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Monday, July 18, 2016

Rigecrest Public House (Shorline, Washingtn, USA)

Ridgecrest Public House 165th and 5th, Shorline, Washington, U.S.A.  A very cool little neighbourhood pub that only sells beer, cider and wine.  You must be 21 and older to get in.  They are only open 4 pm to Midnight every day.  As for beer, they are all local craft beer mostly from north of Seattle.  They have 20 taps and 3 are for cider and one for root beer, the rest are for beer.  They also have over a dozen different types of wine all in the $6-8 range.  If you are looking for food, they have food trucks every night from 5 to 9 pm.  Different truck every night so check the schedule on their web page.  What a great idea!!  They have a side walk patio in front with umbrellas for the sun!  The service is friendly and helpful!  A very nice little neighbourhood pub!  I hope to come back again soon, and would love to try one of the food trucks.

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