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Friday, October 14, 2016

The Grove Pub and Restaurant (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

The Grove Pub and Restaurant 164 Stafford Street,Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A great little pub/ restaurant.  The pub is on one sided and the restaurant is on the opposite side, which is very common in Winnipeg.  It has a nice rounded rectangular bar n the middle of the room that seats 16 people. They serve 19 different types of beer on tap and feature local craft beer such as:  Half Pints Brewing's Bulldog Amber Ale,  Torque Brewing's Red Line IPA, Barn Hammer Brewing Company's Saturday Night Lumberjack, and Cask's Hop Pun.   There was a good selection of wine to choose from. For lunch I had the Xavier pizza that had pineapple and bacon on it, with a thin crust.  It was quite good.  My lunch guest had the Salmon Sarnie what came with a fresh salad.  It was described as being "Fabulous! and the salad was very good and very fresh."  Also on the menu was roasted pork belly.  The service was very good and friendly.  They kept you water glass full as well. There are 4 TV's in the pub side and none on the restaurant side.  The washrooms are referred to as "WC".  There is sonly street parking, but I did not have any problem finding a place to park.  The atmosphere was good and I recommend trying out the Grove Pub!!!

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