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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Murphy's Law Irish Pub & Ale House (Chandler, Arizona U.S.A.)

Murphy's Law Irish Pub & Ale House, 58 S San Marcos Place, Chandler, Arizona, U.S.A.  in historic Downtown Chandler.  Murphy's has a very long sit up bar that seats 40 people, very cool indeed!  My bartender was "Rachel", she was very nice, friendly and  attentive.  Another bar with dollar bills singed and along the walls.  I do not know what they would do if they went to 1 or 2 dollar coins instead of bills.  Running along the ceiling tipped up side down on an angle are empty Irish whiskey bottles. There are 32 different types of beer on tap and 4 white and 3 red wines to pick from.   They are constantly changing their beer that is on tap. On the walls they have a Bison and Moose head mounted. as this is a long narrow bar, along the wall opposite from the bar are seating with church pews against the wall.  For lunch, I had the grilled fish tacos on soft tortillas with chips and salsa. The price $9.00 and they were very good!! The owner is obviously a Seattle Seahawks NFL fan as there are numerous Seahawks flags etc. on the walls. There is no other teams on the walls or any where in the bar. Down the middle of the pub are 5 stand up long tables.  Also on the menu are: Murphy's own fish an chips, Corned beef and cabbage, Irish breakfast all day, pizza and sandwiches.  There are no Burgers! I had the 3 corned beef and cabbage sliders for $8.00 and they were very good.  This place is in the old historic rejuvenated area of Chandler.  There are lots of nice shops to go through. I don't know the connection with the police car and the election for a new sheriff, but I forgot to take a picture of the front of the pub so I posted a picture form their web site. If you are n the area, let your wife shop and enjoy a cool one, then every one is happy!!

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