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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Headingley Hotel Sports Bar (Headingley, Manitoba, Canada)

The Headingley Hotel Sports Bar  146 Bridge Road, Headingley, Manitoba Canada just off the Trans Canada Hwy  (just beside Nick's Inn)  I have not been here in 40 years so o say it has changed a lot is an understatement. It has a very nice half circle sit up bar that seats 12 people very comfortably.  8 different beer on  tap.  Now here is where it is really different, Fridays after 930 pm they have Erotic Bingo  sponsored by a love shop.  Instead of cash prizes you get sex toys.  No kidding!  Now to go with that they also have the following martinis with a complimentary accompanying gift.  I am not making this up!! Slippery Vagina Martini comes with a thong,  the Blue Balls Martini comes with lube,  the Rocketini Martini comes with a penis straw and the Forbidden Fruit Martini comes with a condom.  Don't believe me, go check it out for yourself!  There are 12 TV's through out and a large 70 inch one behind the bar.  They also have 20 Video Lottery Terminals VLT's.
There are 6 semi circular booths along the back and the rest is tables and chairs.  I did not eat here so I cant tell you about the food.  I ate at the famous Nick's Inn next door. 
My female guest was all in favour of going here, and later that night (as it was Friday) AND  laughed that we should have gotten a group of people and gone back for bingo!!

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