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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black Sheep Pub (Maple Ridge, British Columbia)

The Black Sheep Pub, 12968-232 Street, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada Phone 604-476-1008 and A friend hooked me up with this pub and what a great find this place it. It is fairly new and to the north across the parking lot the old pub stands (closed up). This pub is very modern with a great feel to it. their hiring practice is very good (very efficient and courteous)!! LOL! The sit up bar is spectacular with a great selection. The bar has an open air feel to it. The washroom are not only very clean but very up to date. I can only speak on the men's washrooms. One of the men's urinal, I saw something I have never seen before. They have advertising in the urinal it self. It is a black patch and when you pee on it it turns into a holograph and is an advertisement....very cool. I am not too sure what they are going to do in the women's washroom?? The service is excellent, very fast friendly and courteous! I did not eat, but my friends did and everything was very good. The calamari looked great! They have a big fire place in the middle and really adds to the atmosphere. Lots of dark stained wood inside and a very modern look! They have numerous flat screen TV'S through out!. From what I have heard, since they built this new place all the other pubs in the area have had to renovate to keep up with them as they were getting all the business! There is one pool table. The seating is great, from tables to booths. This was truly a great find and I can hardly wait to come back! It is definitely two thumbs up!!!!!

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