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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Pike Pub (Seattle, Washington)

The Pike Pub, (The Pike Pub and Brewery) 1415 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Situated right by the famous Pike Place Market. Pike Brewing Company is owner by Charles and Rose Ann FINKEL who opened it up in 1989. They sold is in 1997 and reacquired it in 2006. The beer making equipment runs through the middle of the business and you can see it all!! The pub and restaurant are down stairs. There are three bars each one a little different from the other. Since I am not a beer drinker I can't tell you much about the 9 or more beer that they brew here. I will have to take the word of my Buddy who had a couple of pints of their India Pale Ale. He said that is was very good. The place had great ambiance through out. The staff was very friendly and help full. The bartender was very good, quick and efficient. They also have a bull bar menu so if you don't like beer and wine there are other things to have. They also had cider on tap! Did not try the food but from looking what the others were eating, it looked good. This place is right at the Pike Place Market and it is a worth while visit.....if you don't feel like shopping and the others do, you know where you can go and relax and enjoy a great in house made beer! It is a great reason to make an excuse to get out of having to go shopping!

August 2011 I was back here and everything was still very good.  My only complaint was in the bar which is the museum part,there is no table service and you have to line up at the bar.  They were busy so a 15 minute wait was not uncommon to get a drink.  After one drink we moved on for quicker service.

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