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Monday, May 17, 2010

Raglan Road Irish Pub (Lake Buena Vista, Florida)

Raglan Road Irish Pub,1640 East Buena Vista Drive,
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States
. This pub is located in Downtown Disney World, was build in Ireland, taken apart, moved and put back together in its present location. This is a very large pub with lots of seatin outside and inside. The oval shaped bar can seat about 30 people or more. There is lots of dark wood through out with an old pulpit from a church in the middle that us used as a dance platform for the Irish dancers. They have live Irish music in the evenings. This place allows children to eat here so it takes away from the true pub feel when you have a screaming 3 year old at the table next to you. The food here is great with large portions such as; Shepherds pie, Sod Stew, Bangers mashed onions and stew, and sausage appy. In Downtown Disney you can take your alcoholic drinks with you and that is what my wife and friend did, they had the Baileys Irish Cream shake which is to die for! This is a very popular place and always busy in the evenings. I really enjoyed this place and the food is well worth the visit!!

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