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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pony Corral Restaurant and bar (Grant Park) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Pony Corral Restaurant and bar (Grant Park)  400 Walton Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, right in the parking lot of  mall.  They have a few locations in the city. But this one is special.  During the summer every Sunday evening all the car people bring their Muscle cars, Hot rods, exotic cars and the such to the cruise in. The Pony Corral puts out a stand and sell hot dogs (very good) and burgers.  I happened to be there on the last Sunday of the season and it was amazing.  Music was playing and the cars kept rolling in.  I was lucky to go in in my buddy's  1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 440 six pack car!  There were 2 Plymouth Superbirds, Chevelles, Mustangs, GTX's Chargers, Shelby's, Rod's, there and the such!!  The bar/restaurant is divided in two, bar on one side and restaurant on the other.  The bar has a very nice outside patio with a nice brick wall and umbrellas. They have nice flowers planted through out.  Inside, they have a very nice U shaped sit up bar that seats 20- people.  8 different types of beer on tap.  There is a great semi circular booth that seats 7 or 8 people.  Along the south side there is a 20 plus foot long bench along the wall that has tables for 4 or 6.  There are lots of tables for 4 people. The hot dog cart that they put in the lot sells a great foot long hot dog!!  Check it out!!

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