.  The sit up bar can easily seat 20 and is quite long with the cooks area to one end.  You may have not noticed, but I didn't say sat comfortably.  That is because at the bar and the two long tables have these bar stools that kinda look like chunks of dinosaur eggs.  These have to be the worst seats I have ever sat in, and I am not alone making that comment.  Everyone that I was with who were in this bar said the same thing. When you sit in them you start sliding forward and down and if not careful right out of the chair on to the floor.  All that and you haven't had a drink yet.  We had to move out of these chairs and sit at one of the round tables with normal chairs.  Crazy stools I say!  Filini has a couple of flat screens tv's at one end.  We found the food in the bar sub-par.  The Capri salad, with Buffalo milk mozzarella cheest, marinated tomatoes, the tomatoes in it that weren't ripe.  The waitress even commented on it at the end of our meal.  We also had the brushetta, and it was just OK.  The prices for what you got were high as well. They had 2 or 3 different types of beer on tap. There you go.

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