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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Top Tavern (Darrington, Washington)

Red Top Tavern, 1020 Darrington Street, Darrington, Washington, United States
Phone (360) 436-1590
When my wife and I tried this place out, I said if you want to leave right away that is OK! When we walked in I though what did I get my self in to! All the seating in this small little place is around the large horse shoe shaped bar. The owner has obviously not put any money in to this place in many years, if ever. Most of the bar stools are worn out and fixed with duct tape and the duct tape has worn out. So you are left sitting on tattered seats and the stuffing coming out. In the crappy picture I took you can see the only good chairs in the place, what gives?? My wife had to change seats as the duct tape glue was sticking to her pants. There are no lunch specials and the menu has about 5 items on it. Once we ordered our drinks the fun began. Our bartender Jennifer was great, a real sweetheart! My wife and I both ordered wine. Jennifer apologized that all the wine glasses were broken and they don't have any more. She brought us one pint beer glasses and filled them right up to the top. She said it was the same price and maybe the owner will now order some wine glasses. Well hell ya! We are going to stay for a while. Jennifer's Mother in Law was in for a beer as she is the bar manager. Well everyone was very friendly and we had a great time taking. Jennifer is a 3rd generation Darrington person. When It came time to eat we ordered the Pizza as the hot dogs on that wire rack that goes around didn't look so good. The Pizza was a McCains frozen pizza, but not bad for frozen. The tavern has a logging theme to it with lots of old pictures. I guess it has been around for ever according to the old timers. It burnt down in the 1950's and this is the one that replaced the burnt one. The wall to the left of the door is made of cinder blocks and for $5.00 you can buy a block and write what ever you want. Some people have written what they wanted!! This place hasn't been cleaned or dusted in ages. I can't believe that I took my wife here for lunch, but if not for Jennifer, her Mother In Law and the other friendly locals, we would have run!! Oh ya! Our bill for 2 pints of wine and a medium pizza! Taxes in $12.75!! I kid you not!! Jennifer even asked if we wanted another glass of wine!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jeeps,

    If you want a menu, go to a resturant,If you're allergic to dust, stay in the city and the smog, and if you don't like duct tape, stick to the yuppie bars that you're used to. The Red Top is a working bar in a working town full of working loggers that were unfortunately not present while you were there or you may have had duct tape shoved up your ass. Have a five course meal and a fine glass of wine in a long stemmed glass somewhere else, and stay the hell out of Darrington ya yuppie fuck, who needs ya!

    Big Sexy