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Monday, April 12, 2010

Craig Street Brew Pub (Duncan, British Columbia)

Craig Street Brew Pub, 45 Craig Street, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada on beautiful Vancouver Island This is a real gem of a place. It has great decor and atmosphere inside. On the main floor there are two rooms one on the right as you enter where the bar it self is and one on the right. The bar is one hundred years old. the building was bui;lt in the 1940's aned renpovated to make this wonderful place! There are massive thick solid posts and thick timber beams between the floors. There is a stair cast that leads you up to the third room ( half way between the main floor and the second floor) which seats about 20 people and is great for sports teams to watch the 42 inch HD TV. There is another room called the library on the second floor and finally a roof top patio. This is probably with out a doubt the most popular place in Duncan! Lots of the young set as well as the older crowd take this place in. The food is very good. I had the French Onion Soup and it was one of the best I have had. The Quesadillas and Thai Curry Bowl, are also very good. They brew their own beer and a buddy of mine said it was ok. He said it had too much of a yeast taste to it. I don't drink beer so I can't tell if he is accurate or not. You can also buy commercial bottled beer as well. The service is hit and miss one day we had great service and the next day we had to wait for everything. They had no shortage of servers, I guess it works out to who ever you get. I do know one thing, the next time I am in Duncan I will be going here for sure.

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