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Monday, April 4, 2011

Samz Neighbourhood Pub (Langley, British Columbia)

Samz Neighbourhood Pub (Langley) 19580-56 Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. It is on the Surrey side of the border with Langley but they say they are in Langley. This pub seems to get better and better as time goes on. The food is very good and the last time I was there I had the Bangers and Mashed with Yorkshire Puddings and gravy! It was very good! Three thick juicy pork sausages, lots of mashed potatoes and 2 big fluffy Yorkshire puddings!
The pub has three main areas, as you enter on the right they have several booths and TVs. The centre is where the sit up bar is along with tables and chairs as well as a large table and chairs. Then you go up a few steps to the third main area where there are tables, chairs, fire place and more TVs. They do also have a large covered patio area off this area that is open all year around. The sit up bar sits around 10-12 people and frequented by the Saturday morning soccer crowds! I have always found the service here to be very good and friendly! Washrooms are clean and newly renovated. They have various drink and food specials through out the week. This bar is always fresh and clean, they don't let things get run down and not repaired. They have another Samz pub in Port Coquitlam, but I have not yet tried it out. Samz also has an attached out front a liquor store.

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