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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Bookstore Bar (Seattle, Washington)

The Bookstore Bar, 1007 First Avenue Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Ph# 206-382-1506. Check out their web site The Bookstore bar what a great find! It is located in the Alexis Hotel, which is a Kimpton Hotel and if you have ever stayed in a Kimpton Hotel you know right off the bat this is going to be great! It is a very short distance from the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. Shelves of books are on the walls of the bar. There is an extensive selection of cookbooks which are also available for purchase, as well as magazines and newspapers from around the country. My Buddy and I were out checking out various establishments while waiting to go to a Seattle Mariners baseball game. We trying to find a place that served Crown Roayal Black which just came out in April, 2010 and made only for the US market. We were out of luck until my buddy suggested the Bookstore Bar which he had seen numerous times but had never tried. This truly was a nice little gem. We sat up at the bar which had a very impressive selection of various whiskey and the such. They had bottles of Canadian Whiskey, Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Bourbon and on and on, lined up on the sit up bar, with even a more impressive line up behind the bartender. I asked about an Ardbeg Scotch and the bartender brought out 4 different Ardbeg Scotch and placed them on the bar for us to look at. It was like this the entire time we were there. We tried the Crown Royal Black and Bartender even gave us a complimentary sample of Crown Royal ER (the ultimate Crown Royal). There were two different wedding parties in for a quick drink and some pictures as well which was very interesting! They have a couple of LCD TV's on the wall and that was one of the reasons the groom and his groomsmen came in! Shortly followed by the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids. We never tried the food so I can't say much about that. They have different things going on through out the week. For example they have a Japanese Whiskey tasting night coming up. Apparently these Japanese whiskeys are very nice and they can't call them Scotch for obvious reasons. It was a very relaxing place, the staff was great and I can hardly wait to come back and do some more sampling!!

August 27 2011.  I went back and still as good as ever.  They still have an awsome selection of whiskey, Scotish, Canadian, Japanese and USA to name afew.  Still very friendly and still a breat bar!!

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